windshield tint

Tinting for the windshield is applying a laminate film to your vehicle’s windshield. Tinting film on the windshield is used to minimize the light amount to enter your car. Drivers use windshield tints to improve personal privacy, lessen solar glare, block UV rays, or improve your car’s appearance.

You can find car tinting kits at home improvement shops. However, we suggest you get professional windshield tinting from reputed installation experts. Because they know about the region’s, state or province’s laws regarding window tinting, they have an idea about the best tinting percentage that lies within the regulations of your area. They are also experts and provide you with comprehensive and flawless finishes.

What is windshield tinting?

Windshield window tinting has been available in the market for decades. They are a reliable tool for protecting your window glass. A tinting sheet is a thin, sleek film covering the windshield without dropping the visibility level. Although auto window tinting is expensive initially, when it comes to its benefits, it is a long-term solution. 

Reasons to get windshield tinting 

There are many reasons to get your windshield tinted. Some of them include:

Reduction in solar heat

Windshield tints prevent around 45% to 50% of solar heat from entering your car. When the infrared rays are kept outside the car interior, it makes it comfortable. Hence, reducing the air conditioning needs and increasing fuel efficiency. 

Less glare

Tinted windshields can stop glare while you drive. Some of the window tinting’s are nearly too transparent. However, they can stop blinding sun rays. You can reduce solar glare by up to 30%. Windshield tinting creates a huge difference, especially when you drive in the sunlight. 

UV rays

Tinted windshield blocks up to 99% of UV rays that come into your car. UV rays are associated with many health hazards, from sunburn to skin cancer. So it is important to keep UV rays away from your car to maintain the health of the people in the car. These rays can damage the car interior, made of leather and plastics. So, keeping UV rays away from your car can save the health of both passengers and the interior.

Improved strength

Tints can make windshields shatterproof. You don’t want glass shards flying to your face or lap during an accident. It makes the glass tough, making it less likely to break.

Windshield tinting types 

There are a lot of windshield tints available in the market. Some of them include:

Metalized tint

It is made up of tiny metallic particles that reflect sunlight and reduce heat. Invisible metallic particles can interfere with cell phone transmission and GPS radio.

Carbon window tint 

In this type of window tint, the metal is not used and may not interfere with GPS or electronic devices. It can cut out 40% of infrared rays and keep a huge heat during summer days.

IR Ceramic tints

Like metalized tints, ceramic films use tiny particles of ceramic to protect your car and driver from UV light, heat and infrared light.

Auto Boss Vaughan experts recommend infrared rejection tints for windshields. It provides 80% of visible light transmission. VLT percentage refers to the amount of visible light that can penetrate the car interior. 

How can you maintain the windshield tint?

Tinting windshields comes with benefits, but it also needs maintenance. Auto Boss Vaughan tinting specialists say you can prolong your window tints life by up to ten years if you take proper care of them. Tips for the maintenance of windshield tints

Regular cleaning

We recommend cleaning window tinting after every week as a part of a car wash. Regular cleaning reduces the dirt buildup on the window, which makes it easy to clean. It can less likely to develop stains and streaks.

Use microfiber

Windshield tinting places a pigmented thin film on the glass’s inner part. It is durable but vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. You may prevent the formation of scratches by using a microfiber cloth for washing and drying the vehicle.

Avoiding direct sunlight 

If you leave your car in direct sunlight, it may cause uneven drying. It results in permanent lines and streaks. We suggest you park your car in the shade after the car wash. 

Don’t use harsh chemicals.

Ammonia-based cleaners are harsh enough to damage your window tints. It can even cause your window tints to dissolve; Experts recommend simple water and soap or a low-pH cleaning solution.

Clean tinting’s edges

Window tinting edges are pliable and vulnerable to damage from the edges of tinting films. If dirt is collected near the edges or something spills, clean it with a soft cloth. 

Exceptional window tinting installation and cleaning services.

Do you want professional window tinting installation and detailing services in your town? Professional window tinting installation services provide the perfect look to your car window. However, detailing services are necessary for maintaining your car’s interior and exterior. Get all the services from one expert provider, Auto Boss Vaughan. Get in touch to know more.


Windshield tinting has benefits like UV protection, stain prevention, or glass shattering. However, it also requires proper maintenance.


How to make tinted windows last longer?

You can expand the lifespan of your car’s window tint 

  • Wait for washing
  • Using the right equipment
  • Be careful while using cleaning products
  • Observe the bubbles and try to cure them
  • Let the tint dry

How to maintain window tint?

Auto Boss Vaughan experts recommend waiting at least a week after window tint installation before cleaning. After seven days, use an ammonia-free rubber squeegee or a soft cloth. You can also use foam cleaners.

How to clean the tinted windshield?

Clean the windshield with a soft cloth and sponge using ammonia-free solutions.

How to cure your tint faster?

Get drying tints faster by parking in direct sunlight. Park it in a garage if it’s raining or snowing.