Vinyl wrap Removal

Vinyl car wraps remain in good condition for years. If you take good care of your car, it may take years to damage. A vinyl wrap is the greatest way to change your car’s appearance temporarily. If you are a small business, using vinyl wrap for advertising is a great idea.

How long can vinyl wrap last?

The life of a vinyl wrap is almost seven years, depending on the level of care, weather, and parking place. If the wrap of your car or fleet starts weathering with lifted edges, you must remove it or change it. However, if you leave the wrap unattended or unchanged, it will be harder to remove.

Removing car vinyl wraps

Removing a car vinyl wrap is easy. You can remove your vehicle’s wrap by yourself with simple tools.

DIY steps of car vinyl removal

General tips and information regarding car vinyl removal are.

In this article, information regarding car vinyl removal will be provided.

Step 1: Heat, Heat, heat

Read the specifications that come with vinyl wrap and heat it accordingly. Use a heat gun or other heating source. Keep the heat gun in one spot for a short time. Keeping the heat gun on one spot may create a bubble or start burning. Hence, it can damage the underneath paint.


Heat gun: It is required to remove vinyl

Step 2: Start removing vinyl from one corner.

Peel an edge or corner of the vinyl film. Gently pull it at a 45-degree angle. Ensure the film must not break or tear apart. Don’t pull it hard because harshly pulling it may leave the residue behind. The residue is difficult to clean up. If you want to remove the harder parts of vinyl, start removing it from the bumper.

If primer is used during car vinyl wrap installation, it makes it difficult to remove. You may require plastic razor blades to remove the residue adhesive left behind.

Step 3. Remain consistent

Keep up with the angle, pressure and speed consistent from the start of the peeling process to the end. You may require an extra car around the contoured areas.

Step 4: Use vinyl wrap removal

While removing car vinyl wrap, it is possible that some adhesive residue is left over. Using a solvent that will help the vinyl film in breaking down. You can check the wrap-producing company to find the best solvents that better suit your car.

Material and Tools to be used by vinyl removal.

Crytaltek 10-4 Biodegradable vinyl remover

Wipe the solvent over the car body, wait a bit, and peel it off in one go.

Rapid remover:

You can use this remover to break down the adhesive. Let the remover soak into the adhesive. Then gently scrap it.

Power tools

You can use a power strip eliminator rather than a heat gun to remove the vinyl wrap.

Use plastic implement

Use a plastic implement to approach beneath the vinyl wrap edges. Highly abrasive tools such as screwdrivers or sanders are not advisable as they can damage your car paint.

Don’t worry about the adhesive residue; you can remove it by polishing it after the vinyl removal.

Step 5. New Design

Now you can plan for the next step, which is a new design. Give special attention to brand visibility and legibility.

Don’ts of car vinyl removing

We suggest not removing car vinyl wrap when it is cold. It is in direct sunlight or other weather conditions. These weather conditions may increase complications.

Don’t Park your car in a shaded area or garage to protect it from acidic pollutants. Don’t leave your car in extreme sun rays as it may also affect the process.


In a nutshell, the car vinyl wrap removal process needs patience, elbow grease and the right tools. If you remove it by yourself, the chances are there that residue traces may remain on it. We suggest you check with professional car vinyl removal experts.


Is it possible to remove a vinyl car wrap on my own?

Yes! You can remove a vinyl car wrap on your own. If the installed wrap is high quality, it can be removed easily. You only need a heat source, experience and patience. Some of the wraps don’t leave any adhesive residue after removal.

What is the most effective method for removing vinyl wrap?

The best way to remove your car vinyl wrap is to start from one end after heating up and peel it off.

Is the process of removing vinyl wrap simple?

Removing vinyl wrap is simple. You only need a few tools for it. The first step is heating the vinyl, especially when it is cold. You can heat up your vinyl by using a blowtorch or heat gun.  

And how do I deal with the stubborn vinyl wrap?

Heat it up then use plastic spatula to remove the vinyl

Can you save your car paint while removing the wrap?

No! You must not fear paint damage. If the car vinyl wrap is removed in a proper way, it will not leave a sticky residue.

Which is the right chemical to remove car vinyl wrap?

Solvent with citrus base or oranges is the right chemical for removing car vinyl wrap. These solvents are helpful in work and environmentally safe as well.

What are the effects of vinyl wrap if left for long on a vehicle?

Leaving car vinyl wrap for long may create chances of damaging paint. Because the adhesive beneath the wrap bonds with the car’s body surface. It may get stronger over time.

Leave car vinyl removal to the professionals.

If you have removed car vinyl wrap at first and you are confident enough to do it again, you can. But if you are not confident about the vinyl removal, leave it to our experts. If your car is already wrapped and you want to change the wrap from its body, get the previous one removed first.

Experts from Auto Boss Vaughan use adhesives and modern materials to remove the vinyl film from your car. Our services are excellent. We are masters in restoring the original paintwork while removing vinyl.