Commercial window tint

Commercial window tinting is an advancing industry that is a $400 billion industry. It is important to do proper research to understand what suits your requirements.

Window tinting prevents sunlight from entering the commercial building. It ensures a comfortable environment for the personnel working in the building. Window tints also protect upholstery and furniture from possible discoloration or fading.

Choosing the right commercial window tinting

While choosing the window tints for your commercial buildings depends on the purpose you want them to serve.

Know the purpose

When selecting the best window tinting, first of all, you must know the purpose of it. Different window tints serve different purposes.


If the purpose of choosing tinting films is privacy, choose them accordingly. A tint layer can increase privacy. It would be best if you considered the tints with lower tinting percentages. 20% or less tinting percentage is darker. The lower the tinting percentage level, the less heat will enter your office.

People prefer a low tint percentage in most office partitions or entryways. If you need more privacy, consider tints that help you see outside but not inside.

Select reflective window tinting films to ensure maximum privacy in your office.


Only some people are interested in improving privacy. You may want to minimize sunlight’s penetration into the building. You will require tinting films that ensure visibility. If you intend to show your merchandise to the people outside, you may require a tint with low exterior visible reflection.

It provides the best display options for a couple of reasons.

Anyone from outside can view a display of furniture and other interior decorations without sun reflection.

The building owner can see from the building without turning off lights at night.

Protective window tinting films are the best if you have this intention.

Minimizing sun glare

The sun’s glare during summer afternoons affects the productivity of the employees. Sunlight may cause distraction when they reflect from the office computer screens. You can select sun control window tinting to reduce the rays from entering your office.

These tints can help keep the sun rays out of the office while balancing the light inside the building. While selecting this window tint provides you the luxury of complete light and zero percent worry for your staff. You can seek help from Auto Boss Vaughan for expert opinion. They will guide you in the process of selecting the right tint.

Keep the heat out or in the building

Sometimes, people intend to control the harshness of the weather. They may want to control the warmth in the business premises, ensuring the excessive heat is out. If you are interested in controlling the temperature of your office, solar tinting films are the solution for this.

It helps control heat spots within office buildings, allowing sunlight to filter out. The offices in areas where the summer is harsh and prolonged may prefer these tinting films.

Redirecting sunlight to fill spaces

Regular windows can not help in filling the whole space with light. If you want to redirect sunlight to every part of your room, daylight-redirecting window tints will serve your purpose.

These films are preferable for large commercial buildings with many spots where it is difficult to reach the light. The tints can redirect light inward or upward in the building to fulfill every blind spot.

 Protection from harsh weather

Commercial window tints also protect from harsh weather conditions and glass shattering in accidents.

Styling and aesthetics

If the purpose of window tints is adding style and improving aesthetics, several window tints are available to serve the purpose.

Select the window tints that serve the purpose

Commercial windows play many roles, including enhancing visibility and ensuring comfort, security and privacy. You can select the best suitable option, especially when you know your purpose.

Market research

After you decide to install window tinting on your commercial windows, reach out to the market for research. Talk to different dealers, get reviews and references before purchasing the tinting films or hire a firm to install them.

You may end up with a faulty appearance if you don’t research. If the percentage of positive reviews is more, the company’s expertise is vast; you can select them.


License is an important factor when you are going to select the right window tinting installer. The license guarantees that the company follows the proper legal guidelines and high standards of services. Check the license of the company with legal aspects as well. In this way, you can save money and avoid unexpected future billing.

Discuss Budget

Check your budget and adopt window tints and installation services that are low-cost but high-quality. Affordable tints and installation services will help you install your window tints within the set price range.

Want a piece of expert advice?

Are you searching and unable to decide which tint to install? Getting the right window tint that suits your needs can be complicated and confusing. Auto Boss Vaughan specialist will help you decide the best possible option. You only have to tell us your requirements and aim for window tinting films. We will help you in making better decisions. Get expert advice. Contact us now!


While choosing the window tinting film, you must consider its percentage. Window tinting is essential when you think of protecting your customers and employees from Sun’s UV rays.


Which tint percentage is darker, 35% or 5%?

The percentage refers to the quantity of light that passes through your building. It means 5% window tint is darker than 35%. 5% window tint blocks around 95% sunlight and allows 5% to pass through it, which makes it darker.

What is the best window tinting percentage?

50% window tinting is the best option on average.

Is the 35% window tinting percentage good?

35% is a medium tint percentage, neither too light nor dark. It is a see-through tinting film that is considered ideal.