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    Level up the aesthetics of your car and make it a head-turning beauty with AutoBoss’ top-notch services. A name that has become a go-to destination for many influential personalities and locals alike. Enjoy the best look of your vehicle with the services of highly skilled professionals in the automotive industry who have set the bar high. With extensive years of experience, high-quality products, and attention to detail, we will transform your car just how you want it.

    Car Detailing Service

    Our experts are encyclopedias of cars. With extensive hands-on experience and countless car projects, we can bring out the best look of your possessions with our auto detailing service. We clean, restore, and protect vehicles that define riders’ style and boost their confidence.


    Express Wash

    Are you in a hurry and have no time to clean your car? No worries, low-maintenance guys—we’ve got you covered. AutoBoss offers express wash service, where you can enjoy the gorgeous sight of cutting-edge technology and automation washing.


    Mobile Tinting

    Our services are not limited to our location only. We provide mobile tinting service at competitive rates to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and protection by installing high-quality window tints. Call to have our window tinting experts at your doorstep.


    Vinyl Wrap

    Would you like to transform your car’s dull paint into something that no one can take their eyes off? We offer our customers the best vinyl wrap solutions, with top-notch services, cutting-edge technology, and expert installation that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.


    Car Tinting Toronto

    Are you worried about the interior of your car? We offer tinting services that protect your investment from the damaging effects of natural sunlight. It comes with a BONUS, which blocks UV rays. What else will you get? Privacy, solar heat, and glare reduction.


    Full Interior Detailing

    Are you missing the showroom-new look for your vehicle? Don’t worry—our team of dedicated experts will help you achieve the flawless look of your car. From getting rid of surface imperfections with a paint correction service to hand car washing and interior detailing.


    Specialties Headlight Restoration

    If you are looking for automotive customization service experts, look no further. AutoBoss’s automotive experts are here to serve you with PlastiDip, headlight restoration, scratch and swirl removal, and paint sealant. Our services will transform your car’s appearance, performance, and features and upgrade its overall look.


    AutoBody Collision Repair

    The chances of getting your car scratched or damaged by accident are never zero. We are always available to restore, repair, damaged by accidents, weather events, other incidents and reshape your car like it was never damaged. Our skilled technicians will fix your vehicle from every nook and cranny to regain its original look.


    Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    There is no need to frustrate yourself about how environmental contaminants and daily driving steal your vehicle’s beauty. Come to us; our experts will help you protect your car from all the damaging factors with a simple, high-quality paint protection film installation. It acts as a shield that protects your vehicle from UV rays.


    Ceramic Coating

    Oxidation, corrosion, and car deterioration are enough to break any car lover’s heart. AutoBoss is here to protect your cars with ceramic coating. Our team skillfully applies ceramic coating to the vehicles to make the exterior tough, scratch-resistant, and protected from damaging environmental factors.


    Auto Glass Repair

    Restore, repair, or replace your vehicle’s glass from the automotive industry leaders without compromising on the safety and durability of the service you are paying for. Are small chips or cracks on your glass windows bothering you? Our professionals can fix and strengthen the broken glass.


    Rim Repair

    Our highly skilled, specially trained staff and premium products will repair and refine your car’s rims to restore its shine, crack-free appearance, and clean look. We also care about your safety, so if there is any structural damage, we will fix that, too. Whether your goal is aesthetics or safety.



    Welcome to your destination for premium care, repair, and enhancement services. We are not just another service provider; our enthusiasm and dedication will help you elevate your style and driving experience. Good News! Our tinting services are not limited to automotive vehicles. 

    The expertise of our skilled professionals is no joke. With passion and years of experience in this industry, we can handle any car and provide the best services to our customers. Whether you are interested in upgrading your style, protecting, or restoring your vehicle’s original look, you will find everything under one roof, making AutoBoss a one-stop destination for every car owner.


    With state-of-the-art equipment, high-end technology, and quality workmanship, we offer exceptional service that will exceed your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority; from when you enter to when you leave, we assure you your vehicle will be in safe hands. Our solutions tailor the needs of every vehicle and customer’s specific requirements. We are committed to bringing the best out of your vehicle regarding beauty, performance, and longevity

    Benefits of Automotive Care and Repair Services

    Experienced AutoBoss technicians pay attention to detail and offer superior results using modern technology and techniques. We proudly announce we can make any vehicle a masterpiece and offer personalized solutions to meet your needs and budget limit. Here are a few benefits of utilizing our services:


    Increases Resale Value

    Who wouldn’t like to get the most out of selling his old car? You will attract potential buyers if you invest in automotive care services like window tints, PPF, ceramic coating, car wash, etc. So, our services will increase the value of your vehicle. Sell your car at premium prices.

    Extends Vehicle’s Lifetime

    Do you want to keep your vehicle in good shape for a long time? Regular vehicle maintenance is the only way to live this dream. Don’t worry if you have no idea about the technicalities of car maintenance. Leave it to our experts.


    Enhances Beauty

    If you want to preserve or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, the automotive care services will turn the tables for you. We are experienced in preserving, enhancing, and restoring the lost luster of vehicles. For an entire look transformation, auto-detailing is the best choice.

    Restores Original Look

    A car damaged badly is not trash. You can still restore the original look of your vehicle with our repair services. Our experts handle everything from repairing the car’s body to fixing shattered glass and rims. If you have had a bad accident, AutoBoss repair services are for you.


    Better Protection

    In today’s day and time, environmental factors damage the car more than anything. Vehicle wraps and protection coatings are the best choice for better protection from environmental contaminants that destroy the car’s exterior. Some services protect the vehicle for up to ten years. It also increases the vehicle’s on-road safety.


    AutoBoss services are not all about enhancing the beauty or protection of your vehicle. You can also personalize your cars and transform their look into what matches your style. Choose any automotive customization services and make your cars your style statement.


    Do you feel like your car has lost its allure?

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