Car paint is vital in maintaining your car value. Car paints are designed to last for almost ten to fifteen years. A lot of cars need help to keep the paint new. Factors like UV rays, environmental factors, rust, and scratches. Know how to keep your car shining and beautiful after years.

Wash to protect car paint

The first step in protecting car paint is regular washing. Make sure you wash your car at least once a week. Try it properly after every wash. Washing keeps the car surface clean from dirt, dead insects, bird poops, and debris. All of these elements can play a role in creating minor scratches.

Died bugs and bird poop contain chemicals inside them that can erode paint and may lead to rusting over time.

Get the paint coating

Protective paint coating takes a little time but keeps your car in good condition. The protective films prevent your car paint from insects and other elements.

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film PPF is a visible urethane film. We recommend installing PPF on your car to protect it from damage. A secure paint also maintains the value of the car. It helps maximize resale value with chemical, stain-resistant, and self-healing qualities. 

Professionals use a precision-cut piece of film that fits the vehicle perfectly. We use the best-ever plotter and design access program. The pieces of film are folded where needed to maximize invisibility and protection. 

The film acts as an extra protection layer on your car paint. It prevents everyday damage from daily irritants such as road debris. 

Types of the Paint protection film 

There are two styles of the paint protection film 

  1. Glossy PPF
  2. Matte PPF

PPF also comes in different forms of coating that are 

  • Ceramic coating 
  • Glass coating 
  • Fabric coating 

Ceramic coating 

Paint protection with ceramic coatings is an advanced technology. Professionals apply it by hand. It creates a chemical bond with your car paint, making it a durable protective layer.

This concept is similar to wax but more long-lasting than wax.

Glass coating 

Glass coating has intense and repellency properties. It provides simple and fast car protection. It also gives better visibility and driving experience in poor weather.

Fabric Coating 

Fabric coating protects the car textiles and fabrics from general grime, UV degradation, spills, and dust. 

Hybrid wax 

Hybrid wax is a fluorine paste that provides great water beading and repellency to the car’s surface. You can pair hybrid wax with a deep gloss that makes the car grime, dirt, and scratch-resistance. 

Park your car in the proper place

Parking your car in a secure place can reduce the chances of paint damage. For example, parking it under the tree may increase the chances of sap dripping. Tree sap creates staining and discoloration. 

Keep your car in a shady place

UV rays may cause damage to your car paint in the long run. Parking your car in a shady place can be a good way to protect your paint. You can protect your car by wrapping it in a protective layer. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Some of the chemicals can damage your car paint. Chemicals like soda and coffee can also damage the paint, and most people have no idea about it. Both are highly acidic and can start corrosion when touched to paint. Avoid using drinks while driving.

 Last words

Caring for small things is important. On one side, you may protect your car from harmful chemicals like chemicals, tar, salt, etc. On the other side, apply protective films, and protect it from too many sun rays. These steps can improve your car’s appearance and prolong the paint’s life. 

Car protection and partnering with us is a game changer! We ensure the best quality of paint protection services. Contact our experts to know more about protective films and get them as early as possible to keep your vehicle safe. 


Is paint protection film installation worth it?

Yes! Paint protection film installation is the way to maintain its appearance. PPF is a barrier between car paint and daily nuisances such as tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, and UV rays. All of these environmental factors are uncontrollable.

What does a car paint protection film do?

Car protection film has vital advantages. 

Self-healing: PPF has the quality to heal itself from swirl marks and scratches when it is exposed to heat. 

Stain resistant: PPF protects your car from road grime, acid droppings, and graffiti.

Durability: It increases the durability of the paint and provides added impact protection.

Precise patterns: More than 80000 patterns are available.

Warranty: Usually, it comes with over ten years of warranty.

How to protect car paint from chips?

Paint scratches and chips make the car appear ugly. Chips de-valuate the car and may lead to foul rust patches. The ways to protect car paint from chips are 

  1. Wrap the complete car with clear film vinyl. It is the best car paint protection against heavier scratches and stone chips. You can apply the clear vinyl wrap to car panels. We recommend a professional installation company to apply the film vinyl. Although getting the services of a professional installer is expensive, it helps protect your car.
  2. Apply the best quality car sealant. Sealant is like car wax. It leaves a long-lasting protection layer tough enough to protect against stone chip marks and light scratches. They are easy to apply. They don’t require professional installation. However, the high-quality paint sealant lasts much longer.
  3. Apply wax on the car regularly. However, wax is not equal to sealant. The wax layer is slippery and protects against minor scratches.
  4. Door-edge chips are common in cars. It usually occurs when you open the door onto a post or wall. We recommend a set of slip-on plastic door edge protectors. They are removable and may cost a small amount. 
  5. Door rubber strips and bumper are the best remedies if you don’t care about the cool factor. It can keep your car safe from scuffs and dents. They are replaceable and can be peeled off according to the requirement.

Stopping paint scratches and stone chips from rust. 

Scratches and deep stone chips can undergo paint, clear coat, and undercoat. The car’s metal panels can be exposed to different environmental elements. You will not face the rust issue if the panels are made of aluminum. The paint in surrounding areas may get peeling or bubbling.

A small amount of paint bubbling may lead to large patches of bubbles. The rust may penetrate panels.

Is it easy to protect your car paint?

Yes! With us, it is much easier to protect your car paint. You can save your car from bubbling or rusting. We provide a 100% paint match guarantee and ensure the best finishing.

What protects the car paint from scratches?

You can protect car paint from scratches by using authentic products. You can protect your car by

  • Wash it properly.
  • Apply paint protection film that is not only transparent but a security film. It is also known as an “Anti-stone film.” It gives potential protection from pebbles and gravel that cause serious damage to your car paint. The PPF can also protect car paint from insects, resins, and limescale with more hydrophobic properties.
  • Ceramic coating is advanced PPF for your car.

How do you keep car paint from fading?

You can protect your car paint from fading by.

Keep a consistent car wash or detailing schedule.

Avoid using abrasive products: Applying abrasive products can damage your paint earlier. Use a clean sponge, washcloths, and brushes.

Keep your car waxed: Get your car properly waxed after every six months. It protects from harmful road salt, dust, and debris.

Cover your car often: keeping it covered to protect it from harsh weather conditions and sun exposure. If the shelter or a garage is unavailable, buy a car cover. Car cover protects your car from rain, tree sap, dirt, and bird dropping.

Does car wax prevent scratches?

Car wax not only helps in enhancing the shine and lustre, but it protects it from environmental 

contaminations. Car wax does not protect the paint from scratches. Although car wax may help prevent light scratches or swirls, it is not good for larger patches of scratches. You must use other protective measures to protect your car from scratches. Because a quality wax gives marginal protection.