vinyl wrap

A vinyl wrap changes the car’s look completely and protects its paint. A car wrap vinyl is a thin film. The car vinyl is applied to curves and panels, compressing every corner of the car. It provides the car with a new color and finish.

If you want a new look for your car, learn about car wrapping details, the application process, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Car vinyl wrap 

Car vinyl wrap film is colored plastic foil, similar to car paint. A vinyl wrap is available in multiple varieties and colors, including glossy, matt finishes, and graphics.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, car vinyl wrapping preserves the original paint. However, you can easily peel it off from your car without damaging the paint when you want to change it. It maintains the original and maximum price of the vehicle. Another benefit of car vinyl wrap is an advertisement of services or businesses.

Get the car wrapped

Getting car wrap is relatively easy. However, it is time-consuming. 

The first step in car vinyl wrap is deciding the color and design of the car wrap.

The second step is to measure the car’s whole body in detail. Measuring the car body is a key step in getting slices of the wrapping sheet according to the car. Car wrapping ensures that you can get the advertisement imprints on your car. You can paste graphics and any color vinyl wrap.

Car vinyl wrap protects the car from harmful ultraviolet rays. Protecting car paint from UV rays can fade. It’s time to fade over time. 

After applying the wrap, your car gets cleaned, dirt scrubbed, dusted, or girded. It also protects car wax and paint. 

How can you apply a vinyl wrap?

Wrapping your car comes in two options. 

  • You can wrap your car by yourself or 
  • You can also get help from a professional wrapping company.

The car wrapping process includes


Planning is a vital part of every process. However, in car wrapping, planning starts with measuring each panel of your car, like the bumper, quarter, hood and panel etc.

Planning will help you to know how much vinyl you require to wrap your car. It is safe to order a bit extra to remain on the safe side. You will be required to replace the parts with mistakes and tuck the edges. It is possible to get some of the film parts damaged. Use high-quality products that do not damage car paint.

Use automotive tools to apply vinyl wrap on a car

  • Heat gun 
  • Cutting blade
  • Cutting tape
  • Squeegee
  • Cleaning solution 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Gloves 
  • Infrared thermometer

Clean, clean, clean 

Thorough cleaning is extremely important before applying vinyl wrap to your car. You will require a clean car free of debris, dirt, wax or grime to ensure smooth application. Cleaning helps you in avoiding damage to the vinyl.

Use a degreaser with 70%isopropyl alcohol to remove residues. It helps in the premium cleaning of your car. Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from any contact with chemicals. Make sure your car is dirt-free to ensure better finishing. 

Measuring vinyl wrapping 

We suggest applying vinyl wrap on a small surface like a quarter panel for beginners. Measure the vinyl wrap 4 inches square more than the panel’s size.


Recheck your car surface for debris and dust before applying the vinyl wrap. Getting help from someone also helps you in proper finishing.

Apply pressure in the middle, and work out towards the edges. Using a squeegee to press down the film helps you apply the vinyl professionally. Apply even pressure to ensure smooth finishing. Once you apply the vinyl film to your car, use a heat gun on the flattened area. A heat gun checks the air trapped underneath the film. You may lift the heated film to remove any trapped air.

Remove extra wrap

Using a sharp knife to trim down the film’s extra length may cause damage to the car paint. Remember to trim vinyl roughly ¼ cm overhanging so that you can keep the blade away from your car paint.

Tuck every edge

Tuck every edge safely to get a neat finishing. However, if you stretch the vinyl car wrap film too much, its edges may stick poorly.

Use a heat gun to release tension or stretch from the sharp curves. Heat vinyl wrap to 90 degrees to smoothen the surface. 

Let the car body vinyl wrap set by heating

Heating vinyl wrap in the car body ensures minimum tension on the surface.

Pros and cons of car vinyl wrapping

Car vinyl wrap is the answer to improve the life of your car paint. But Yes! Like everything else, it has some benefits as well as some disadvantages, 

Customized one

Car vinyl wrap is like customizing your car either for advertising purposes or your satisfaction. Car vinyl wrap makes your car personalized to you. You can apply vinyl on wheels, a part of your car or wrap it completely. 

Wrapping is not always crazy; it can be cool. You can change it without damaging your car paint. 

Protects car paint

Car vinyl wrap protects your car paint. It is like a protective layer against road damage and small dings from stones. You can sell your car in its original condition. Car vinyl wrap preserves the vehicle’s resale value. You don’t have to pay for the repair of minor scratches.

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Cost-effective color

Car paint is more expensive than car vinyl wrap. The former allows you to change the car color at a lower cost. However, the car vinyl wrap price may vary, especially if you need professional help. 

Car vinyl wrap is good for advertisement.


Car vinyl wrap is removable. If you decide to change it within six months, remove it. Vinyl removal is a precise process. Use a heat gun and slowly peel off the vinyl wrap. Avoid abrasive car vinyl removal solutions to protect your paint.

Car wrap Con’s 

Get the result for what you paid for

You can purchase a cheap vinyl wrap to cut short the costs. Cheap wrap costs less desirable finishes than high-quality wraps. High-quality wraps have “self-healing” properties. It means the holes and small scratches will melt and heal when gently heated. 

Dramatic color change

Wrapping your car changes its color. Wraps usually undergo damage; their overall color and finishes get affected, 


While planning a complete body wrap, you must inform the insurance company. You must inform your insurance company, especially when doing it for a short period. 


Are you considering changing your car color at a low price, or do you want to use your car for advertisement purposes? Using your car for advertisement can be a cheap idea because you have to pay nothing else than wrapping costs for the advertisement of your business. So, please don’t wait for long; get it done now! Contact our professional car wrapping personnel.