Residential  Window Tinting

    Residential window tinting is an effective and affordable way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, security, and also overall appearance. Tint view has several window film products. And tinting products help to increase your comfort, reduce energy bills, and also decrease the fading of interior surfaces and furnishing. If you are looking for professional residential window tinting in Vaughan? Look no further than our team of experts!

    At Auto Boss Vaughan, we offer top-quality window tints that benefit homeowners in Vaughan and surrounding areas. Our window tinting solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each home. As a result, we help homeowners make the most of their investments.

    There are three primary categories of window tinting, including:

    1. Solar window tinting: Solar type of tinting protects against UV rays. It offers all the benefits of window tinting without darkening the windows’ look.
    2. Security window tinting: The security of window tinting involves adding one or more layers of polyester film to the windows. It intends to enhance protection against break-ins.
    3. Decorative window tinting: Such type of window tinting is primarily used for aesthetic purposes, enhancing the appearance of windows and doors.

    Residential window tinting in Vaughan provides homeowners with increased energy efficiency, privacy, and also reduced glare while improving their home’s curb appeal. At Auto boss Vaughan we are proud to be a certified partner of 3M Window Film. Our services offer a range of film options in various shades to help you achieve your desired look and level of natural light in your home. 

    However, our team of specialists will guide you in choosing the best tint for your home. To protect your furnishings, floors, and artwork from the damaging effects of the sun.

    Key Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

    Window tints can cut out up to 80% of incoming solar energy, resulting in greater energy savings.

    Mostly Tint also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun, which helps protect your furnishings from fading and damage.

    Different Tints come in various levels of darkness, ranging from light tints to dark or reflective ones that provide privacy.

    Tint provides an extra layer of privacy for your home. It can be applied to windows that face the street or a neighbor’s house, allowing you to enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy.

    Window tint can also reduce glare, making it easier to view computer monitors or TV scree

    Why Choose Us?

    House owners investing in tint for house windows also deserve a partner who knows the process inside out. Our experts will work with you and alongside that provides you with the best tint according to your requirements. 

    At our Vaughan Residential window tinting service, we are passionate about helping and protecting you and your family! By providing high-quality service with expert recommendations and a professional installation level. 

    • 5+ years of industry experience
    • High-quality window films 
    • Customization options to meet your unique needs and preferences
    • Lifetime warranty on all residential window tinting services
    • Solar, decorative, security, and privacy window tinting options
    • Affordable and competitive pricing
    • Proudly serving Vaughan and the surrounding areas