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Window tinting maintains a temperature cooler and blocks harmful UV rays, which helps protect your eyes and skin along with the car interior. The percentage of UV protection depends on the darkness and composition of the car window tint. The top benefit of auto tinting is UV protection. In this article, I will guide you on what UV rays are and how window tinting films protect your car against them.

UV rays 

UV radiation is a part of sunlight broken down into three types. UV rays 95% reach the earth’s surface, and UVB rays are 5%; both are not visible to the naked eye. However, UVC rays don’t reach the earth.

Why UV protection is necessary 

UV rays can cause serious eye and skin diseases, including melanoma; however, they also cause fading and cracking to your car interior. The car exterior is the major area exposed to sun rays, so its paint is vulnerable to fading. The bubbles can also appear in the paint surface, or the paint fades in patches.

How does window tint protect against UV rays?

Window tinting films filter out the sun’s UV rays because of their composition. The ceramic window tint has tiny ceramic particles that reflect UV rays.

Are you looking for the best UV protection option? The window tinting films consist of high-quality materials that offer better UV protection. Various window tints available in the market are used for UV protection. Every type and brand of tinted windows contains different UV radiation-blocking capacities. We suggest consulting a window tinting specialist to discuss functionality and finishes more deeply. Auto Boss provides the best-in-town consultancy regarding window tinting properties.

Types of auto tints for UV protection

If you live in a hot region and your car is exposed to sun for most of the time, it means your car exterior and interior fades over time. Sunlight contains harsh UV rays that can damage your skin and car interior while driving. Applying sunscreen to your skin saves you from harmful sun damage. However, your car interior can only be saved by auto tinting.

Ceramic window tint
Ceramic window tint

When you think of UV protection, extreme durability, and a longer lifespan, a ceramic window tint is one of the best. It is helpful not only in reducing heat gain but also in providing you with crystal-clear transparency. It can eradicate 99% of UV rays and 90% of infrared rays. Although ceramic auto tinting is a bit expensive, it provides you with the best possible protection against sun damage. Ceramic window tinting helps you in maintaining showroom shine even in harsh weathers.


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Carbon window tinting film

Carbon window tinting reduces the heat gain up to 60% without impeding GPS reception or cellphone. This type of auto tint has more life than dyed film.

Metalized window tint

Metalized auto tinting can be a best option for those living in warmer regions where summers are longer than winters. Although it is effective in UV protection, it will interfere with GPS reception and cellphone network due to its metallic composition.

Dyed window tint 

Although it is cost-effective but less functional than most of the window tints as it blocks the sunlight out without providing much protection against UV rays. It is only good for changing the aesthetic appeal of your car windows. 

Is UV protection worth it?
Is UV protection worth it?

Car tinted windows have major health benefits including 

  1. Protection against UV rays that can save you from the possible threats of skin damages or diseases.
  2. Improvement in interior temperature of the car because of the filtering out of heat. It ensures more comfort during driving in summer. Tinted car windows block most of the UV rays out, keeping the interior cooler. Tinting is significantly beneficial for those who have no parking facilities like garages or when parking under the sun is unavoidable. It is also energy-saving as you don’t need much fuel to keep your car cool
  3. Tinted windows keep pollen or allergens on them while allowing people with respiratory issues to get fresh air. 
  4. Tinted car windows can also reduce the harmful materials from the environment, it is especially beneficial for those who have to drive in traffic-congested or polluted areas.

Window tinting near me 

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Beside various types of window tints available in the market, however, every car window tint is not capable of blocking UV rays. When you want to tint your car, remember choosing the tint that lies under the rules and regulations of your region. 

Want to improve your car performance along with its appearance? A car window tint is the best solution for your question. Unlock the health and security benefits of the window tints with Auto Boss Vaughan. We use the finest-quality window tinting films that block 99% UV rays and provide you with ultimate protection from potential skin diseases, eye strain and fading of your car interior. Our experts provide you complete details about window tinting types, their quality, health and interior benefits. 


Which car window tint is best for UV protection?

Ceramic window tint is the best window tint that can block 99% of UV rays. 

Are there any disadvantages of tinted windows?

Reduction in visibility is the major disadvantage of window tinting film that can lead to accidents. Some of the regions have restrictions against tinted windows. 

Does a dark colored window tint block UV rays?

Darker window tints are effective against UV protection, however, lighter shades are also effective.