Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

Whether you have an existing office or brand new building, or if you are looking to for privacy and security at your home, commercial and residential window tinting is an essential investment for practical and aesthetic reasons.

Ongoing exposure to sunlight can negatively impact staff by damaging skin from UV rays and reducing their productivity with glare. Window tinting can prevent these problems. Additionally, window tints also provide more privacy and security at your house and work place.

The window film we install has multiple layers that can block out the most harmful UV rays that usually penetrate normal windows. Offices can even save up to 30% in energy consumption with properly tinted windows.

Key Benefits of Office & Residential Window Tinting

There have been great advances in window tinting technology in the last decade and we use the latest methods so your space doesn’t simply look dark.

Here are other key advantages:

Lower your energy bills with a cooler office

Offices & Homes often use too much air conditioning simply because of all of the heat coming through the windows. But window tinting reflects and absorbs heat so you won’t have to use as much air conditioning.

Block glare

It’s really frustrating and unproductive for people to work with the sun shining directly on them. Ongoing glare can cause eyestrain and headaches. Commercial window tinting takes care of glare without reducing the amount of natural light that brightens up the office. People get improve their productivity.

Protect your indoor furniture

UV rays coming through the window can fade your upholstery and turn your matching furniture set into a non-matching set. Ongoing exposure to sun rays can also fade drapes, carpets and art work. Tinted windows will protect these assets so they don’t lose their value unnecessarily.

Improve privacy and security

Window tinting protects your privacy and your assets from people outside. You can also have tinted windows within a building or home for rooms that require more privacy like confidential meetings. In addition to privacy, tinted windows can help hold windows together to reduce shatter damage. It also makes it harder for intruders to smash through the glass… keeping your workplace and home a safe.

Your Office/Home will look sleek and wonderful

Give your office a makeover and have a sleek look with our technologically advanced tinted windows. We can even incorporate your logo and business name so your brand stands out.

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