Ceramic Coating

A shiny car is a reason to feel proud in society; it also looks amazingly wonderful and greatly benefits your enjoyment. When you want to sell your vehicle, a well-preserved car with its original bodywork will give a better amount. 

Ceramic car coating is one of the best options as it is durable and gives the perfect glossy finish to your vehicle with the protection of the car’s original bodywork.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a good step for car care. It is a polymer with manual application to the vehicle’s body, where it creates a bond with paint forming a protective layer. It can secure the original bodywork of your vehicle, 

Why apply the ceramic coating?

In response to this question, it provides a long-lasting, luxurious shine on a surface that repels external pollutants. Water traces developed in beads indicates a well-protected car. It is far better than normal waxing. The best thing about it is that ceramic car coating makes washing and maintenance easy. 

What you’ll need

If you have decided to apply a ceramic coating on your car, you need several items to get a fine finish with a long-lasting, deep shine. It’s a hectic and time-consuming project, but if you have decided to do it, scroll down, and you will find this article fruitful.

The required item for ceramic coating.

  • High-quality snow foam
  • Shampoo
  • Microfiber new cloth
  • Two buckets
  • Clay 
  • Tar remover
  • Polish along with the applicator
  • Ceramic coating with applicators
  • Drying towel
  • Gloves and face mask

Washing the car before coating

This car wash is complex. This car wash requires a great deal of attention. Start the car wash by spreading a thick foam layer, allowing it to dwell, soften, and melt as much contamination as possible. 

Now apply shampoo on the vehicle’s body and focus on the corners, nooks and crannies. Use a brush for detailed cleaning of panel gaps and door surrounds. Two bucket wash methods are recommended. Now rinse your car and dry it using a new microfiber towel.

Chemical decontamination

Now it’s time for chemical removal. Special sprays are available in the market, formulated to remove the chemicals from your vehicle’s body. The important thing is to read the instructions carefully before use. Apply it according to the instructions, then wash away the car. Now apply tar remover and follow the same work. 

Clay bar treatment

A clay bar is a substance that can collect all the dirt, bird droppings and tree saps nicely without hurting the pain of the0 car. It is detailing clay that removes all the dirt and contamination from your car. It will give your car a faded and rough look that traditional methods can wipe away. 

Use a polish for paint correction

After giving your car a nice clay bar treatment, it’s time to give your car a smooth and glossy look by polishing your car. It can be manual or machine polisher. Using a new microfiber cloth, spread the polish and workout evenly on the whole body of your car.

Applying the ceramic coating to your vehicle

The method of application of a ceramic coating to your vehicle will vary, so you need to follow manufacturer’s the directions mentioned on the product. A few tips will help you to apply ceramic coating professionally.

  • Degrease- remove all the residue from the surface. It helps create a strong bond between the coating and the surface.
  • Make sure to use small quantities on a small area at a time. Thick spots are harder to clean.
  • Work out in all directions to cover the surface without missing a single spot.
  • Apply coating on a dull day as warm sunlight dries up the water and coating faster.
  • Wait to wash your car within seven days of coating.

How to maintain Ceramic Coating?

When you have coated your car, it’s time to maintain good care of it. You have finally coated your car, which assures the long life of your car coating.

  • While maintaining your coated car, following the following suggested checklists is advisable. A neutral ph shampoo must be used to wash your vehicle.
  • A soft mitt or a clean microfiber cloth to dry our car carefully.
  • Say no to abrasives or harsh chemical-based cleaners. 
  • Use two bucket washing techniques.
  • Inspect your car regularly. 

Washing products to be used on ceramic-coated cars

  • Snow foam
  • Pressure washer 
  • A shampoo with neutral pH
  • A few microfiber towels.
  • A pair of microfiber mitts or glove
  • A pair of buckets.
  • Air compressor
  •  Few microfiber absorbing towels 
  • Brake dust remover
  • Scratch-proof wheel brush for wheels

Following the guidelines cost you little, but we do a great job for you. It may be slow or less effective, but they will do your work.


Car cleaning is significant to maintain its appearance. A car with ceramic coating can catch fewer dirt particles. You can wash it easily.

The ceramic coating offers longer protection If you use the correct techniques to wash and care for your car, then the Ceramic Coating will have a much longer protection duration than it would if you did none of these things. You can save money and your effort in the long term. You don’t need to polish or repaint the car in short intervals. 

In many cases, the ceramic coating has a “Maintenance solution product” . We recommend using this solution after every car wash. The solution helps in maintaining ceramic coating life. It helps in renewing it and ensures improvement in its performance.


What is the Two-Bucket Washing technique?

By using this method, you can effectively clean a vehicle without spending a significant amount of money. Two buckets are involved in it. Fill them with water, add a grit guard, and shampoo in the other. Now start the washing process. Dip your glove in water shampoo, and start working from time to time. Rinse it to get rid of debris and other small contaminants.

The best possible thing is no risk of scratching on the paint, as regular washes prevent the mitt from turning into sandpaper. 

Why should I use pH-neutral Car Shampoo?

Yes, automotive shampoos with pH-neutral are more expensive than normal alkaline or acid-base shampoo; plus, they can cut all the vehicle’s dirt, grit, and grease. Those more expensive shampoos with neutral pH will not bite up the protective layer of the car. They give you a surety of the maximum life span of your car coating. 

What are the reasons for drying the vehicle? It does not appear to be hydrophobic.

Good question. In the case of ceramic coating, Yes, it’s hydrophobic, but it does not mean that water can not touch it. It only means water never stays on its surface. It always tries to run down as there is no attraction between water and ceramic coating.

It is better to dry the vehicle because the water makes beads on the car’s surface. It can leave a mark on the car’s body if left unattended. The water spots can b a headache to remove.

Is it necessary to be careful when removing dust from my automobile?

You must consider dust as small rocks. And rocks can damage your car paint on a much smaller scale. Over time, the damage increases, leading to complete paint damage. We suggest you remove this dirt with water, lubricant and car shampoo.