Car Detailing Services

Everything You Should Know About Car Detailing Services

Car detailing services offer you an excellent chance to give your car a complete makeover without incurring so many expenses. Here is everything you should know about car detailing.

The term car detailing describes the process of carrying out a comprehensive cleaning, restoration and finishing on a car. It is an in-depth and meticulous action that leaves your vehicle looking like it was just wheeled out of the factory in which it was made.

Several people are of the opinion that there is no difference between car washing and car detailing. Such thoughts cannot be more inaccurate. Washing is just one of the many processes involved in auto detailing. 

And unlike car washing, car detailing carried out in any car detailing service is never automated. Yes, machines are used to make the job easier and faster, but the human factor is always present to give that last touch of excellence.

Car detailing in Vaughan is not just about luxury and finesse. It is an essential aspect of taking care of your vehicle that should not be overlooked. Periodic detail increases the lifespan of your vehicles while keeping it new and fresh at the same time. It is recommended that you take your car to a car detailing service at least twice a year. Read further to learn more about car detailing. 


Components of car detailing

In any car detailing service, the entire car detailing process is usually divided into two broad segments. The interior component and the exterior component. Car detailing services in Vaughan is no different. 

Interior car detailing in Vaughan

Interior detailing is the more intensive and intricate part of any car detailing. It involves the rigorous cleaning of the entire inside of a vehicle. No nook or cranny is spared from the cleaning attack. 

More often than not, all the seats in the car are dismantled and taken out to make the corners and crevices more accessible to clean. Various actions are carried out during interior detailing. They include:


This is done in the interior of the vehicle to remove loose dirt particles. No surface on the car is spared from the vacuum. For areas that are difficult to reach, sometimes, an air compressor is used to make sure your car is squeaky clean. 

Brushing and Steam Cleaning

This is done on all the floors in the vehicle. All the carpets, rugs and mats are adequately taken care of during this process. Ideally, brushing is done outside the car, and the rugs and mats are thoroughly scrubbed to remove stains. Some car detailing services in Vaughan even use steam cleaners for higher efficiency. After cleaning, they are then carefully dried out.


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Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaning is carried out on all the glass surfaces in the vehicle, including the mirrors. A simple glass cleaner is usually used.

Leather Trimming

This is done on the leather parts in the car. A leather soap, leather cleaner and saddle soap are used to thoroughly clean all leather parts of the interior. Following this step, it is left to dry. 


This is used to remove any dirt that may have come about after the first cleaning. It is just as important as the first vacuuming. The dashboard is wiped with a cleaning agent and then after-shine when it dries off.


Perfuming is simply the application of deodorant. It is carried out to add a pleasant fragrance to the interior of your vehicle.

Exterior Car Detailing in Vaughan

This features the washing of the body of the car until everything shines. Most car detailing services will also wax your car paint so as to give it a new look and also to hide minor scratches. 

The rims and tyres are also not left out as the rims will be polished till they can be used as mirrors. In some car detailing services in Vaughan, you can even choose a service package in which your engine block gets cleaned up! The processes involved in exterior detailing are:

Washing and Drying

This is strictly done by hand. It is used to get rid of dust, grime and every other foreign material on the car body. The washing is done using mild detergents so as not damage the paint of the vehicle. 

Application of clay bar

A clay bar is an engineered resin cleaning mixture. Here, it is applied to remove impurities, traces of overspray and other residues that cannot be removed with regular detergents.

Waxing and Polishing

This is done to restore the original shiny and glossy look of the original paint on the vehicle. It also removes minor scratches on the car body and protects the paint job on the vehicle.


How much does car detailing cost?

Car detailing costs are affected by factors such as the reputation of the auto shop, the quality of their services, the location, the package selected and finally, the type of car. The higher the quality of work, the more the cost. The type of vehicle in terms of size may also cause variations in the amount you will pay for a car detailing service.

On average, the price range for a basic detailing service which involves thorough washing, vacuuming, and waxing is $100 to $375 for regular cars. For an SUV or larger vehicles, the price ranges from $175 to $1000.

If you are a more meticulous person and you want more attention to be paid to your vehicle, you will have to pay more. Such extra services include washing of engine block and repair of bumpers. The price for such upgraded packages are usually above $1000 and may cost up to more depending on the auto store and the amount of work to be done.


In summary

Numerous benefits can be gotten from taking your car to the auto shop for a good car detailing service. One of the many is that it increases the lifespan of your vehicle while making it look as new as ever. And at little cost, too. 

If you’re looking for car detailing services in Vaughan or you have other questions about car detailing, please direct your questions to us. We’ll respond to your enquiries in detail!

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