interior detailing

To understand the value of car detailing, first of all, we need to know what is professional car detailing. Detailing is an American term that was introduced in the early 19th century. 

Driving your car with a filthy unreadable number plate is considered illegal. So, keeping your car’s paint clean is caring about your car. There are certain levels of car cleaning. When we combine these levels, it is known as “Professional car detailing.” 

The car cleaning levels include 

A simple car wash 

A Valet or a detail.

What is a professional car detailing? 

Car detailing involves three steps 

  1. Cleaning 
  2. Enhancement 
  3. Protection 

What is interior detailing?

Interior car detailing maintains vehicle appearance from the inside. It involves preparing standard processes and hard work. Interior detailing consists of 

Interior car detailing


Car detailing professionals use an air compressor to loosen debris and dust particles from each corner. They use cleaners and brushes to clean scuff marks from vinyl surfaces and marks on doors. 

The interior detailers clean and condition leather or upholstery. They often spray protectants to prevent surfaces from drying, fading or cracking. It also requires the shampooing of carpets and then vacuuming them. 

It also includes complete engine cleaning with detailing.

Why is interior detailing important?

Interior detailing is important to maintain your vehicle regularly and keep it running. It also protects the interior finishes of the vehicle. It helps remove odors and stains. 

You may not be able to remove dust and debris from tight corners. It also helps to retain your vehicle’s resale value. You can also get a better price before selling it.

The interior detailing package is a comprehensive service. The interior detailing includes

  • Interior vacuum/boot dusting 
  • Both internal and external window clean
  • Carpet and seat shampooing 
  • Cleaning of the interior roof lining
  • Interior surface, compartments, console and mat detailing.

Interior vacuum

Vacuum cleaning draws dust out of seats, carpets and crevices of the vehicle. In most countries, winds force dust into vehicles without knowledge. 

Thorough dusting and vacuum of the vehicle’s interior. Booting improves the air quality and performance of the air conditioning system of your car. 

External and internal window cleaning.

Thorough external and internal surface cleaning of the windows eliminates dust. Internal detailing of windows enhances visibility. 

Typical car wash lacks tools to restore transparency and clarity of the windows.

Carpet and Seat shampooing

Professional interior detailing uses the best-quality carpet shampoos while cleaning. Regular soap or wash cannot break down odours and oils accumulated deep inside the car upholstery. 

Removing strains

Split food particles, drinks and accumulated sweat on the carpet and seats form strains. It also creates unpleasant odors in the vehicle. 

Carpet and seat shampooing helps restore the original color tone of the vehicle’s interior. Quality shampoo eliminates the odour source. It can also leave a lasting new vehicle odor. 

Cleaning of the interior roof lining 

The interior roof lining should be more attention in regular car wash services. Professional interior detailers clean each detail of the vehicle. The interior detailers provide proper attention to the roof lining. They use specific stain removers to clean up the layer of dirt coating. 

Interior surface, compartments, console and mat detailing.

The interior surfaces are visible and the dirtiest area of the car. The driver, people sitting beside the driving seats, and pets touch consoles, dashboards and glossy surfaces. Because these surfaces are safer to touch, if you neglect these surfaces, it can foster bacteria growth. It can also create the bests nesting in your car. A professional detailer eliminates grim layers.

Difference between a car wash and Professional car detailing 

Car wash is different from professional car detailing. The major reason for a car wash is to clean dirt, salt, tar and every debris from your car. A car wash takes up to fifteen minutes, whereas car detailing takes much longer.

Auto detailing involves deep cleaning, washing, waxing and vacuuming your car. Auto Detailing involves deep cleaning every car part car. It takes several hours. 

Why you should opt for car detailing 

The vehicle spends much time on the road and requires regular maintenance. Car detailing benefits are far more than just a car wash. The reasons for having car detailing are 

Paint correction/preservation

Factors like environmental dirt can create dullness in the car paint. Professional car detailing eliminates debris from your car. They use the best-grade wax to correct car paint. An extra protection layer prevents cracking and scratches and helps reduce the car’s wear and tear. 


Regular Car detailing helps in retaining the car’s value. It is an effective way to keep the car in condition.

Eliminates odour

Interior detailing reduces car odors because they remove filth and grime. They apply odor eliminators to eliminate odors from the car’scar’s interior. In comparison, an air freshener is a temporary solution. 

Protect upholstery 

Sun damage may occur if there is no tint on car windows. UV rays can also cause damage to interior car fabrics. Regular car detailing can protect your car from stains.

Improves driving safety

If your car windows are not clean, it isn’t easy to see the surroundings. It is important to clean surfaces to improve visibility. It saves drivers from accidents,

Prevents health issues

The air quality reduces if your car is contaminated with dirt, dust and pollutants. Internal detailing can help you in avoiding allergies and potential health issues.

Car detailing cost

Depending on the services, the car detailing cost may range from $50 to $300. Auto boss Vaughan provides you with professional car detailing services at affordable prices. The more services you take can increase the cost of the process.

Factors affecting car detailing cost

Chosen services: The services you choose to make up the cost of car detailing.

Size of the vehicle: the detailing services for the small car are less, whereas the cost for larger vehicles is high.

Trim package: you can trim the expense by selecting interior or exterior detailing.

Location: Location also affects car detailing cost 


In a nutshell, car detailing means taking extra care of the car. It involves cleaning the interior and exterior without any surface damage. However, it is more extensive than a simple car wash. It requires “decontamination” of tar, tree sap or iron fallout.

Detailing is also vital to cleaning pipes, exterior plastic, badges and trim. It also includes cleaning the leather, fabrics and plastics of your vehicle.

Most vehicles gain minor scratches due to improper cash wash. If you have a brand-new car, you must only opt for a simple or proper car wash.


How often should you detail your interior?

The frequency of detailing varies with the usage of the vehicle. It also depends on the wear and tear of the car interior. The experts recommend having car detailing twice or thrice a year or after every four or six months. 

If your vehicle is in good hands and you love it, you must consider interior detailing regularly.

How long does a good interior detail take?

Interior detailing requires a quick long time. The detailing package includes a complete wash, decontamination and coating. It usually takes hours to perform. 

Why is car interior detailing important?

Interior detailing is important to remove dust and pests from your car. It increases the value of your car. 

Does interior detailing remove stains?

Interior detailing removes stains and fingerprints from your car. The car interior becomes filthy regardless of the care you provide to it. Stains on floor mats or seats are the most common. 


What do pros use to clean car interiors?

Professional car detailing by a car cleaning professional helps to maintain your car. They use cleaning supplies and professional tools. They often use rubbing alcohol, baking soda, dish soap, disinfecting wipes, water, paper towel, leather cleaner or distilled white vinegar. In comparison, tools and equipment require a trash bin, vacuum with tool attachments, microfiber cloths, cotton swabs, sponge, stiff-bristle scrub brush, bucket, and others.