Vinyl Wrap Adhesive

PPF is a thin film with an adhesive back installed upon the vehicle to give it a new look. It changes its color, adding more graphics or protecting its original color is said to be vinyl. Vinyl wraps give you unlimited color, graphics, and finishing choices.

Day by day, vinyl wraps are gaining popularity among the public as the best substitute for paintwork because it is easy to install with the plus point of its removal without damaging their original color and making it an idyllic decision for leased vehicles for those who want a frequent change in their vehicles. With lots of merits, there are a few drawbacks to vinyl wrap. 

Compared to paintwork, it is not so durable. Sun, chemicals, and scratches can smash it.

Vinyl is printed from one side and adhesive from the other, which is mostly pressure sensitive (PSA), usually made from Vinyl chloride used in industrial and household glue. 

The adhesive used in car vinyl wrap is strong and long-lasting to make perfect bonding. Once the vinyl is applied, it is difficult to remove, so try to hose the right type of vinyl adhesive for your vehicle. 

Basically of two types

  • Water-based: less toxic with an easy clean-up promise after application but not as durable or strong 
  • Solvent-based: might be more toxic and is hard to remove

It is important to get information about strength and removal techniques.

How to Remove Vinyl Wrap Adhesive: The Ultimate Guide

When you finally decide to remove the vinyl wraps of your car for any reason, such as 

  • You want to get the original look for resale, 
  • Car vinyl wrap needs a change
  • A logo change is required for branding.

Remember, the removal of a car wrap is a tiresome and time-taking task. And unfortunately, if the removal project is not carried on accurately, there is a great chance of damage to the original paintwork of the car underneath, adding the extra cost of paint repair. 

We will discuss all the necessary steps. You must take these steps for the efficiency and safety of removing the vinyl car wrap of your choice.

Required tools for the job

  • Adhesive remover
  • Plastic scraper
  • Paper towel
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Heat source
  • Sponge

2.Remove any large debris

The adhesive of a car wrap is like glue which can draw all the dust and debris from outside. So washing your vehicle before using a sponge and Luke warm soapy water is suggested.

Remember not to try this thing to remove adhesive with this method. 

3.Use a heat source for Heating the vinyl

Vinyl wrap is a thin layer installed on vehicles to modify their exterior and add visual interest. This thin film comprises PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which gets softer when heated as the molecules inside the vinyl move apart (known as polymerization) and can return to their original harder shape when cooled. 

Remove vinyl wrap 

Now start removing the wrap from the crease and dispose of the whole panel immediately after not get worried about adhesive residue 

Removal of Adhesive residue

Vinyl wrap adhesive is available in various thicknesses and compositions to be applied to different substrates.

Removing adhesive left behind on your vehicle’s surface is difficult if it gets cold.

 So trying hard to carry on the removal project on your car vinyl on a hot day or in hot surroundings is suggested. Use a heat gun for warming up the vinyl from the working surface and lose adhesion if required. 

Scrape away 

In case some adhesive residue on the surface of the car, then heat the adhesive using a heat gun to heat the surface where adhesive residue then scraps the adhesive away by using a plastic scraper.

Spraying an adhesive remover helps in removing any stubborn leftover adhesive.

If scraping does not work well and the adhesive still has residue, use a specifically designed adhesive remover to remove stubbing leftover adhesive residue. Adhesive remover spray is the best way to remove adhesive residue from the vehicle’s surface.

  • Wipe the surface with a microfiber towel.

Now wipe the car’s surface with a microfiber towel and get clean and get the original shape of your car back.

Is Car Vinyl removal difficult?

No! Car vinyl removal is relatively easy. You can try different methods. You must focus on these two methods.

Method 1: you can use a hair dryer or heat gun. Avoid too much heating as it may damage the underneath paint. Start heating from one corner, pull away and repeat.

Method 2: You may utilize a chemical remover. Using chemical remover is a quicker way to remove the vinyl wrap. Go through the written material. Choose the right chemical or remover for your vinyl remover.

Remove it or get professional help

Removing car vinyl wrap and adhesive is relatively easy, but it is delicate work. You may damage the original car paint while removing it. You may require experts to remove it for a change of color or design or for reselling your car. 

Professionals at Auto Buss Vaughan provide professional car vinyl removal services.


Concluding the mentioned-above discussion, we suggest you remain careful, whether using a heat gun or chemical remover to remove your wrap adhesive.