Car Window Tinting

Undoubtedly, car window tinting gives a whole new and better look to your vehicle. But have you ever wondered if there are other benefits of car window tinting? There are indeed many more advantages that come with giving your car window a good tint job. But first, let us walk you through what car window tinting is.

Car window tinting is the term that describes the process through which a thin transparent sheet of film is applied to the interior of the windows in a vehicle. More often than not, the layer of film is usually colored in a dark shade but not enough to obstruct the view of the driver or occupants. There are various reasons people choose to tint their car windows, but the most common goal is to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the car.

There is also the fact that it makes your car look so much cooler. Car window tinting is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to transform the physical appearance of your vehicle and give it a new, sleek look. And even more, there is a range of types of window tints to pick from. A window tint cannot go wrong on any vehicle. Instead, it gives a real upgrade to even old cars. 

How to tint your car windows 

Car window tinting in Canada has gotten very easy and accessible as there are several car detailing services that offer window tinting services. And for a minimal price too. It is crucial to secure professional services where your car window tinting is concerned. This is so a top-notch window tint that you can be proud of can be achieved. For enquiries about car window tinting in Vaughan, please contact us and we’ll give you an excellent car window tinting service. 

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Benefits of car window tinting

Tinting your car window is like killing multiple birds with a single stone. A car window tint comes with several advantages for both you and your vehicle. We’ll list some of these benefits for you.


This is perhaps the most apparent reason. Most people get their car windows tinted to give their vehicles a new look. Even for cars that are not so new, a car window tinting job will make your car look so much fresher, cooler and more expensive. It is a guaranteed way to make people turn to take a second look at your ride.

Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Another significant benefit that comes with tinting your car window is that you are protected from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. Constant exposure to UV rays is bad for your skin, your vehicle and everything else in your car. However, a window tint can filter more than 90% of ultraviolet rays. This means that you are more healthy, and the interior of your car, including the seats and dashboard, will last longer.

Glare Reduction

Nobody likes excess light shining into their eyes. Glare reduction is another reason you may want to invest in getting a car window tint job done. A car window tint effectively reduces the glare from the sun and even the headlights of other vehicles while driving at night. Therefore it means driving becomes more comfortable for you.


Another benefit associated with car window tinting is that it makes your car a more comfortable place to be. Asides from filtering the amount of light that gets in from the sun, a window tint will also block out the heat that comes with it. Therefore, during the day, the interior of your vehicle will remain cool and keep you more at ease. Interestingly, during cold weather, a window tint also acts as an insulator against the cold.


Are you a person that prefers to be away from prying eyes? Then you should get your car windows tinted. Depending on the shade of window tint you prefer, a car window tint can limit what people can see when they peep into your vehicle. That is, your privacy is protected from the public. It also hinders would-be thieves who are trying to scout your vehicle for loot. Ironically, your view from the inside of your car remains perfect and unhindered.


Due to the adhesive properties that most car window tints have, they generally make your vehicle a safer place. The film of the window tint acts as a shatter-proof material as it holds the glass of the window together. That action prevents the window from exploding from impact in case of an accident. It also acts as a deterrent to car burglars as it makes it hard to smash your car window because the shards of glass will stick together.

Types of car window tints

There are several types of window tints from which you can pick for your car. If you are looking to get your car window tinting in Vaughan, here is a list of options to choose from.

Dyed window tinting

This is the least expensive type of window tint. However, it does not make it less effective. In this method, the window is coated with several layers of dyes. The method provides the most privacy and some protection from sunlight and heat. However, the dye offers no protection from shatter and over time, the colour will fade.

Metalized Window Tinting

This method makes use of tiny, invisible metallic particles that are embedded within the film. It is beneficial in glare reduction, protection from UV rays and reduction of heat. It also has very good shatter-proof properties. Its catchy reflection distinguishes it from the rest. 

Hybrid Window Tinting

This type of window tint is derived from the combination of both the dye type and the metalized type. It combines the pros of both methods while reducing the cons. 

Carbon Window Tint Film

This is perhaps the most attractive of all the window tints. It has an original matte finish and is ideal for blocking UV rays. The carbon window tint is also an excellent insulator against the heat of the sun and protects the car interior. It also lasts very long.

Ceramic Window Tinting

In terms of prices of car window tinting in Vaughan, ceramic window tinting is the most expensive. It contains non-conductive ceramic particles which can reduce solar heat by up to 50%. It also filters out 99% of UV rays and has a strong resistance to glare. The ceramic window tinting is also shatter-proof and does not reduce visibility. 

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In summary 

Now that you know the numerous benefits that come with car window tinting, you may want to take time apart and get your car a good window tinting job. For information on where to get high quality and excellent car window tinting, please contact Auto Boss Vaughan. We’ve got you covered!