Plasti Dip

Plasti-dipping is the process of coating objects in a plastic layer. It can provide several benefits like scratch protection, weathering or changing a vehicle’s appearance without painting. It is easy to use, affordable and provides a multiple finish. However, it is a thin film that can be peeled off, exposing the surface behind it.


It is an easy substitute for vehicle wrapping or painting. It was originally a flexible rubber coating. The manufacturer develops a specific formulation. Rather than spraying the whole vehicle, Plasti dip is available in gallons and can be applied with a spray gun. It lasts for more than three years without proper maintenance. It is durable and does not lose a bond from the car’s surface. Plasti Dip refresher coats can be sprayed on them at any time. It is sprayed to increase the paint life of the car.

Color of Plasti-Dip 

Initially, Plasti-Dip was available in rainbow colors only, but due to increased demand, the manufacturers made it available in fifty colors. The availability of colors makes it a unique option for modifying your car. 

Plasti-Dip is a better option than a vehicle wrap

Although car wrapping is a widely popular option for exterior vehicle customization, it is easy to install and a low-cost option than paint. Vinyl sheets are cut, and the professional installer stretches them to fit the panel. However, it is an expensive option than Plasti-Dip. Both options are less costly than traditional paint. You can apply any of these options by yourself. Regardless of your selection, whether it is Plasti-Dip or car wrapping, we suggest you apply it by a professional installer like Auto Boss Vaughan. 

It is possible to apply logos on your car on the surface of Plasti-Dip. It provides a good base to add images and text.

 Benefits of plastic-dipping

Some of the benefits of Plasti-Dip are here:


Durability is an important factor when you compare different methods of car coatings. If you clean and maintain your vehicle properly, the plasti dip is one of the durable coatings. If chips appear in the coating, spray the affected areas. You only require a bit of touch-up to blend the surface area and repairs. 

The best option to protect the outer wheel edges

If you want to protect the wheel’s outer edges, Plasti-Dip can be a great option. It provides comprehensive protection from damage from debris on your rims. The coating protects paintwork in both summer and winter. It remains in extreme hot and extreme cold, ice, salt and rain. 

Short application time 

Complete car paint requires a week to dry completely, and your car will be available for driving after that. Vinyl Car wrap requires 48 hours to get set properly. However, Plasti-Dip can be applied to the car in the shortest time frame.

Relatively cheaper

Plasti-dipping is a relatively cheaper option to change your car’s appearance. It is the best option for changing the car exterior temporarily. You can apply it on wheels, interior pieces and trim. It is a durable as well as a removable substance. You can peel it by yourself with any professional help.

Protects paint from scratches

It protects the paint from dings, scratches and other environmental factors. Its rubberized properties can protect your vehicle from UV rays, swirls and debris. It also provides resistance against winter ice, cold, sun fading and salt.

A quick process

It is a quick process. It is also easy, and you can install it at home.

The lifespan of plastic-dipping 

It is a rubber coating applied to the vehicle surface for styling or protection. Its lifespan depends on various factors like the thickness of the coating, weather conditions and vehicle exposure to environmental elements. It also depends on the care you provide to your car. If you use it as an occasional protection layer, it will last longer than regular coating. Consult Auto Boss Vaughan to check the information about plasti dip and professional installation of it.

Easy to remove 

If you want your original paintwork, you can easily remove Plasti-Dip from it. It is quite easy to remove. You have to find a corner and then peel it off. It can be peeled off as a single sheet.

Consult Auto Boss Vaughan for information.

The Plasti-Dip has a lot of benefits like short application time, ease of redoing or correcting, removable, and cheaper to change color. The common concern is how to maintain Plasti-Dip. However, maintaining it is as simple as normal paint. After thorough rinsing, you can wash it with a soft cloth and soapy water. Window cleaner is safe to use on it. However, you must avoid thinners, gasoline or solvents. Auto Boss Vaughan offers installation, repair, and detailing services. Grab your phone and get the best services.


Plasti-dipping is the best option to change the car’s appearance on a budget. The only disadvantage is that its finishes could be better. It can peel off over time. If you plan to remove the plasti dip, it can damage the original paint beneath it. Considering both advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to you whether you adopt plasti dipping as the right option.


Is Plasti Dip better for your car?

Plasti Dip is becoming popular. You can use this product to protect the car’s surface and change the car’s appearance temporarily.

Why do you, Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a protective coating made up of rubber to protect car paint from dirt, swirls, debris and UV rays. You can change the car color without repainting it.

What is a car Plasti Dip?

It is the process of immersing a preheated part into liquid plastisol to create a Plastic coating. It can add aesthetics as well as protection to metal parts. The process enhances the car part’s appearance, providing a soft grip. It protects the part from abrasion and chemicals.

Does Plasti Dip stop rusting?

Yes! It can stop and prevent rusting. Because it is a rubber coating that protects your car from the acidic effects of rain, saving it from rust.