car headlight restoration

If your car has a few years on it, then it’s highly likely that your headlights are going to be cloudy and even scratched. This can hinder the ability of your car headlights to shine brightly, especially at night. The good news is that you don’t have to buy new headlights to fix this problem. If you know the cost of car restoration in Toronto, you can quickly get it done for your vehicle. With car headlight restoration, you can restore the bright piercing beams of your vehicle’s lights.

The housing of your car headlights is made from plastic. This means that they get scratched up easily from the effects of everyday driving. Dust and particles of debris in the air at the speed of 30-75mph can do a lot of damage.

A professional can help you polish all of these scratches and discolorations via car headlight restoration. Much like tinting your car windows, car headlight restoration improves the usability and convenience of your vehicle. In this guide, we will discuss the cost of car headlight restoration and the benefits it holds for your vehicle in Toronto.

car headlight restoration



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What is a car headlight restoration?

Car headlight restoration is the very act of refurbishing old headlight lenses that have become victims of discoloration due to oxidation and other environmental factors. Environmental factors that pose a threat to your car headlights include road debris, rain, caustic chemicals and sand.

Over time and consistent usage, it is entirely normal for your headlights to develop surface cracks. These cracks happen due to process car enthusiasts call crazing. The effectiveness of your car headlights when it comes to light intensity decreases as a result of this process. Your car’s beams will become hazy, cloudy and ineffective.

However, with car headlight restoration, you can return your car headlights to their magnificent form without having to pay the exorbitant costs of new car headlights. It extends the usable lifespan of your headlight assembly unit. You can also repeat it consistently over several years to give your car an advantage at night.

Cost of car headlight restoration

There are different professional car headlight restoration businesses in Toronto. Each one charges different prices based on a number of factors. Overall the cost of a car headlight restoration in Toronto can range from 200CAD to as high as 400CAD. 

You should know that this price range is based on a number of factors. Some car headlight restoration shops use a urethane coat to protect your headlamps from UV exposure while others use a clear acrylic coat.

car headlight restorationIf you are wondering how much does car headlight restoration cost in Toronto, you have to factor in the price of light bulbs. Sometimes, you may need to change the light bulbs for your vehicle. The cost of a halogen bulb for your car also affects the price of car headlight restoration for your vehicle. Some halogen bulbs may cost between 20CAD to 30CAD while some HID bulbs can cost as high as 100CAD.

Result of a car headlight restoration in Toronto

The primary result of putting your car through the paces of a restoration process is that you get brighter headlights. This automatically means that you will be able to see more clearly after dark. This improves the safety and efficiency your vehicle affords you!

Additionally, it saves you money. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the cost of replacing the entire headlight assembly of your car can be as high as 1500CAD. Why pay that much when you can quickly restore your car headlights in just a few hours?

DIY Headlight RestorationMany customers who have undergone the process find that their aged old vehicles suddenly has the lights of a brand new 80,000CAD vehicle. That is totally worth it, right?


DIY Headlight Restoration

It is possible to purchase a car restoration kit that will help you clean out your headlight assembly yourself. Some people opt to use sandpaper to iron out the marks and scratches that can cloud the beams if your headlight.

If you are looking to go the sandpaper route, here are a few steps you can follow.

  • Mask off the body surrounding your car’s headlight 
  • Wet the headlight cover with clean water 
  • Using sandpaper that has a rough rating of less than 1000 grit, begin to sand the housing of your headlight assembly until it is uniform. 
  • Afterwards, use sandpaper with grit ratings of 3000. You will notice that the headlight cover looks clearer. 
  • Get it as clear and possible and then use a polishing product to keep it bright and shiny.

DIY is a possibility for car headlight restoration. However, the clincher is that you may not be able to get the same results a professional would be able to get. Just like you wouldn’t attempt car window tinting services yourself, it is better that you take your car headlight restoration needs to a professional in Toronto.


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Car headlight restoration keeps your vehicle’s lights as bright as ever. In a world where driving at night can be a dangerous proposition, it is one process you have to get for your vehicle. Call us today for the finest car headlight restoration services in Toronto!