Automotive tinting, or the process that a shop uses to put tint into cars, continues to be a particularly popular choice for consumers today. So, how much does auto tinting cost in Toronto?

Why Auto Tinting Store?

While factory tinting might seem adequate to many consumers, factories use a different process than aftermarket tinting from tinting stores. Factory tinting applies a dye to the inside of the window as part of the manufacturer.
Above all, it’s not an added window film that is attached to the window surface. According to Wikipedia, factory window tint does not block UV rays or provide much heat rejection. While you can buy a car with satisfactory auto tinting, you can also check out a selection of window film tint found at stores that specialize in it. To get the very best tinting and price, visit an auto tinting shop. But, you say, how much does it cost to get tint in Toronto? If you decide to go with aftermarket tinting, you can spend up to $600 for tint on your car according to Angie’s list.

Why Buy Car Tint?

Many factors go into auto tinting prices, so consequently, it’s tough to say unless you can nail down what kind of tint application you want. To begin with, auto tinting reduces heat and that means less cracking of the interior and fading of the fabrics. It also cools the interior temperature by as much as 60-percent. It accomplishes it by cutting out the following:

  1. infrared light
  2. Visible light
  3. UV radiation

All three rays cause auto interiors to heat up. While tint can keep your car cooler on hot summer days, it’s also useful for other things. Here’s a list of stuff people use auto tinting for:

  1. Reduce heat in the interior
  2. Make a style statement
  3. Cut out glare while driving
  4. Provide safety, security, and private use of tint in automobiles has become commonplace. The price you pay really depends on the type of tint you buy and the number of windows.

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Window Numbers and Packages

The windows you want tinted can influence the cost. Moreover, combinations are sold as package deals throughout the industry. Here are the types of windows to count when doing an estimate on your own:

  1. Windshield
  2. Side windows
  3. Rear side windows
  4. Rear wing windows
  5. Rear window while a two-door pickup might mean only three windows, a five-door sedan could include the two front side windows, two rear side windows, two rear wing windows, the rear window, and the windshield. For example, a pickup will require two side windows, the rear windows, and a windshield. Vans have different packages too.

Prices vary from $25 to $100 per window. Package deals available from dealers/installers affects the price. For instance, a pickup package costs less than a windowed van package just because the number of windows is less. In general, the cost is less when the car is smaller. Compact SUVs costs less to tint than full-size SUVs.

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Cost of the Auto Tinted Film

Factors that affect price are many. To discover what it would cost to do auto tinting in Ontario is difficult because of all the choices. Different choices make for different prices. For example, the number of heat rejectors in tints affects the price. The more heat rejectors, the higher the price. Unless you’re buying light tint, the laws of your state will determine how much tint can go on each window, so the cost of tint in each window will vary some.

Take a look at these types of window tint:
  1. Dyed is the least expensive film with some solar absorption but not great heat reduction.
  2. Metalized tints contain small metal particles in the film that reflect heat away from the interior of the car and proves effective at keeping heat out, but it causes radio interference.
  3. Carbon Window Film is a superior heat reflector than metal or dye, carbon also provides a dark, matte-finished look that’s very desirable. It cuts interior heat by 40 percent in the summer and also makes it easier to heat the car in the winter.
  4.  Ceramics are the highest quality and most expensive window tint available. A strong window film with superior heat reflectivity. It keeps the car cool while providing maximum visibility. It has the best features of the others without including metal particles.

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Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Car Tinting

Price is also determined by installation costs. While DIY kits are available at a fraction of the cost of professional installation, the results often disappoint. So, why use professionals? Professional installation is reliable.

In addition, professionals use a higher quality tint and know how to install it so that there are never bubbles or debris left under the tint. Bubbles and small, sometimes microscopic debris beneath the tint is ugly and almost guarantee the tint won’t stick long to the windows.

In addition, professionals know the laws that govern automotive tint, and they conform to it. So, if you don’t want tint that attracts law enforcement, go with professional tinters. We’re a Vaughan-based local auto tinting and detailing shop in Canada. We carry an array line of aftermarket wheels.

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