cost to paint a car

Are you thinking of changing your vehicle’s appearance? There are two options to change your vehicle’s appearance: car paint or vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wraps are considered an expensive option. Now, they are affordable and can be installed at the price of paint. You must check several benefits to answer the question, “Is the cost to paint a car higher in Canada”. Some factors are

Car Paint option

There are two forms of car paint

Single paint: Single paint is without a clear coat layer.

Multi-Stage paint: It includes a separate clearcoat and a basecoat.

The cost to paint a car also depends on factors like the nature of the paint and its finishes.


Urethane paint is long-lasting and a bit expensive but harder to apply. You may require proper installation professionals to install it. Urethane paint is available in single as well as multi-stage varieties.


Acrylic paint is durable, easy to apply and cheaper. Its life span is less than other forms of paint. You can have options of a mixture of urethane and acrylic, a long lifespan, and no legal implications for applying.

Car paint finishes

Paint finishes describe the car’s appearance, such as


Glossy or solid finishes are the cheapest and the basic form of paint finishes. It’s like normal vehicle paint.


Metallic paint is a mixture of tiny metallic fragments. It creates extra shine on the exterior. It is harder to repair when it gets scratched. It is an expensive option.


It is better than a metallic one as the ceramic fragments are mixed.


Matte finishes are popular as well as interesting. Vehicle manufacturers also offer vehicles with matte finishes.

Car vinyl wrap options

Matte. It Is not a reflective flat finish provider wrap that brings aesthetics to your car.

Usually, celebrated use Authorities professionals use it for promotion.

Gloss: A gloss wrap provides a sleek look like regular glass paint. The vinyl application and maintenance are easier. You can install it yourself.

Satin: It is a mixture of both matte and gloss vinyl wraps. It provides a unique metallic appearance to your car.

Carbon Fiber: A wrap made from carbon fiber is designed to match car parts, roofs, hoods or mirrors.

Textured: A textured car vinyl wrap offers a unique and attractive color contrast between different car sections.

Besides these types of wraps, some can be considered as per their finishes.

Comparing paint and vinyl wraps

Repainting and vinyl wraps are the common method for changing the car or vehicle’s appearance. Although they are effective, it depends on the personal choices and requirements of the business advertising.

Complexity and customization

Regarding your vehicle paint, the final prices depend on customization and design complexity. Simple paint jobs are far more expensive. However, vinyl wraps are cheaper and easier to customize. You can get prints of images, logos or designs on your vinyl.

However, paint job prices differ according to the difference in designing and embossing pictures.

vinyl wrap comes with more finishing options. A car paint can’t match vinyl prints

Removal and installation

Suppose you plan to change your fleet’s appearance because of rebranding and personal preferences. You need to remove your paint to repaint it. Paint is costly because you can’t remove it; you will require a company to remove it. It also requires multiple coats. Each paint coating needs time to dry, making repainting your car not only an expensive but time-consuming option.

You need to clean or wash your vehicle for the wrapping. If your car is already wrapped, you can remove the wrap easily. Removing vinyl wrap is not expensive; you can remove it yourself. You don’t need to remove paint before applying vinyl wrap. Auto Boss Vaughan offers you cost-effective car detailing, wrap removing and wrap installing services.

Durability and maintenance

Paint durability widely depends on paint quality and its application. Paint sticks to the car surface and requires regular maintenance, like proper wash and waxing, at the same time. Vinyl wraps require occasional car wash. You also don’t need to visit an automatic car wash; you can wash it with a car shampoo and wet cloth. Wrap also protect your car’s existing paint from chips and scratches.

If you need clarification on car wrapping or painting, vinyl wrapping is simple to maintain and remove at less cost. Contact Auto Boss Vaughan to learn more about the vinyl options, detailing options, and more.

The cost of painting a car is more than vinyl wrapping.

The overall car appearance finishes vary depending on the amount you can pay. In both painting and wrapping, the results are great. However, vinyl wrapping is the best option if you are searching for affordable options without compromising on the quality and car appearance finishes.

Complete vehicle paint ranges from $3000 to $5000. It depends on paint type, coats and application methods.


Car painting and vinyl wrapping both come in different prices. You can opt any one among them as per your choice.


What is the average cost to paint a car?

Applying a vinyl wrap costs between $1500 to $3500. However, the wrap costs change depending on your car size, wrap material and more.

However, the cost to paint a car range from $1500 to $3000

Is paint more costly than vinyl wrap?

Paint, especially when it is an advertisement, is far more expensive than vinyl wrapping. However, in some states, paint is cheaper than vinyl wrap.

Is paint better or vinyl wrap?

Car vinyl wraps last more than five years, while high-quality car paint lasts decades. However, you don’t have to wax your vinyl wrap. An automated car wash secures your car paintwork because it uses a power washer or brushes to tear the vinyl.

Is it cheap to re-spray a car?

It is cheaper to wrap than respray your car.

Is the paintwork time-consuming, or is it a vinyl wrap?

Technically, it takes a few days to wrap your car. However, you require a week minimum for a complete repainting.