Paint Protection Film

    Paint protection film is a clear film that is applied to a car’s surface. It acts as shield to protect the paint from many things that can damage its appearance including the sun’s UV rays, stone chips and bird droppings.

    Without car protection film, your vehicle will lose its shiny appearance faster and resale value. We carefully clean and prepare your car before the application of the film. You can choose whether you want the protection film to cover certain areas of your car or the entire vehicle.



    Benefits of Car Protection Film

    There are many advantages of applying paint protection film, especially when you put it on right after you buy a brand new car before it starts to wear and tear.

    Keeps your car’s new and shiny look

    Because the paint protection film acts as a permanent coat over the car’s paint, it prevents the paint from fading and gives it a glossy appearance for a longer period of time. Appearances are everything and an improved look can retain your car’s resale value. If your car looks great, people will pay more than an older looking vehicle.

    Protects from scratches and chemicals

    As moisture builds up from scratches, it eventually results in rust. Chemicals and harsh cleaners lead to discoloration of your car. The paint protection film protects from this damage by acting as a chemical barrier to your car’s exterior.

    Invisible protection for your car

    What’s great about car protection film is that no one would notice it because it’s completely invisible. Another benefit is that the film does not affect the light’s intensity or clear view of the mirrors.

    The car is easier to clean

    The car protection film repels dust so you won’t have to deal with dust build up, which makes cleaning easier. All you need is a soft cloth to clean the car instead of using water every time. Just avoid harsh cleaners.

    Save up to thousands of dollars from preventable repairs

    When your car is protected from scratches and other avoidable damage with car protection film, you won’t have to keep bringing it to the shop to fix. This will save you at least hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

    Paint Protection Film

    Paint Protection Film

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