Whether you are having a boat, towing a camper, or driving a utility trailer, you have to follow federal trailer requirements. When you are driving on the road towing the trailer, following the regulations ensures that you and others are safe on the road.             

An important element while towing is ensuring that your trailer is visible to the drivers and people walking on the road. If you are thinking of light assembly replacement in Canada, ensure following the regulations 2024. Discuss about taillight requirements and regulation with our professionals. Auto Boss experts guide you about the laws regarding lighting in Canada. 

Which trailer lights are significant 

No matter the type of trailer you are driving, federal lighting regulations include the lights. 

  • Stop lights 
  • Tail light
  • Turn signals 
  • Reflectors

If the trailer is longer than 30 feet or 80-inch wider, you will need more lights and reflectors.

Lighting requirements for trailers than 80-inch width or less 

If your trailer width is less than 80 inches or shorter than 30 feet, here are some of the lighting requirements

  • Two stop lights 
  • Two tail lights 
  • Two turn signals 
  • Rear side marker lights 
  • License plate light
  • Front-side marker lights
  • Rear side reflectors 
  • Front-side marker reflectors

However, if the length of your trailer is less than 6 feet, you don’t need to place the front side reflectors or marker lights on the trailer. If the trailer width is less than 30, you need one tail light, brake light, and reflector at the back. You will require installing these lights in the middle of your trailer rather than on the outer edges. 

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Lighting requirement for 80-inch width, a length of 30-feet or less than five tons

If your trailer width is 80 inches or more, a length of 30 feet, or a weight of less than five tons. Here are some of the significant requirements

  • Two stop lights 
  • Two turn lights 
  • One license plate light 
  • Two tail lights
  • Two back side reflectors
  • Two marker back side lights
  • Two front-side reflectors 
  • Two marker front side lights
  • Two clearance lights (front)
  • Two clearance light rear 
  • Rear identification lights

If you are towing a boat trailer, you can install dual-face light, a yellow on one or red on the other side. 

Regulations for trailers of 80-inch width or more, 30 feet or less in length, or more than five tons
trailers of 80-inch

Some of the lighting requirements for a trailer of a length of 30 feet or less, a width of 80-inch, or a weight of more than five tons are :

  • Two stop lights 
  • Two turn signals 
  • Two tail lights 
  • One license plate light 
  • Two reflectors (back)
  • Two marker lights (front side)
  • One reflector on each rear side 
  • Two marker lights (front side) 
  • Two clearance lights (back side) 
  • Rear identification lights 
  • Two clearance lights (front)

In addition, trailers of this size also need conspicuity treatments.

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Conspicuity treatments 

Trailers wider than 880 inches or weighing more than five tons need rows of reflectors or strips of the reflective tap. In conspicuity treatment, a pattern of white and red lights is created on the back and sides of your trailer.

The reflective material must comply with local and federal Laws and regulations.

Trailer lighting requirement for a 30-feet trailer
Trailer lighting requirement for a 30-feet trailer

The requirements of the trailer lighting for a trailer of a length more than 30 feet long:

  • Two stop lights 
  • Two turn light signals
  • Two tail lights 
  • A license plate light
  • Two reflectors back side 
  • Two rear-side marker lights
  • Two front-side marker lights
  • Two rear-side reflectors 
  • Two front-side marker reflectors 
  • Back identification lights 
  • Two marker lights (intermediate side)
  • Two marker side reflectors (intermediate)
  • Two front and two rear clearance lights.

Laws regarding a Tail light on the trailer in Canada

Transport Canada has set Federal lighting requirements that Police have to enforce under Motor Vehicle Act Regulations Division 4. According to this law, all types of trailers need two yellow front and two red rear side marker lights, along with reflectors, license plate light, brake light, and taillight.

Usually, drivers exchange license plates from others instead of proper licensing. The misuse of license plates is an offense that may result in a penalty. 

According to Canadian Law, the railer must have two tail lamps mounted on the ear side of the vehicle. A trailer must be capable of displaying a visible red light from a 150-meter distance to the rear on both sides of the vehicle. Each tail light should be mounted at a height of more than 38 c, but not 1.83 meters.

The subsection of Law 4.15 (2) states A vehicle manufactured prior to January 1, 1959, can have one tail light.

Tail light tinting near me 

Suppose you are living in Canada and thinking or searching for the phrase tail light tinting near me. In that case, you must check for local and national regulations. However, In Canada, rear tail light tinting or headlight tinting is illegal in some of the regions. If you want to know about the Pros and Cons of headlight tinting, taillight tinting or are confused about the laws or requirements of the specific lights on the trailer, talk to Auto Boss experts. Auto Boss experts are trained, experienced, and up-to-date about local and national laws and are happy to help you.


Taillight is a necessary element for the trailer, especially when they are on the road at nighttime. Along with rear and front lights, reflectors, and tail lights, it is a necessity for keeping yourself and other drivers on the road. According to Canadian laws, you can also have an internally illuminated air deflector to be mounted on the truck or tracker roof. These regulations are made to safeguard the trailer driver and other drivers on the road. 


Do trailers need lights in Canada?

In Ontario, you must have a white license plate light, two red reflectors, a rear tail light, and a red tail light.

Do you require lights on the trailer back?

You must have two triangular reflectors, two red stop lights, two red side lights, and an illuminated number plate. 

Does the driver use trailer lights?

Yes! Trailer lights need to be functional all day long. Turn signals and brake lights are the most important ones. Ensure the working of these lights to keep the safety of everyone on the road.

Where do you need lights on a trailer?

All types of trailers need stop lights, tail lights, and turn signs.