Auto Tinting

Are you planning for auto window tinting? Window tinting is a great idea to change your car’s appearance and protect it from UV rays. The question is how to choose your vehicle’s best auto tinting percentage.

People usually opt for auto tinting for privacy and heat reduction. We suggest you learn the tips for choosing a tinting percentage for your car. While seeking window tinting, it is significant to understand the auto tinting percentage and options. Auto tinting offers may provide benefits to car owners. Besides privacy, it provides help to regulate heat and reduces and minimizes exposure to harmful UV rays.

Visible light transmission

VLT or visible light transmission is the quantity your car window lets into it. A VLT score indicates the light quantity rather than the light percent to black out.

Car window tinting percentage options

There is a wide variety of car window tinting percentages. It ranges from 5% to 90%. The visible light transmission percentage refers to the amount that enters through car windows.

The darker the window tint, is lower the percentage. A 50% auto tint is the best option if you don’t require complete darkness on your car windows. Tinting films block half of the sunlight from entering your car. It blocks heat and UV rays, reducing glare and eye strain. It makes driving safe.

Some of the common tinting percentages are


50% of the auto-tinting films effectively block heat and UV rays. It blocks 50% of sunshine, reducing eye strain and glare. It is a darker tint.


A 35% window tinting gives excessive darkness. It is easy to observe. It provides a sleek aesthetic and stylish look to the car.

20% or below

20% is the better choice if the tinting purpose is privacy. You will easily see through the car window. The tint percentages range between 15% to 20% of vehicles with factory window tinting. It protects you from casual onlookers and possible street criminals. These criminals feel it difficult to search for the valuables in the cars with 20% window tinting.

It is a darker shade of the window tints. 5% of the window tint is darkest. You will be unable to see through this percentage at all. In many regions, a 5% window tint is illegal. It is commonly installed as a window tint on limousines and private cars.

Tips for choosing the best window tinting percentage

The crucial factor is determining the legal tint percentage. Different laws have different percentages of auto tinting. If you don’t check for the tinting laws, you may get a fine from the traffic police. However, you must replace or remove it to satisfy your state’s laws.

Consider the car’s look

Remember! Car window tinting may change its look until you get higher percentage ratings. Your interior car environment feels different and cooler with auto tinting. The car exteriors boast a better aesthetic.

If you are concerned with your car windows’ darkness, remain safe.

Determine the reason for window tinting

Know the auto window tinting reason? Do you prefer complete privacy of your car and protect it from harmful UV rays?

The car window tinting percentage depends on the film you install. If you are concerned with harmful UV rays and don’t need darker windows, you may get a translucent film with no darkness that blocks 100% sun’s UV rays.

The film protects your car interior to look better and protects it from harmful rays. If you want to reduce the break-in risk, select the darker shade film.

If you alleviate light-induced migraines and comfortably drive, adopt these tinting windows.

Think about car appearance

Window tinting changes the car’s exterior and interior. It is true, especially when adopting a high percentage tint. Know which type of appearance you want in your car.

Pick a high-quality film

No matter the auto-tinting percentage you select, adopt a high-quality film. Buy a professional tinting film from a professional auto tinting provider.

Invest in professional-grade film and get it installed by an expert window tinting provider. It is a money-saving option in the long run. The quality film adds value to your car and keeps it looking beautiful.

Get auto tinting done professionally

You can install the car window tinting yourself, but we don’t recommend it. It requires expertise and training to ensure the films install completely.

If the bubbles appear in the film, the car will look older. It causes fading or color changes after a few months of installation.

Professional installation providers offer better quality and warranty. It will help decide the car’s tinting percentage, ensuring the auto tinting state laws.

Know your region’s auto tinting laws

Auto tinting laws are separate for separate regions. In some regions, you can go to the passenger front side window tinting up to 50%.

Knowing these laws is important before selecting the window tinting percentage. For example, the front-side window tinting laws are different in different regions. Failure to adhere to legal window tint will result in law violations and heavy penalties.

Get a professional auto tinting provider

The window tint laws are complex, and you will require professional help to decide the right percentage for your car.

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Which percentage of window tinting is right for your car?

Are you searching for the right window tinting percentage? You can consider many things, block UV rays to get privacy or protection.

The better tinting percentage for your car is to satisfy the purpose of car window tinting.

Which tint level is the best?

An auto tinting of 50% protects heat and UV rays effectively. Window tints block half of the sunlight, reducing eye strain and glare. The best window tinting level for protecting your car interior and giving it a sleek look is 35%. It provides a darker appearance and doesn’t affect visibility.

Is 20% or 35% tint darker?

Although 20% is a darker tint percentage, it provides a stylish look to your car while weighing the driver’s safety, passengers or pedestrians. However, 35% of the auto-tinting film is a better choice. It protects your vehicle’s interior.

Which tinting color is better for night driving?

Yellow! Yes, yellow is the best tinting color for night driving. It filters the dispersed blue tones from oncoming traffic lights and headlights.

Is grey or brown tint color better?

Transition brown lenses enhance visual acuity and contrast. These films are best for fishing, golfing, or enhancement glasses.