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Once you choose a professional window tinting in Vaughan, you take the first step in making your car stand out. However, you can accidentally mess up with the tinted window you invested in. 

Tint window bubbles are normal

Hazy Tint windows or bubbles may appear when you want to get window tint installed. Haze, streaks, or bubbles are usual during the curing process of window tinting in Vaughan. Bubbles occur as moisture is created between the film and the window; they can evaporate within a week. 

While tint window cures, it can protect your vehicle interior from UV rays, intruders, and shattering glass. Initially, waiting to let your car window tint cure would be best. The bubbles can go away as the curing process completes. However, you may need to heat the window tint and remove the bubbles.

Know what tint window is

A tinted window is a strong laminate treated in various ways to give your car a sleek look. Window tinting Vaughan improves aesthetic appeal and privacy and reduces heat amount, glare, or sunshine from entering your vehicle. 

What are the reasons for bubbles?
What are the reasons for bubbles?

There are a few causes for bubbles to appear in tinted windows; some of the common reasons are: 

Poor installation 

The primary reason for tint window bubbles is improper installation. If you install tint yourself, ensure it is appropriately adhered to the window glass. Take your time completing the process, as bubbles can appear if you don’t squeeze the window tint properly. We suggest installing a tint from Auto Boss, the best tint window in Vaughan.

Tint quality

Tint window quality also affects the final finishes; bubbles may appear if you use poor-quality tint. You may buy a low-quality film to save money, but it will not perform in the long run. It may get bubbles or cracks on the tint surface.

Environmental factors

Bubbles may appear on the window tint when cured incorrectly due to humidity and temperature. High-quality tints ensure damage-free and longer life.

Improper preparation before tint installation 

Bubbles can cause air pockets to be created in the tinted window if window glass has dirt and debris on it. Ensure thorough cleaning of your window surface before you apply window tinting. It would be best to vacuum the car area and interior to avoid contamination from windows.


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Environmental factors

Low-quality window tinting tends to bubble or crack because of the temperature. Car windows experience various temperatures from day to night. The temperature is low in the morning and evening but tends to be hot during the daytime. 

Hot sun affects low-quality window tints more quickly than higher quality. The film’s adhesive breaks down and may fail to conform to the glass curves. It can cause cracks, stretch, and bubbles.

Step by step removing of tint window bubbles 

Window tinting makes your car appear glamorous and sleek. However, sometimes tiny bubbles may appear in it. The question raised here is how to eliminate the tinted window bubbles. You can pop them out after heating them using soapy water. Here, I will guide you on why bubbles appear on window tint and how these bubbles can be removed. 

Tools required for air bubble removal process

Before jumping to the step-by-step guide to remove window bubbles, you need the following tools. 

Heating resource: A hair dryer or heat gun. Both are the best heating resources to remove bubbles from window tints.

Soapy solution: A solution of water and low-pH dishwashing soap.

Spray bottle: It would be best to have a spray bottle to pour and spray the soapy water on your glass windows.

Squeegee: Various types and shapes of squeegees available in the market can smoothen the window tinting film without damaging the surface around them.

Air release pen: You can pop up bubbles from tinted windows with a retractable pin. 

Steps to remove bubbles from the window tint
Steps to remove bubbles from the window tint

Mentioned below are some simple steps that you can use to remove air bubbles from the tinted window:

Step 1: Applying heat

Use a heat resource like a hair dryer or heat gun for the car tint. Heat makes the tinting film flexible, which is necessary for removing air bubbles developed when applying window tinting film. You can use a hairdryer if you don’t have a heat gun. Avoid holding the heat source closer to the tinting film because it may damage it. 

If the weather is cold, ensure plugging in the heater in your garage because the window glass can cool down, causing damage to the window tint. Once your window tint is heated up, start removing bubbles from it.

Pro-Tip: Avoid overheating the tint at any cost because it will damage or crack your film.

Step 2: Moisten the tint with soapy water

Prepare water and soap solution and apply it to your tint window. Spray this solution on the warm window tint. It will make the adhesive of the window tinting film flexible, making bubbles easy to remove.

Pro-Tip: Make the soap solution before heating the window tint. 

Step 3: Pop up the bubbles 

After heating and applying soapy water:

  1. Pop up the air bubbles with an air release pen, a pin, or a fine needle.
  2. Make a tiny hole in the middle of every bubble.
  3. Be gentle and have patience in removing air bubbles. 

Keep on spraying soapy solution on the window tint to keep the glass moist. Avoid making window tint soaking wet. Just moisten it.

Pro-Tip: Avoid using sharp or thick needles to pop up the bubbles, as they can scratch the glass window or tear the window film.

Step 4: Smoothen out air bubbles

After puncturing the bubbles, smoothen out the film with a squeegee. A credit or debit card is also a replacement for a squeegee. However, investing in proper tools is better. Hold the card at a 45-degree angle, start smoothening the film from the outer edge, press it firmly, then slide it towards the middle. 

Make smooth and long strokes without haste. Keep your tint window flexible during the process.

Pro-Tip: Avoid rushing in the process of smoothening out the tinting film

Tint window around me

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Removing air bubbles from tinted windows can be time-consuming and tedious. Still, you can prevent them from appearing in the film at first. You only have to follow the proper procedure, maintain tint quality, prepare the surface, and be vigilant in applying the window tinting films. If you need more patience, hiring a best-in-town window tinting specialist like Auto Boss is suggested.


Can you remove bubbles from the tinted window?

You can make the tinted window flexible to remove air bubbles from it. A heat gun or hair dryer can help remove air bubbles from your window tint.

How to remove bubbling window tint?

Heat your window tint to make it flexible and remove bubbles from it. 

Does the tinted window get lighter after drying?

The tinted window appears to be darker initially. However, when it dries and cures, it will lighten a bit.