Today, getting around the streets of Toronto is a simple concept. All you have to do is get into your vehicle, and you are good to go. Today, vehicles are lighter and faster than ever before. However, with increased speed comes the risk of shelling out big bucks for the cost of car collision repair in Toronto.

The cost of vehicle repair and maintenance in Toronto has escalated, especially when it comes to car collisions. No matter how painstakingly careful you drive your car, it is guaranteed that there will be something that puts a sizeable chip in your budget – auto repairs.

Car collisions can come in different forms. Also, they have different impacts on the body of your favourite vehicle. From windshield cracks and scratches to dented doors, paint chips, the cost of auto collision repairs caused by car collisions can pile up very fast.

If you are a vehicle owner in Toronto, you must prepare yourself for the extra expenditure that you will invariably incur. Sometimes, car collision crashes can go as far as causing transmission problems, engine and fuel system problem.

To that end, we have decided to come up with this guide. This article will tell you all you need to know about the cost of car collision repairs in Toronto. That way, you can prepare your budget for them and not get caught off-guard.

Cost of car crash collision – Blanket Quote 

Before we move forward; you should know that the figures in this article are just ballpark estimates. They are in no way a substitute for an official quote from a body shop. Also, there are several circumstances that can affect the actual price of car collisions in Toronto.

Your car’s make, year, size, model and the extent of the car collisions you were in will determine the overall cost of your repairs in Toronto. However, we have been able to narrow the cost of car collision repair down to a range of $100 – $2,000.

In the next section, we will explore some common faults that are associated with car collisions and how much it costs to repair them.

Cost of common car crash repairs 

Car collisions are never a comfortable situation to contend with. At the very least, your car will sustain some body issues that may be moderate or extensive. 

Some of these repairs and the cost of repairing them are outlined below.

Broken windshield 

The cost of repairing your windshield after a car collision in Toronto ranges from $100 to $1,000. As crucial as your windshields are, they are highly brittle. Anything from sports equipment to tree branches to pebbles can damage it, talk less of a car collision.

Small chips in your windshield can be repaired for as low as $100. An expert auto body repair service can help you stop cracks for as little as $200. 

However, larger spider web cracks and outright breaks cannot be repaired. If this is the case of your vehicle, the cost of car collision repair for your windshield can go as high as $1,000.

Smashed Bumper

Metal bumpers used to be the order of the day for cars. Sure, they were heavy and slowed down your car, you could trust them to hold up even after collisions. Today, most car bumpers are made from plastic. They look good, are lighter, but they crack easily. Even a “crash” at the speed of 1mph can break your bumper. 

In Toronto, if the damage is not too much, the cost of car collision repair for your bumper can be as low as $600. However, many new bumpers have sensor tech, grille elements and headlight washers. This makes the repair a more complex project. Severe damage to your bumper can cost you as high as $1,500 and beyond. 

Paint scratches and chips 

You don’t necessarily have to hit another car before you suffer a chip/ scratch on your vehicle’s paint job. Errant shopping baskets and carts, disgruntled individuals and children have been known to cause paint chips and scratches.

Unique paint job and luxurious finishes are usually more expensive to repair. A quick repair of a scratch can be as low as $100. However, it depends on the complexity associated with your car’s paint job and the extent of the scratches. Severe damage to your paint job caused by car collisions can cost you as much as $1,000. 


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Door dents and dings

Some dents and dings to your vehicle caused by car collisions can be repaired in an hour and do not even require finishing. Paintless dent repair as it is called has significantly brought down the cost of car collision repair in Toronto – at least where dents are concerned.

As long as the paint is not cracked and no parts break off, dents to the hood, doors and roof of your car can be fixed at inexpensive costs. You can get it done for between $100 – $200. 

These are just a few of the common faults associated with car collisions in Toronto. More extensive repairs caused by crashes will likely run into thousands of dollars. For the best quote, you are advised to seek the opinion of an auto repairer. 


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Other costs associated with car collisions 

The cost of repairing your vehicle’s body and internal parts are not the only factors that determine just how much you will spend on repairs. Other costs to consider include

Insurance deductibles

Most comprehensive insurance policies for cars have a deductible attached. This deductible is an amount that the vehicle owner has to pay before the insurance company pays up. The average deductible stands at about $500, but it can be higher for premium insurance policies.

Car rentals 

While your vehicle is in the auto shop, you are definitely going to need a way to move from place to place. Car rentals are the answer. However, they can cost as much as $50 to $150 every day. You have to put that into account. 

Insurance premiums 

Getting into a car collision can increase your insurance premiums as your liability increases. This can cost you a lot over time. However, most insurance companies will not increase the cost of your premiums if you were not at fault during the accident.


The cost of car collision repair in Toronto can be as low as $100. It all depends on the extent of damage to your vehicle. The best way to get an exact estimate of the cost of car collision repair is to take your car in for an evaluation. Get one today!