Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is less popular than tinting of cars, but it is worth the investment. In fact, the benefits you stand to get from tinting your home or commercial building windows far outweigh the cost of the service.

Commercial window tinting is becoming popular in Toronto. More and more businesses are starting to see why tinting your office windows is a great investment. 

In this article, we will take a look at the various reasons why you need to tint your window. Also, we will explore the many benefits of commercial window tinting. Finally, we will examine commercial window tinting prices and the multiple factors that may influence it.

Is Commercial Window Tinting Worth It?

Commercial window tinting is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business. Here is why?

Commercial Window Tinting

It keeps your offices cool

With commercial window tinting, you can be sure that the amount of heat that comes with light rays will reduce drastically. Window tints reduce the amount of heat energy that passes through your windows. This keeps your offices as fresh as possible while increasing your comfort level.

You get savings on your energy bills

Commercial window tinting comes with a marked reduction in the amount you spend on energy. The process is simple. When there is a reduction in the amount of heat that enters your office space, your HVAC system does less work. Therefore, you spend less on electricity and energy bills.

Reduction in exposure to UV rays

Continuous exposure to the sun is not good for your health. Controlling the number of UV rays you get exposed to while at work is best done via commercial window tinting. This is especially important for the office, where you will be for most of the day. 


 Tinting the windows of your office building can make it more beautiful. This is especially useful if you are looking to impress your customers and build a reputation for your brand.


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Cost of Commercial Window Tinting

On average, it costs about $600 – $2000 to have tinted the windows of your commercial building. However, these figures can increase or reduce based on a number of factors. These factors include:

The location of the building

This is a significant determinant of commercial window tinting prices. In warmer regions, there is more demand for this service. Hence, competition can cause the price to reduce.

However, if your building is in a place where there is little demand per time for the product, you may have to pay more to get your windows tinted. 

Ease of tintings

For some buildings, the windows are flat, and experts can easily place the tinting film on them. However, in buildings with many curves, edges, there is a need for more expertise to cut the film to fit. This results in a commensurate increase. in price. 

Also, the ease with which the job can be done will determine the number of days it will take to complete the job. The length of time is another factor that affects the cost of commercial window tinting.

The volume of the work 

The number of windows in your office building will determine the cost of commercial window tinting. The more the number of windows, the higher the price of the service.


In cases where there is low demand, if there is the presence of competition, companies are left with no choice than to reduce cost, to get the job contract. 

You need to be careful, though, as a lower price is not always a good deal. You should be careful to note the quality of their services.

Market condition

The season is another simple factor that affects commercial window tinting prices in Toronto.

It is best to do it during winter, as in these periods there is a drop in price. In this season, most people are not worried about protecting their offices from the heat as the cold does this already. 

Commercial Window Tinting

Type of film used

There is are different types of films out there with each coming at different prices based on the contractors. The price of the tint film used directly influences commercial window tinting costs. However, you need to look out for the quality of the film you are getting. You should also consider the warranty on the film used for your building.


Carrying out commercial window tinting is a crucial decision if you are looking to keep your offices cool during summer. Also, it helps reduce heat and health issues that may result from exposure to UV rays. 

In this brief guide, we have taken a look at the price of commercial window tinting and the factors that influence it. Are you interested in tinting the windows of your commercial building? Contact our experts today!

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