Headlight Tinting

Car modification has always been a thing. But what are the pros of headlight tinting that make people consider it? The truth is, it actually can be an exciting move in the journey of customizing the vehicle to fit the owner. While it may seem like just a minute variation, it can change the whole outlook of the car. 

Different persons with different personalities have various reasons for different moves. You probably have a reason why you want to tint your headlights, which this post may not capture. Generally, there are a few recorded advantages and disadvantages to the process of tinting. This article looks at these, and how you can do car headlight tinting in Vaughan.

There are also variations in rules guiding different countries concerning the tinting of cars. Also, we’ll look at the laws that govern car headlight tinting in Canada.

What is Car Headlight Tinting?

When done correctly, car headlight tinting can revitalize the whole outlook of the vehicle. Tinting of car headlights involves changing the shade of that part of the car. There are several materials professionals use for this.  

Of these materials, perforated mesh tint film is most common. The special design of this film is to enhance the look of the headlights. It also gives it a tinted effect. To cap it off, you can apply this mesh on headlights, rear lights and the indicators of the car.

The mesh tint film sticks to the outer surface of the lights and gives it a picture-perfect factory-like finish. When you get car headlight tinting in Vaughan, you can rest in the knowledge that this film is waterproof and highly durable. Thanks to these properties, you can go ahead with your maintenance routine without fear. It is resistant to constant wash and can withstand car detailing processes.

When you pay for the cost of car headlight tinting in Vaughan, you can expect your car to look ten times better. It will take on an air of stylishness and look sportier. Tinting the headlights is a great way to make the headlights stand out. Remember, since the tint film is durable, it will also protect your vehicle headlights.

Reasons for Car Headlight Tinting

Headlight Tinting

While we will examine the pros of headlight tinting later, we should look at why car owners even consider the process. If you love collecting and owning cars, there is no customization limit for you. Car owners have a flair for spending as much as they can, to make their ride unique. Tinting the headlights are only a minor part of this. 

The primary reason for this tinting is preference. There are car owners that relish the fact that they modified every part of their car. It’s more of a hobby and no particular technical reason. It also makes their vehicle more recognizable amongst others.

Also, some argue of instances where the colour and reflection from the tint can be of help. A user cited the example of someone travelling at night. In the case of breakdown, the headlight tints will reflect light to oncoming vehicles. To car lovers and collectors, the pros of headlight tinting outweigh the downsides.  

Car Tinting Laws in Canada

Canada has strict restrictions on how much modification you can make to your car. Technically, there is no outright banning or prohibition on headlight tinting. However, with the various limits and unending conditions stipulated by the law, you’ll undoubtedly lose interest.

According to the Hamilton Police website, it’s “illegal to cover headlights with any tinted or coloured material or to reduce the effective area of the beam of your headlights at night.” The time period for this covers from half an hour before sunset and half an hour after sunrise.

Thankfully, for residents in Vaughan looking to tint their car headlights, there are no restrictions. As long as you follow other car customization rules and laws, you will have nothing to worry about. However, there’s a slight rule you should know about. 

The Highway Traffic Act says you should not use coloured materials to cover your vehicle headlights. Therefore, make sure your car headlight and taillight tinting efforts don’t change the colour of your car lights. As long as you abide by this rule, you’re good to go.

As law-abiding citizens ourselves, the headlight tinting experts at AutoBoss Vaughan will ensure you meet all rules and regulations. 

The Advantages of Tinting Headlights and Taillights

Most people in Vaughan worry about the cost of car headlight tinting. However, when you consider the pros, you’ll see that the cost is well worth it.


Headlight Tinting

The security of car headlights is one primary advantage of tinting. It makes the headlights resistant to damages, dents and scratches. Also, it protects the headlights, in the long run, from road debris. Over time, the cost you incur to tint these lights will be less than ruled-out maintenance needs. 

Enhanced visibility

In some cases, car owners say that tinting improves visibility. When you tint fog lights with yellow colour, you get better visibility in extreme weather conditions. If you also tint with transparent materials, it maintains original visibility irrespective of weather conditions.


Another of the pros of headlight tinting is it helps the lights last longer. With it, the yellowness that develops in the lights is eliminated. This yellow shade comes from the influence of dirt and UV rays. Tinting mitigates against this. Overall, tinting brings about increased UV and temperature resistance of the headlights.

Distinguishes the car

When you tint your car and customize other parts, it helps you to distinguish it easily. Not that this is of much importance, but when you park in places with lots of similar cars, this can come in handy. 

The way you customize your car also tells of your personality and preference. Hence, the customizations are more like a reflection of who you are. 

The Cons of Car Headlight Tinting in Vaughan

As opposed to the several pros of headlight tinting, the major downside is the restricting law. There are also minor differences in state legislation on tinting. Hence, you need to check with your local authorities and get confirmation.

Once you are willing to go through this law-check, the next step is the following guide on how to tint headlights. 

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How To Tint Your Car Headlights

Headlight Tinting

While professionals are more likely to attain perfection, you can also tint your headlights yourself. You only need a few tools and follow through with the following process. 

Materials you need

To effectively tint your car headlight, these are what you need;

  • Rapid Prep
  • Rapid Tac
  • Rapid Clear
  • Squeegee
  •  Razor Blade
  •  Heat Gun

As you may not be able to get these, you may resign to farming out the process to professionals. 

DIY car headlight and taillight tinting

Below is the step-by-step process of tinting your car headlights.

  • Cleaning: The very first thing you need to do is to clean the headlight. Remove all the dirt, as much as possible. You should also properly clean the adjacent panels. You can do the cleaning with a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Lubricate the lenses: You need to spray an ample amount of Rapid tac on the headlights. This will help with the positioning of the film. 
  • Remove Liner: You can do this by gently removing the tint from the liner. Then spray every side of the tint to help with the positioning of the tint film. 
  • Alight and apply tint: Spray an application fluid on the tint film, and lay one side of it on the lens. Adjust the tint till it falls perfectly on the bounding line.
  • Spray the tint: Spray the outer surface of the tint again, with Rapid Tac of the water mixture. This is to reduce scratching.
  • Squeeze on tints: Apply pressure on the film, and press down with a squeegee. 
  • Apply heat on the tint: Get your heat gun and apply heat to the tint. This results in shrinking and healing of the film.
  • Trim away excess film: Remove the excess vinyl film that may be spreading over the edges.
  • Eliminate all bubbles: Make sure to remove all the bubbles that may form under the film. It’s normal for the bubble to form because they are breathable. Once you do this, the tinting process is complete. 

Cost of Headlight Tinting in Canada

Several factors influence the cost of car headlight tinting. This variability in cost also determines what to expect from headlight tinting. These initial influencing factors are:

  • Colour
  • Quality 
  • Brand of tint product you use. 

The tint film will cost you anywhere starting from CDN$ 15. As we mentioned earlier, the cost depends on the quality of the material. Also, the expertise and pricing of the manpower involved will also affect the price of car headlight tinting.

Final Take

The pros of car headlight tinting far outweigh the cons of the process. From the above, you can see that the process will protect your lights and improve their visibility.

Here at AutoBoss Vaughan, we can help you harness the many pros of car headlight tinting. Regardless of the make of your vehicle, our experts will take the time to do the work. Book an appointment or walk-in to our car headlight tinting service near you.