If you plan to use window tints in your home you should know that professionals take 3 to 4 dollars according to the rate of per square ft. If you are doing it yourself then you should know the instruments that are needed, which are a spray bottle, a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, and a utility knife. When you hire a professional window tinting company you should be sure that your windows film is best and secure but if you work yourself it would be a risky method. There are different types of window films and every type has different jobs. If you use solar window films then it will Maintain room safety and security window films are used in building and work as a bullet defender. Privacy window films are used in police cars to perform search operations. 

Disadvantages of window film installation

A professional window tints are better than DIY window tints because of the following reasons:

Often Illegal

In those areas where they are highly secured, those communities don’t allow to apply black window tints but if anyone uses a professional it will follow the regulation by not applying darker window films. They will apply light darker tints. The reason is that when police come to check your car he can’t recognize who’s in the car.  Which makes it difficult for them. Darker films are illegal because they can increase the  risk of an accident. Driver can’t make eye contact with pedestrians near the vehicle.  He can’t see the vehicle from the side mirrors. There are some rules for driving a vehicle in which holding the seat belt, No use of mobile phone, Non discussion during travel, No eating during travel and attentive driving is included. If we use darker window films then how will police Challan us if we break the rules. The rules of window films are different from province to province and country to country. If you want to go to another province then you have to face issues.  

Only Third Quality 

If you are applying window tints officially for the first time then you should know that you have to check the quality of window tints. If you order the product online then you can fail to check the quality. If you are buying from a shop then you have no experience to determine the quality. Which directly decreases the lifetime of tints. Third quality window tints quickly start bubbling and peeling after little drops of water. Window Tints of cheap quality fade quickly when rays of sun fall on it. As a result It fails to maintain indoor temperature. Buying Window Tints from unauthorized companions always gives blurred images. You can recognize the shape outside but you can’t identify what type of object is in front of you. A tree or man. A car or House. Blurred images can’t tell it is day or night outside. 

Advantages of Professional window Films

Beside DIY install, here are some professional window tinting companies that can help you in finest finishes.

Legal Service

If you hire a professional company for windows tinting then it will follow the regulation of window tinting. That keeps away from you being fined. Let us discuss all those rules that professionals apply. Window Tickets are applied on those drivers that cross the limits of legal tint levels. Legal Tint levels are different in every state. But Globally if you are caught the first time then 25$ charged on you and ordered to reduce your tint level. If you don’t then it will be charged an illegal window ticket which is 100$. You can also be charged 200$ for increasing the tint level. The police can sue you if you did not reduce the level. Then from 25$ you have to pay additional court processing fees, tint removal verification fees, and late fees. Window Tints Rules say that if your window tints allow less than 75% light to enter in the car then you will be charged. Police will say that this car does follow rules. They will give you a citation. Your car should not be a one way glass mirror if you want to drive. If you want to know that your vehicle is verified by law then you should contact DMV(Department of Motor vehicle office). 

Effective Tints

The major benefit of hiring professionals is that we get high quality window tints. There are different types of effective window tints which are Carbon, Ceramic, Crystalline , Dyed, Hybrid and Metallized. For Example if we used metallized tint then it will give us benefits. Metallized tints are like dyed tints that control the indoor temperature. It is named as metallized because it is made from tiny metallized particles that makes it shiny and reflective. 

Lifetime of Window Tinting

The factors of lifetime window tinting depend upon the process of installation, material, Care and Maintenance and Replacement. If you try to install manually then it will hardly cover a short period less than 5 years and it will fade and be scratched. But if you fix it professionally it will increase its life span.Worst Climate such as UV rays , rainstorm and thunderstorms affect tints but we can’t hold climate we can at least use high quality window films so that it can increase life span. To increase its warranty we have to care for it. For cleaning it never uses ammonia based window cleaners. Always give your vehicle to that person that has experience cleaning windows. Professional window tints have 5 years life after that you should replace it. When you see that sharp lines such as scratches fall in it then it is a sign of replacement. When you see that the color of tint is changed for example from black to red or brown then you should replace it. When your tint can’t block uv rays and it warms the seats and mirrors of your car then you should quickly change it because it can cause a fire explosion.


Although installing window tinting by yourself can be a cost saving idea, it may not provide you with the finest finishes. 

It can also be a time consuming idea. If you need fine finishes for the window tinting, ask Auto Boss Vaughan experts for your help.