Vinyl Wrap

Though vinyl car wraps have been a cost-effective and viable option for several years, several lingering myths and misconceptions deter vehicle owners from choosing one. Many common misconceptions about car wraps exist, including concerns about durability and window visibility. Having provided partial and full-vehicle wraps for years, Auto Buss Vaughan is aware of the prevalence of these myths. We aim to help you debunk four among the common 4 of the most common myths about car wraps and show you how they can be healthy for you and your business. 

 Typical Car Wrap Myths

Wrapping a car is prevalently misunderstood for the following reasons: 

Car Wraps do not Last Long

The longevity of a vehicle wrap will depend on how well it is maintained. It also depends on how frequently your car is exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

In most cases, car vinyl wrap life is around five to nine years, making them a durable and lasting option for most vehicles. 

Vinyl Wraps Damage the Car’s Paint:

 An adequately installed vinyl wrap will not damage the car’s underlying paint as long as the paint is in better condition and fully cured. Before applying a vinyl wrap, ensure the paint has not bubbled or suffered any other damage. 

Car Wraps Require Large-scale Maintenance

 The maintenance requirements of a vinyl car wrap are usually lower than those of paint. Clean your vinyl wrap regularly with a soft washcloth and a gentle cleaner to keep your vinyl wrap in pristine condition. Avoiding pressure washers and automated car washes is highly recommended, as the pressurized water can damage the wrap. 

It is Unsafe to Wrap a Window

 Many people have criticized vinyl wraps on windows for impairing vision. Vinyl car wraps are perforated with tiny holes in the areas that cover window glass. Drivers can see through the mirror if the window isn’t wrapped. To learn more about our partial and complete car wraps, contact the team at Auto Buss Vaughan. You can contact Auto Boss Vaughan experts through an online form. If you want a complete discussion, we will assign you a separate customer relationship officer. Every query s answered regarding our wraps and installation services.

Vinyl car wraps can damage the original paint job

This myth is ridiculous. A wrap will protect your paint. You must ensure the paint is in good condition before applying any graphics or wraps.

Don’t allow the wrap material to remain wet too long. Water can combine with air pollutants, forming an acidic mix that can damage wrappings and even eat away paint. You should remove the vinyl wrapping as soon as you notice it is turning brown.

Removing vehicle wraps is a nightmare

Vehicle Wraps are made with a very strong and durable adhesive. It likely led to the belief that it was difficult to remove once it had been applied. In reality, extraction is considered as early as the manufacturing process.

The adhesive is a mixture of chemicals that can be easily removed with heat. There is no residue to stain the surface. Leave the vinyl wrapping on only what is recommended.

The Cost of Vehicle Wraps is High

Car Wrap Costs will vary depending on the Car Vinyl Wrap Material, the Look you want, the Message, etc. The cost of vinyl wrap decreases if you want a very detailed and expensive wrap.

Car wrappings, however, are more affordable than traditional painting. When analyzed by cost per impression, Vinyl wrapping is the cheapest form of advertising on the market.

Vinyl Wraps don’t last long

Vehicle wrappings can last between 5 and 7 years with proper maintenance. What gives this myth its traction? It’s all about the “maintenance”. Vinyl is treated as though it were regular paint.

Keeping the wrap away from extreme weather conditions, including scorching sun, is important. If you tick these boxes, you can be sure that your vehicle wrap will not let you down.

Applying car graphics on the windows is not a good idea

Car Wraps cover the entire vehicle, including windows. Since people outside the vehicle can’t see the inside with the graphics, they assume the same thing for people inside.

Graphics applied to the window area use a perforated Window Wrap, which is see-through.

Wrapping leased cars is not permitted

You will not be allowed to wrap a leased vehicle if the contract of your car leasing company prohibits car wrapping. These clauses will likely bind you. You can check your contract to find out if this is the case.

Most vehicle leasing companies have been the first to accept Vinyl Wrapping. Many companies send their cars to the wrapping facility before renting them to customers. Most leasing companies don’t have a problem with wrapping.


Car vinyl wrapping is a good idea if you want to change your car’s appearance in less time and less money. Contact Auto Buss Vaughan for more information and perfect finishes.