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Car window tints are getting a lot of attention from car enthusiasts. It is aesthetically appealing, which is why everyone is thinking of getting tinted car windows. Isn’t price the first thing we check when we like something? You must be here because you like car window tints and are trying to explore the cost of tinting car windows. Welcome if your car tint near me prices got you here. Let’s begin today’s journey and find out the recent prices of car window tints.

Car Tint Prices

This news might get many of you off guard. Yes, the cost to tint car windows is surprisingly low than other auto services. If you were ignoring getting tint windows because you thought it was going to be an expensive service. You must be feeling joyful right now. So, let me break down the exact range of car window tint prices. For this service, you will only need $100 to $400. It is not a ridiculously expensive auto service. The low price is the reason why many people get it as soon as they get to know the car tint near me prices are this low. 

Don’t let the low prices fool you that it is not a worthy investment. Car window tints offer plenty of benefits. The best thing about this is it protects your vehicle. So, all those who are thinking it’s just for style, NO, it’s not just for the style. Are you interested in knowing the benefits of car tints? Read ahead. 

Benefits of Car Tints

Benefits of Car Tints

If I started to pen down the benefits of car window tinting, the list would be long. But here are some of the most impressive benefits of installing window tints.

  • These tints strengthen the car windows and make them unbreakable.
  • Offers great privacy
  • Makes your vehicle look classy and stylish
  • Keeps the car’s interior cool even if it’s -450C outside
  • Better for security and safety
  • Increase chances of getting premium resale value
  • Block UV rays
  • Protects the interior of the car
  • Reduces glare

Now, you all know the benefits of car tints, right? You don’t need to search for car tint near me prices anymore, too. We have already shared the prices with you in this guide. But this is not it. The cost to tint car windows is between $100 to $400. The price depends on various factors that you must know to figure out how much this service will cost you. So, here you go.

Factors Affecting the Prices of Car Window Tints

The above price range will give you a rough estimate price of car window tints. Knowing what factors influence the overall price will help you in making an informed decision. Also, this way, you can get this upgrade while staying within your budget. 


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Car Tinting Types

The most important factor that influences the price of car tints is the type of window tint. There are four types of window tints. These include dyed tints, metalized tints, carbon window tints, and ceramic tints. The most luxurious of all types is ceramic tints. Keep in mind the price range we shared before may change depending on the type of tint you choose. You should discuss the matter with window tinting professionals to understand car tint near me prices better. 

Vehicle Type and Model

Vehicle Type and Model

Car window tints do not come in one size. The tint shape and size need to be made according to the vehicle. The window tints that go on a Tesla will not go on a truck. So, window tints are a personalized product. The price of installing window tints on a luxury car is usually higher than a Sedan. If someone is getting window tints on his SUV for $500 does not mean your Lamborghini will cost the same. 

Number of Windows

The best thing about car tints is that you get a choice. You can choose which windows you want the tint. Installing tints on side windows only will cost you less than applying them on all windows. You can install it on car windows where you need protection, security, or privacy. However, it’s up to the client. Auto tinting professionals don’t mind installing tints on every window of a vehicle. 

Product Quality

Product quality is one of the most important factors that determine the price of window tints. Just like the type of the tint, their quality also matters. High-quality tints, because of better quality and durability, are slightly more expensive than cheap ones. Experts suggest choosing premium brands of auto tints as they offer incredible durability. But it’s totally up to the client. If you have a limited budget, you can decide how much you can spend on this service.

Additional Benefits

Some tint types offer additional benefits that one can not have in an ordinary window tint. Some premium tints have the quality to protect vehicles from damaging UV rays. Also, it protects the car interior from discoloration. So, these additional benefits come with technology. To enjoy premium benefits, be ready to spend more than expected. 

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Summing Up:

Finding the cost to tint car windows is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some can have a really hard time finding car tint prices. But you don’t have to struggle anymore. Feel free to share the information with someone who needs it. Use this guide to estimate the expenses of installing car tints. Also, keep the influencing factors in mind to stay within budget. Be ready to make your car look dope by installing window tints on your car.  


How much does it cost to tint a car in Canada?

Car window tint prices in Canada are between $100 to $400, with $25 to $150 for each window. 

Is 20% tint legal in Canada?

Yes, the legal tint percentage in Canada is 70% VLT on all windows. 

Is front tint legal in Canada?

Yes, you can go for a front tint in Canada. Car owners can install window tints on each window of their car. This includes the side and rear windows and the front windshield. The permitted percentage for tint is 70%.