Vinyl Wrap vs Plasti Dip

If you’ve recently purchased a new car, desire to revamp your old vehicle’s appearance, or simply wish to protect the original paint job, you must decide between a vinyl wrap and a plastic dip. They both give you a chance to safeguard the original look of your car. 

What Is a Vinyl Wrap?

The most popular option among people today is vinyl wrapping to customize the exterior of their vehicles for its low cost and professional finishing. It also gives freedom to the customers to convert their ordinary vehicles into dream cars.

Vinyl wrap usually helps cover your car and give it a distinct look in the town. It can help you to personalize your wheels. 

The vinyl sheets can be cut, bent, and stretched easily with adhesive on one side, making installation nearly unproblematic as no additional material is involved. All you need is the appropriate tool and a comprehensive understanding of how to use it. Patience is the key instrument involved in vinyl wrapping. Or the most simple and easy is to find a professional who can wrap your car at better rates.

What Is Plasti-Dip?


A specialized and most modern formula specially designed for automobiles is known as a plastic dip. It is a special rubber coating for your vehicle, which is packed by the gallon in buckets and can be installed by a simple spray gun on the cars. Plasti dip is a non slippery, air-dry rubber coating that is durable, flexible, and, most importantly, peelable. Plasti dip offers an ample range of coating solutions, from domestic products to industrial equipment and automobiles. 

Painting your car with a hand spray is very difficult. It can cause any injury while spraying your car, so the developers have designed Plasti dip for an automobile that can be sprayed with a simple paint spray gun. The coating can be dried in the air.

What is the Cost Difference Between a Wrap and Plasti Dip? Plasti dip is cheaper than Vinyl wrap. You only need a paint spray gun; after a small practice. You can do it yourself. But in the case of vinyl wrap, you need a professional for flawless wrap installation to your car.

Suppose you prefer a vinyl wrap by a legitimate shop with professional finishing for your car. You need to have 100 bucks for the material of the plastic dip.


An expert can only install flawless car vinyl wrap. As it is difficult to manage huge vinyl sheets for unprofessional bending, cutting, and starching is also tough and technical work. So it is more convenient to take your car to a professional to give your car vinyl a good and flawless look. At the same time, plasti dip allows you to do it by yourself and save a lot of money. You only need a hose, spray gun, and tape to cover the windows and lights.


It would help if you wore numerous coats to get a good look. The plastic dip is air dry, so one must wait until the first coat gets 100 percent dry. We can say that plasti dip is a time taking and tiresome job. In comparison, the installation of vinyl wrap is upright. Once it is installed, that is it. You don’t need to wait for anything.


A time comes when you get fed up with the look of your vehicle or the covering, whether it’s Vinyl or plasti dip, gets damaged. You are making it a must for you to remove them. In the case of a vinyl wrap, detaching is more manageable and easy as it comes off in a whole sheet when you peel it. But the case of plasti dip is a bit complicated as while peeling, its sticking is possible, and specially designed equipment is required to remove residue.



Vinyl car wraps are about ten years long if cared for properly. Foreign factors such as ultraviolet rays of the sun, bird droppings, or other external factors do not affect vinyl car wrap. Whereas in the case of plasti dip, it is not as strong and long-lasting. The maximum age of plasti dip is two to three years. You need to wash your car properly in case of any foreign dropping. If you want the same matte look of your car, you need to spend money on exterior maintenance. 


The plastic dip does not have as many options as vinyl wrap offers to soothe you aesthetically. There are only a few colors that give you a matte look compared to vinyl wrap, which offers endless options in colors, style, graphics, and finishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Vinyl Wrap


  • It is cost-effective.
  • Durable that lasts longer if cared for properly.
  • Offer Diversity in colors, design, and themes.
  • Have a chance to get your car’s original color by simply removing the vinyl wrap.
  • Increases the resale value as the brand-new look of the car can be revived by removing Vinyl.
  • The Vinyl looks like the original color of the car.
  • The uniqueness that can not be produced by paintwork
  • Car vinyl wraps can be many styles are unique as they cannot be reproduced by paint


  • Decolored if exposed to foreign elements for a long time.
  • Have to follow legal procedures before vinyl wrap installation on your vehicle.
  • The low-cost vinyl wrap might have low quality.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Plasti Dip


  • Cheaper than vinyl wrap.
  • A self-done job that can resist high temperatures.
  • It gives you seamless coverage.


  • The shorter life span is about 2 to three years.
  • Offers a limited choice of colors.
  • Not durable as compared to professional paint.

The Verdict

According to experts, Vinyl has a superior hold level over plasti dip, but when there is a question of money, Plasti dip beats vinyl wrap.

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