Vinyl Wrap Maintenance

Wrapping your Vehicle wraps doesn’t mean that you have installed the vinyl wrap, and not forget your can and all about its care and maintenance. Your vehicle’s car wrap requires regular attention to maintain a fresh and polished appearance for your car. While cleaning your car, it is important to adopt the right procedure, which gives you a guarantee that it will not hurt your Vinyl as it does not chip, fade or pee.

Your car is your valuable venture, and making a decision to install a vinyl car wrap is the next step to preserve the high notch of your car. Before just jumping into the do’s and don’ts of a car, we need to have a little know-how about the vinyl wrap and its types. 

What is a vinyl car wrap?

Vinyl is a film that adheres to your car’s body and works like an extra protective layer. A vinyl car wrap is actually a thin, flexible one that can be installed on any is designed to safeguard the original paintwork of the car underneath from fading, scratching and other expected damages on the road. It also provides an extra protective layer from ultraviolet rays, rain, snow or other chemical touch.

Types of vinyl car wrap

1. Matte vinyl car wrap:

Matte vinyl car wrap is non-reflective because of its dull finish. Giving your car a look of sophistication along with elegance. Give the same protective layer to your car, which can preserve the original color as well as the resale value of your car.

2. Gloss vinyl car wrap:

Gloss vinyl car wrap is, in fact, the most popular type of vinyl car wrap giving your car a glossy and smooth look. It gives your car a luxurious and eye-catching view which makes your car possible to stand out from the crowd. As a protective layer, it will protect your car from scratches and UV rays.

3. Chrome vinyl car wrap:

Chrome vinyl gives your car a metallic, unique, and eye-catching look. A little bit more expensive than all other types of Vinyl, and it may not be as durable as all the other vinyl wraps.

Vinyl Car Wrap Maintenance: Dos

Clean it with a soft cloth:

Remember to clean your vehicle with a soft and clean cloth in order to remove dirt and grime. There is a big no for hard or hard scrubbing as it will damage the Vinyl. The best suggested cloth is microfiber cloth to clean your car vinyl wrap.

Use a vinyl-specific cleaner:

As we all know that vinyl wraps are flimsy, so it is important to use a Vinyl friendly cleaner while cleaning your vehicle. Vinyl-friendly cleaners are designed to be used on Vinyl with the fear of damaging it. These cleaners are developed with a balanced ph which makes you carefree from discoloration.

Protect it from UV radiation:

Ultra violet rays of the sum are the strongest enemies of the vinyl car wrap as they fad the shades of the wrap, and sun rays cause discoloration, fading and sometimes cracking over time. We bring an expert who suggests you use a UV protector.

Use wax or sealant:

A nice quality vinyl wax is recommended to use as Vinyl can only protect from abrasions and scratches but not the elements. We bring experts who suggest you use a vinyl-specific wax or sealant to safeguard your vinyl wraps.

Wash it every two weeks:

Vinyl car wrap has a delicate nature, so it must be washed regularly to maintain its best look. We, as professionals, recommend a nice car wash after every two weeks to maintain its bright look using a Vinyl specific car wash and a soft cloth, preferably a new microfiber cloth.

Vinyl Car Wrap Maintenance: Don’t’s

Don’t use harsh chemicals: 

As we know that vinyl wrap has a delicate nature, so it is important to avoid the use of harsh chemicals while washing or polishing as they may damage the Vinyl and cause discoloration and cracks on the vinyl wrap. Do not use regular car wash liquid to wash a vinyl-wrapped car, as it can cause irreversible damage.

Don’t use household cleaners:

There is a big no to household cleaners like window, floor or multi-purpose cleaners to be used on a vinyl-wrapped car as they are not safe for Vinyl, and they can fade the color and create cracks on the surface of Vinyl. The best is to avoid these products altogether to maintain the goodness of Vinyl.

Don’t use abrasive materials:

The fundamental point in the care of a vinyl-wrapped car is never to use any abrasive material on your car vinyl. As it can cause scratch and scuff the Vinyl, leaving it worn and damaged. Scouring pads, rough cloths, steel wool and other material should be avoided or get ready for irreparable damage.

Don’t use a pressure washer:

We think that pressure car washers are the best tool for cleaning cars. They must be avoided on Vinyl wrapped cars as huge pressure on the washers can cause your car vinyl to stretch or tear, leading to expensive damage.

If you think that your Vinyl wrapped car needs a deep clean, go for a vinyl-specific cleaner and soft cloth (microfiber) instead. This will ensure a nice cleaning service of our car without any damage.

Don’t forget the edges:

Ultimately, it is crucial to remember the importance of the edges of vinyl wraps. The edges of vinyl wraps are vulnerable to dirt and debris, so give them an extra scrub using a vinyl-specific cleaner and soft cloth.

Don’t let it sit in the sun:

Always try to keep Vinyl wrapped vehicles away from direct sunlight as much as possible. As sunlight can fade its color and crack the surface 

Don’t leave it outside:

Finally, try your best not to park your Vinyl wrapped vehicle outside when it is not in use. This will increase the lifetime of the Vinyl.  


If you want to increase the Vinyl wrap life, take care of it. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy the best condition of your Vinyl wrap for a long time.


How often should Vinyl wraps be waxed?

A: It is suggested that vinyl-wrapped vehicles should be waxed professionally on an annual basis if you’re washing them regularly. This with increasing their on-road life

Can car wash damage vinyl wraps?

A: Vinyl wraps are delicate and fragile. Traditional car washes can easily cause damage to them. Regular car wash soaps and liquids can cause discoloration and cracking. It is suggested to find out vinyl wrap professional washers to wash your car and make you carefree.

How to remove dirt and debris from vinyl wraps?

A: Using a vinyl-specific cleaner and a soft, preferably new, microfiber cloth is the ideal method for removing dirt and debris from vinyl wraps.

Is ceramic coating safe for vinyl wraps?

A: Yes! Ceramic coating is safe for vinyl wraps