unique auto tinting

Window tinting adds value to your car’s appearance. It improves the resale value of your car as well. Unique auto tinting lasts for many years, but it also depends on different factors.

Unique auto tinting quality

Each unique auto tinting in Toronto has a different lifespan. The window tinting quality determines its life. Investing in poor-quality window tint will fade off or tear off. Cheaper window tints are made up of dye, and direct sunlight makes them fade over time. 

  • Poor-quality window tints started fading out in just a few months. It reduces its cooling effect as well. The common hybrid auto window tint’s lifespan is better than others. It is affordable as well. 
  • Car window tints made of metal are one of the best in quality. If you partner with a professional window tinting company, you may get more than ten years after the service life of it.
  • Ceramic window tinting has a long life in automotive films. It is made up of non-conductive ceramic particles. Ceramic tinting is also scratch-resistant, and it can withstand a lot of elements that can damage car windows.

The climate

The climate is a huge reason for automotive car window tinting. If your residence and office are in a hot region, the window tint is exposed to UV rays that may affect its colors.

For example, the hybrid auto tint may get damaged below five years due to consistent scorching sun exposure. However, in cool weather, a hybrid automotive tint can surpass expectations and may live longer. 

Your car parking place

Sun is the largest enemy of you and your car’s skin. Parking your car in a sunny area may hit your unique window tint. 

Sun rays break down the film’s constituents. Besides the reduction in the lifespan of window tint, parking the vehicle may cause damage to your car’s interior. We suggest you park the car in a garage. It protects your car’s window tints and other parts of the car.

Unique auto tinting installation process 

The automotive tint installation process affects the life of car window tints. Auto boss Vaughan installs car window tints flawlessly. You don’t need to be worried about finishes. 

However, if you opt for unique window tint installation yourself, you can make a lot of mistakes. For example, Air may get trapped between the film and the glass resulting in bubbles and wrinkles on your tint. Reinstalling it may damage it. 

If you try to settle the window tint and leave it, it may not last long. We suggest you get professional window tinting with a warranty. 

Maintaining your window tinting 

Window tinting life depends on the way you maintain it. If you properly look after your window tints, their life may increase.

According to experts, get a professional car wash, and use proper cleaners.

Avoid cleaning window tints immediately after installation

Give curing time automotive tints. The water may weaken your tint soon after installation. It may wear out and get damaged.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners contain harmful chemicals. They may destroy your window tint. Make sure not to use household cleaners for washing your car window.

Dry your tints

After cleaning your window film, let them dry properly. If you leave the water on your window surface, it may damage your tint.

Use soft material cleaner

Rough and harsh cleaning materials will damage and scratch your tints. Using a soft towel for drying car windows is helpful. Using soft material prevents aesthetic appeal for longer.


Window tinting makes your car’s appearance better. It protects you from scorching glare and sun. It also prevents your car’s interiors.

Do you want the unique window tint to last for longer? Talk to the professionals of Auto Boss Vaughan. Contact our experts today for information and the best services.


What is the lifespan of auto tinting?

You may wonder how much time window tinting lasts. The lifespan of window tinting lasts for more than ten years. Many auto tinting service providers offer a guarantee for up to 10 years. 

How much time window tinting requires to fade?

The tint fading process depends on the materials used in the film. Poor quality window tinting film may fade with the harsh sunlight soon after installation. Ceramic and carbon films may last longer, around ten years. Window tinting films made of metal and quality dyes deposits may last for around 20 years.

Which type of window tinting lasts for a long time?

Unique window tinting may last from three to five. It depends on the window tinting form. Ceramic tinting may last long. Dyed tinting requires replacement more often than other window tinting films.

Does window tinting get darker with time?

Unique window tinting may not change color over time, especially if installation is proper and you have cared for it. If the window tinting gets darker, it’s not right. 

Which window tint is right for the night?

Ceramic window tints are also the best option for maintaining proper visibility at night. Ceramic tinting may reduce the light amount from entering the car. They also don’t cause reflections or distortions. So your vision may not be impaired.

How to make the tint last longer?

Excessive brushing can lift your car tint and may cause hairs to fall out more quickly than they actually live. We suggest you brush them and apply gel to set them for 24 hours. Window-tinted brow gel helps in adding sleek coloring.

Why must you wait for five days after installation?

Window tinting requires a curing time of at least five days. If you have installed window tinting, it’s significant to wait for four days. You must not roll down windows before four days. Window tinting involves the sheer film application to the window. The adhesive beneath the film takes days to dry.

Can you roll down windows within 48 hours after tinting?

You must wait 48 hours after getting your windows. You must avoid newly tinted windows for 72 hours. Avoid rolling down windows with newly installed tinting films to protect edges from peeling.

How to know if your tint is darker?

There are legal limitations for window tinting to 35%. Some limit it to 50%. Check the local laws before getting it installed. If it is dark enough to limit your vision, then don’t opt for it.

Does removing window tinting cause damage?

Yes! Window tinting may cause permanent damage to your car, especially when you try it for yourself.