Car wrap colors

Vehicles are more than a mode of transportation; however, they show your personality. If you are cheerful, you may choose bold colors; however, choosing gray or black colors also adds worth to your car. Car wrap colors are available in different types. The prices of the vinyl film also change depending on their finishes. 

Famous vehicle wrap colors
Famous vehicle wrap colors

The most famous vinyl wrap colors include: 

  • Gloss
  • Gloss
  • Metallic
  • Matte
  • Matte
  • Metallic 
  • Satin 
  • SuperGloss 
  • Texture 
  • Special
  • effects
  • Chrome

Let’s discuss these colors in detail:


Gloss wraps are the most common vinyl wrap and can be available in any shade, starting from green to orange and any color in between them. It makes the car shine and reflect light. However, you can smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles that appear on the vinyl surface with a heat gun. These wraps are smooth in texture and provide a lustrous, classic finish with shine nearest to the paintwork. Gloss wrap is available in different shades, including. 

Gloss aluminum: It is available in a plastic or paper liner that is designed for stability and easy repositioning, and it is perfect for a complete vehicle wrap.

Gloss Metallic wrap: It contains metal flakes that make it highly reflective. It gives an extraordinary, super-shiny look at your car.

Gloss Chameleon and holographic vinyl wrap: It is a multi-layered cast film that changes colors when exposed to light.

Gloss vinyl wrap is popular because it is multi-layered, waterproof, durable, and provides you with superior finishes.

Matte car wrap 

Matte wraps absorb light and provide a pure matte finish to your car surface. It suits those who want to give their car an impressive look. Matte wraps are available in many colors and are ideal for partial or complete wrapping. It is also available in solid colors like battleship gray, olive, pearl white, black and military green. 

Matte Metallic car wrap  

It has tiny particles of metal that don’t shine but reflect maximum light. You can have a lot of personalization options with these wraps.


Satin or sateen finish wraps are available in almost every color of the color chart; they provide your vehicle with a non-gloss, exquisite look. These wraps are suitable for any surface, including bikes, quads, boats, or other surfaces. It is also available in textures. 

Super Gloss 

These vinyl wraps have extra shine and are available in gloss HD colors. It is easy to install and remove and has a plastic liner that improves its brightness as it reflects more light. It is simple and easy to maintain.

Texture color wraps 

It comes in a rough texture and doesn’t have a smooth touch. Texture color wraps are available in carbon fiber, brushed and velvet finishes. A combination of textures not only provides paint protection but can give your car a customized look.

Special effects in car wraps 

A car wrap is available in unique styling and color-shifting options. They have color-shifting, glittering, or chameleon effects. Unique vinyl wrap is available in any finish from gloss, carbon, matte or multiple colors. It means you can have purple and blue shades in light on your car simultaneously because of the color-shifting quality of the vinyl.

Chrome wraps 

Chrome vinyl wrap is a reflective wrapping option with a unique brand range, finishes and colors. These wraps can reflect light and shine. Chrome wraps are usually used to wrap wheels, mirrors and grills, but you can use them on any part of your car; the material used in these wraps has been laminated with gold foil or metallic silver-like material. It is a multi-layered, durable wrap that can be applied on any vehicle surface. There are three different types of chrome wraps. 

Mirror Chrome: It has a super shiny appearance because it is highly reflective, like a mirror. It is available in any color.

Opal chrome: It is a muted version with stunning, smooth and vibrant shades. It provides luxurious looks

that are sophisticated as well as glamorous.

Satin Chrome: It makes the car look similar to a vehicle wrapped in silk. Although it is not too shiny, it is

not dull, like matte wraps. It adds style and glamor to your car. 

Although chrome wrap is more expensive than other car wraps because of its material and application process; it can be applied anywhere on your car, including complex and curved parts.

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Enhance your car appearance with professionals

Enhance your car appearance with professionals

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Vinyl wrap colors are available in different types ranging from gloss, matte, gloss or matte metallic, texture, SuperGloss, Special effects and chrome. Besides your choice, some colors are becoming popular nowadays; some are classic and neutral, such as white, gray, silver and black. However, suppose you don’t like traditional colors, you can have any bright and bold color, such as shades of blue, green, red and yellow. You can get their tones in matte, glossy or a blend of metallic with gloss or matte. 


Which car wrap colors are popular nowadays? 

3M 2080 G12 is one of the most famous cars wrap color  

What car wrap color should I get?

There are a series of bright, bold and eye-catching colors that make your car appear beautiful. Unique color choices help you stand out from the crowd.

Can I wrap my car in any color?

Yes! Car wraps are available in many colors, effects and finishes. You can have any

color, pattern or design of vinyl on your car.