Remove the Bubbles on Car Window Tinting

Is there anything like car window tinting on your vehicle? There is always a fantastic feeling it adds to your vehicle.  Apart from protecting your vehicle, it makes your cars look even better. Tinting your cars in Vaughan is always a good decision. But first, you have to remove the bubbles that emerge in the windows after the tint is done.

Car Window Tinting

There are two reasons why bubbles can appear on your car tint. The very first is the fact that it is very normal for bubbles to develop due to pockets of air in your glass. The second reason is the poor installation of the tint, or when the materials used for your car window tinting are of a lower standard.

When the bubbles are merely results of the normal after tinting effect, then you can be sure that they will disappear on their own. However, if they are due to poor installation, you have to take extra steps to get rid of them. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can remove the bubbles from your window, post-installation. 


How Do Bubbles Form In Your Tinted Windows

Different types of bubbles can form in your window after installation. The first step to getting rid of these bubbles is understanding how they are formed. 

Water bubbles

Formed by droplets in your window, they are bound to go away almost immediately after the tinting is done. 

Air bubbles

They are caused by pockets of air in your window. When the film cures, this bubble type tends to get smaller. The catch about this is that they will never go away completely. Hence, you may need to redo your car window tinting in Vaughan. Air bubbles in your window film are the result of poor installation of your car window tints.

Dirt and contamination bubbles

The significant difference between this and air bubbles is that they can get bigger. However, just like the air bubbles, they will never go away on their own. The only solution is to re-tint your windows. 


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Car Tinting: How To Remove the Bubbles

How To Remove the BubblesHaving bubbles in your windows can be particularly frustrating and distracting. It would help if you learned how to get rid of bubbles in your car window. When you get car tinting in Vaughan done professionally, you can be sure that there wouldn’t be any issues. However, when things go south, this section details different tips on how you can fix them. 

Most cases of bubbles result from the tint trapping water between the film you are using for the tinting and the window. These usually disappear in a week or two. But if the bubbles are caused by dirt and debris, you may need to follow these steps

Heat the car windows 

You can do this by leaving your window tints in the sun for a long time. In case you want to get it done on a day when the sun is not out, you can make use of a hairdryer. Directing the hot air from a hairdryer to your car windows can help you heat up your car. After this is done, follow these next steps.

Add water droplets to your windows

When you are done heating the window, mist it back to room-temperature water. Moisten the window with water droplets as opposed to soaking it.

Pinch a hole in the bubbles

With a pin, create a hole in the bubbles you want to remove the bubbles. Make sure this hole is very tiny. While doing this, you should be careful not to destroy the tinting film.

Smoothen over the bubbles

Carry out this step when your window is still cooling down. You can use your credit card for this step. Move it gently over the bubbles at an angle of 45 degrees to straighten them out.

Clean your windows

When you are done, mop your windows dry with a soft cloth that is free of lint. Confirm that you have worked on all the bubbles and allow your window to cool down.

 Car Window Tinting


Final Take

To remove the bubbles after car window tinting requires delicacy. If care is not taken, it is possible that you may damage your windows. You can avoid this by paying attention to every detail, starting from the angle at which you smoothen out the bubbles to the dry clothes used to clean your windows.

Air bubbles can be avoided. If your car window tinting project is handled by professionals, you won’t have to worry about bubbles developing in your windows. Do you need professional car window tinting in Vaughan? Our car detailing service is home to car experts with years of experience. Contact us today!

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