Vinyl Wrap vs Paint

If you want to change your car’s appearance, you must choose between wrapping or painting it. Both options create a new appearance for your car. There are several differences between them.

Complete car wrap offers fewer benefits over the painting, fewer costs, greater protection, better quality,y, and other design options. These benefits make car wraps ideal for fleet managers and car owners, especially those who want to save money while designing their car’s appearance.

Reasons to select car vinyl wrap over car paint.

What are the car vinyl wraps?

Car vinyl wraps are large graphics or decals. These are designed to upgrade the car’s exterior. They can resemble paint or appear in specialty graphics.

Imaging companies use customized colors, graphics, and designs on car wraps. They create adhesive designs on these wraps to make your car more attractive and feasible for advertising.

Why do you prefer vinyl wrap over car paint?

Before considering vinyl wrap over car paint, consider the pros and cons. In some cases, vinyl wraps are better than paints, including durability, quality, costs, and installation charges than paints. 

You can select car vinyl wrap over paint due to the following reason.

Better Quality

Qualities of both wraps and paint may vary according to your choice. Usually, car vinyl wrap offers better quality than paints. Poor-quality paints may look better. In the long run, they crack, fade, and scratch.

Even better-quality paints may damage earlier than wraps. Paint jobs offer less protection against sun exposure, weather, and road hazards.

A quality vinyl car wrap keeps your car looking better than paint. An experienced wrap provider creates car vinyl wraps from durable, long-lasting materials that protect your car’s appearance. They don’t fade. Hence you may get quality protection and appearance. They also increase your resale cost. 


Besides choosing better quality wraps, you don’t want to spend thousands. Wrap-producing companies offer high-quality wraps at affordable prices. Since car paint requires nearly double the cost of professional car vinyl wrap;

Car paints require proper maintenance, leading to higher costs. At the same time, car vinyl wrap maintenance is easier and saves money in the long run. 

Better design options

Quality car vinyl wraps beat paint in design option. A new car has many colour options but no texture. You will require car vinyl wrap for texture and customization. Vinyl wrap appears in many options, including holographic effects. Car paint cannot manage these options, especially graphics and logos. 

Hence, you will get thousands of design options in less amount. 

Increase in resale value 

When you want to sell your car, quality vinyl wraps help you maintain its value. Paint cannot protect your car like this. It can get chipped or scratched when you drive your car. Secondly, sun exposure or weather elements cause paint to fade and wear down. Damaged car paint reduces its resale value. 

High-quality car wrap retains your car’s original paint and is a protective layer. Once you plan to sell yourself, the buyer will check your car’s paint at first sight. Wrapping your car helps you in getting your original paint faster.

Faster installation

Paint requires much time, even weeks, to complete, whereas car wrapping installation is faster. It completes within 48 hours. When you prefer to get car paint, the company checks your schedule, paints your car, and waits for it to dry. The period for paint drying may be inconvenient for both companies and individuals. 

A graphic company prints your desired wraps within a few hours. After printing, they install the wrap on your car. The whole process takes less than seven days. Some vinyl wraps may take only one day to get installed. 


High-quality paints can last a few years, but cheap paints start wearing, chipping, or fading within two years. You may require another coat of paint even after minor fading. Even the best paints are susceptible to damage from inclement weather, scratches, environmental harm, rocks, and minor fading.

Quality vinyl wraps in Vaughan may last up to seven years. They provide more protection from environmental damage or rock scratches.

You can also select UV-resistant vinyl wrap to keep the colors sharp and maintain your vehicle’s color for years. 

Design and color swapping.

While changing the car’s appearance, vinyl wraps have a high edge. Because if you repaint your car, you have to paint your car completely. But you can use wraps in patches, creating patterns and special effects on your car paint. You can swap between colors, designs even complete wrap to update your style or brand. It consumes less time than painting your vehicle.

You can peel off your old wrap and apply a new one. Wraps can facilitate colors, effects, and finishes that paint cannot. 

Maintenance is simple

Car vinyl wrap requires less maintenance than paint. Car owners are required to wax their cars to protect their car paint. They require washing regularly to prevent contaminants. Suppose you don’t wash your car exterior, contaminants such as microparticles and pollutants. These microparticles can create a paint to corrode. You will require reapplying protective coats and regular washing to maintain it. It requires time and cost. 

Car vinyl wraps are an attractive and suitable alternative to paint. It doesn’t need intensive maintenance. Wraps don’t have pores that may allow contaminants to enter your vinyl. Washing it is also easy. If you are a fleet operator, save money and labor to maintain your paint.

Safe and easy removal 

It is difficult to remove your car paint. You require removing a coat on car paint via the sanding device. You have to pay for chemical and mechanical paint removal. Mechanical removal damages your car, whereas manual removal is a tough job. 

At the same time, vinyl wrap removal is an easy and short process. The process of wrap removal requires heating, peeling it by hand then using remover. It never damages the car paint underneath it. 

Paint protection 

Wrapping your car helps to protect car paint. Your car paint is safe regardless of weather conditions, road danger, or environmental hazards. 


As discussed above, car vinyl wrap has more benefits than repainting your car. You require professionals to install the vinyl wrap, so what are you waiting for? Contact us now!