Windshield Tints

Window tinting is a cheaper way to save your car from damage due to UV rays and heat entering your car to create an oven-like effect. Window tinting is more challenging. It also affects the windshield’s quality if it is not removed properly. Here, I will discuss the step-by-step process of removing windshield tint.

Step 1: Melt the adhesive

It is a tricky step. If you are a starter, ensure melting the adhesive in a properly-ventilated area. We suggest you use a face mask to prevent fume inhalation. You must use a mask for ammonia cleaner to remove windshield tint. Ammonia is quite dangerous for breathing in closed areas.

Fill the spray bottle with vinegar or ammonia and soap water. Spray the mixture on the whole area, ensuring no part is left behind. Let it sit. Respray for a second time when the surface begins to dry. If you want the process faster, use plastic wrap to cover the area. You can use a streamer or blow dryer to heat the surface. The heating will loosen up the tint. Leave the wrap on for 24 hours.

Step 2: Peel, Peel, peel

It is a much easier step. The tint has been softened a bit and is easier to peel off. You can use a razor blade to pry and pull the tint corner. The tint can be removed in parts, or it can be peeled off completely.

Ammonia/Vinegar mixture: It depends on the quantity of melting adhesives with vinegar or ammonia mixture. If small pieces are removed, repeat the adhesive melting step. Use more mixture to dissolve the adhesive. Try looking up the glue. It makes removing the tint easily. Wipe off ammonia and excess water from the window base.

Heating: A heat gun or hair dryer can help melt the glue that sticks to the glass. You have to use many heating rounds to melt the glue. Use a razor blade to open up the tint from the edge. Using heat can help in peeling off the film with relative ease. 

Soapy Water:

  1. Mix detergent in lukewarm water using a non-abrasive clean cloth.
  2. Cover the car windows with newspaper.
  3. Apply a soapy mixture after every thirty minutes to let the moisture seep through the tint.
  4. Scrap off the tinting film.

A steamer: A steamer is also a good option for removing window tints easily and efficiently. Fill the steamer, then hold it to the window tint. The steam loosens up the adhesive. You can peel off the tint easily while the surface is hot. The tint may stick again if you leave the melted adhesive on the glass.

Step 3: Clean your car window

Using ammonia-based cleaners can help remove all the residue from the tints. It ensures adhesive is cleaned off the glass completely. Clean a new tint over the glass if you plan to install it first. Ensure no cleaner is retained on your glass because it may loosen the glue. The traces of old tint or chemicals may loosen the glue and ruin the new tint.

Alcohol solution: Cleaning your car windshield with soap and rubbing alcohol is also a popular window cleaning method. You can make the mixture by using alcohol, soap and distilled water. Make this solution that is enough for your windows. 

 Dishwashing soap: a solution of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing soap can work great. Wipe off the solution towel or cloth. Wiping in a single direction leaves the surface clean and sparkling.

Choose Auto Boss Vaughan for removing windshield tint

Removing windshield tint by yourself is not only a cumbersome job, but it is time-consuming as well. At the same time, removing tint by yourself is also a complicated job. If you do it for the first time, you can damage your glass, defroster, or even damage the windshield itself. You may leave a residue over it that is difficult to remove when dry. Peel off the edge with a razor blade, but it can also cause scratches on the glass. 

Auto Boss Vaughan team is specialized in removing or installing window tint. The tinting specialists will help you remove the windshield tint completely without damaging or leaving residue. They are an experienced team that can remove tint in far less time than you. You only need to contact them and get immediate service at your doorstep.


You can remove windshield tint by applying a cleaning solution and then peeling it off carefully without damaging the glass. Using a heat solution to loosen up the adhesive makes it easier to peel off the tint. You may require several heating rounds to remove the tint completely. Be very careful and avoid damaging the glass underneath the tint. Ammonia-based glass cleaners work to melt the glue and remove the tint.

You can also take professional services to remove the windshield tint to save time and the glass.


Does tint remove damaged windows?

Yes! Removing windshield tint by yourself can damage it permanently.

Does WD 40 remove windshield tint?

WD 40 is a handy thing that can help you remove windshield tint. Its drawback is it leaves the windshield surface oil that cannot be cleaned.

Is it possible to remove windshield tint without damaging your car’s defroster?

Removing the windshield by yourself is only sometimes a good idea. You can damage your windshield defroster.

Does vinegar help in removing tinting?

Add vinegar or ammonia and soap water. Spray the windshield with this mixture. Cover the complete surface. Let it set, respray over time, and try removing it when it begins to dry.

Which chemicals help remove window tint?

Isopropyl alcohol, acetone or window film adhesive remover to break down the glue.

Can I use a hair dryer as a heating agent to remove the windshield tint if possible?

Yes! You can use any heating agent, like a hair dryer or heat gun, to remove the tint after peeling it off from the edges. Work slowly to remove the film carefully.