Car Paint Sealant

    Using a car paint sealant provides ultimate paint protection for months while making your vehicle shine.

    The sealant is made with synthetic ingredients designed to add durability and protection. They contain polymer technology that is a result of advanced chemical engineering. Your car will surely stand out on the road.

    The durability of paint sealant is longer than wax and the overall protection from UV damage, commercial soaps, acid rain and de-icing agent is higher than wax as well.

    It’s good to use a car paint sealant when you:

    • Drive almost every day
    • Drive or park in harsh environments
    • Drive in hot summers
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    Benefits of Applying Car Paint Sealant

    These are the main advantages of using a sealant:

    Protects your vehicle

    The sealant adds another layer of protection against the elements and helps the paint keep its shine in all driving conditions. Applying the sealant is also cheaper than repainting your car. Because it lasts longer, you won’t have to reapply it as often as car wax, which lasts a few weeks.

    Makes cleaning easy

    The paint sealant prevents contaminants from sticking on your paintwork making it easier to clean. Also, dirt and other road materials have less chance of damaging your car.

    Preserves your car’s value with improved appearance

    First impressions matter when you show you car to potential buyers. When your vehicle keeps its vibrant exterior, you can resell it for a higher price.

    How We Apply Car Paint Sealant for You

    A few steps have to be done before we properly apply the sealant. We can also do this for you during your car detailing session.

    When use specialized tools to thoroughly clean your vehicle and remove contaminants before applying the sealant. This is the general process our qualified professionals do:

    • Thoroughly wash and dry your car
    • Use a clay bar to remove surface contamination and impurities like dirt
    • Polish and buff the surface to create a shine
    • Inspect the surface to make sure it is free of dust before we apply the car paint sealant
    • Apply the sealant
    • Buff the surface again

    You’ll get your car back as good as new!

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