Auto Tinting

Are you choosing to install auto tinting and searching for the right installer? The car window tinting helps provide your car with a sleek and beautiful look. It protects the vehicle’s interior from UV rays and harmful reflections that may affect your eyes. Auto Boss Vaughan provides the best car window tint installation to give your car perfect finishes.

The main point in choosing the right window tint installer is that it is a good investment when a window tint is installed, so we should find a reliable tint installer. In Toronto, there are a few window tint installer companies. Are you choosing the best window tint installer in Toronto? Check these tips as a reference.

Choosing the right tint installer

States License and state laws

Make sure the installer you choose is insured and licensed for the state. In many companies, the license number is at the bottom of the page. For example, the state of California has a special designation for window tint-installation contractors.

They must know about state laws because every state has its own unique laws for car window tinting.

Reviews and references

Another important thing before choosing a company to install window tint for you are the reviews of the people who used their service, so every customer should check the reviews for the companies. Some examples of real reviews are :

1)” The installers were on time and did the work completely”.

2)” They were amazing, everyone like the salesman and the installers. They all were outstanding”.

3)” They were friendly, very professional and did work on time and did it clean.”

Reviews and references are unpaid, sophisticated advertisements that are more reliable than paid ads. Ask your family or friends, or people in your surroundings to get honest reviews. Ask for reviews from past customers. You can ask questions regarding services for their reviews.


Another thing is that if you choose a window tint installer company, you should make sure to check the Como experience of the company because an experienced tint installer can figure out what type of tint should suit what type of windows and because each location has a different variety of windows.

Find how old the company is because if a tint company is old, customers like and appreciate their work. Many individuals choose the cheaper tint installer, but they sometimes compromise on tint quality.

AutoBossVaughan has vast experience in this field. Some tint-making companies have different sizes and warranties. Remember! Check for the experience and quality. It is hectic if you know which company provides the best experience.

Industry Knowledge

Choose a company which knows everything they can tell you about their facilities in no time. Your estimator should tell you every tint and their prices and be very patient and friendly.

Working schedule

Get -a planned schedule for the work so that you understand all the information and you expect the result so you can be more confident in selecting the right window tint installer.

Past samples 

Take samples of work done and ensure you get the best experience in society, like asking the company to give them pictures and samples of their work so you can decide the best.

Check the warranty

Check the warranty of the auto tint because you are paying a good amount. Get an auto warranty because, without a warranty, you can get a major loss.


If you are in a big shop, there must be huge varieties of tint so you can choose which one suits your window or door and buy it according to your pocket.

Price estimate

Ask for the price estimate, and choose the best one with a larger number working in this field but sometimes offering low prices.


Choose the best option for you, like some companies send experts to tint your house, and visit the nearest branch and tint your windows for your acceptance. If trying to block UV rays, install a translucent film with almost 50% or an increased tint percentage. And for complete protection, install darker tint percentages to avoid headaches.

The best type of tinting is ceramic tinting for the best performance. These tints block 99 % of UV rays and give super protection from sunlight. Carbon tint is mainly the choice of hot, sunny states because it contains carbon particles, making it darker than other tints and repels Sun rays very superiorly. We should also choose tint according to our state’s law because if your tint percentage is lower than your state’s law, you could get in trouble. Look at other cars and ask for samples to choose which one looks best on your car.

By Investing in new, energy-efficient windows, you are committing time to decrease your energy cost and allow fewer UV rays to enter your car. Try to install high-quality tint because high-quality tint will keep your car cool in hot weather and guarantee comfort during the year.