Plasti Dip

    Plasti Dip is multi-purpose, rubber coating that is used to protect paint, change the colour of your car and maintain the finish on your vehicle. It can withstand freezing temperatures and extensive sunlight without warping or melting, which makes it highly durable. No wonder it’s used all over the world!

    It’s sprayed on just like paint and doesn’t damage your vehicle’s original paint. It can last two to three years if it’s taken care of properly. While it lasts a long time, Plasti Dip can easily be removed by peeling it off when needed.

    These are other key features of Plasti Dip:

    • Protects coated items against moisture, acids, abrasion and corrosion
    • Remains flexible and stretchy over time
    • Will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions
    • Proven in temperatures from -1°C to 93°C

    Plasti Dip for Paint Protection and Car Wheels

    Our professional team has all of the tools and takes all of the important steps to properly apply Plasti Dip to your vehicle. Let us take care of the precise and tedious work for you because mistakes can be hard or impossible to correct.

    We have a great space with consistent lighting that allows us to apply Plasti Dip more evenly, dry consistently and keep debris from getting stuck while it’s drying.

    The steps we take to effectively apply Plasti Dip includes:


    Preparing the vehicle by washing and scrubbing off any impurities on the surface of the paint


    Removing, washing and drying car wheels to effectively apply Plasti Dip


    Wiping the surface dry a few times before applying Plasti Dip


    Using a professional spray gun to paint a few layers to get a more consistent finish


    Rinsing the car a few times to make sure there is nothing on the paint when Plasti Dip is applied


    Drying the car thoroughly because this is the most important part than any other step


    Carefully covering the windows and any other surfaces where you don’t want Plasti Dip applied

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