ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is the newest way to maintain and protect your car. It is fully cured when you have applied ceramic coating to your car. What would be the next step? Maintaining is the second step in keeping your coating fresh and long-lasting. 

Maintaining ceramic coating is easy but delicate. Suppose you follow these few steps to extend the ceramic coating’s lifespan. Maintaining coating can be broken into three categories. Although these coatings perform well, they are not bulletproof. It is not a “set it to forget it” thing. It also needs to be maintained.

What are the steps of ceramic coating maintenance?

Your car maintenance depends on the products you use. The general maintenance steps include 

    • Washing 
    • Cleaning 
    • Rejuvenation

We recommend routine washing every week or after a couple of weeks. Since you have applied the coating for the first time, you don’t need to polish or refinish it. However, you must keep the content defect and dirt free. It means keeping your car clean and preventing contamination like water spots or bird droppings on your car’s surface.


Whether you have adopted the two-bucket method or a waterless washing system, the main objective of these systems is to remove debris from your car surface efficiently and safely without damaging your car paint. 

Washing requires these products and methods

Two-bucket washing method

The two-bucket washing method produces better results and reduces swirl marks. Two-bucket washing method is soaking the wash mitt in one bucket. Another bucket is used to clean this wash mitt after washing each section of your car. 

Fill the rinse bucket with clean water that has shingle guards. It rinses debris or dirt from the wash mitt after each section.

Wash your car often

Whether you are driving daily or weekly, we recommend a car wash every two weeks. It helps to reduce the excessive build-up of contaminants. If you use a car to cover your vehicle, remember car covers collect dirt and debris that penetrates underneath. Like all other things, ceramic coating ages over time. 

Ceramic shampoo improves shine and removes dirt from the car’s surface.

Refrain from washing your car in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is created on the vehicle, especially dark-colored vehicles. Ensure washing your car in a shaded area to get the best results for maintaining your car. Wash your car in lower sun levels early morning or evening.

Dry, dry, dry 

A car wash is complete with drying your car surface. It is a step where car owners need to correct their drying techniques and supplies that may cause damage to the car coating.

When you have a ceramic coating, you would need microfiber drying cloths. Microfiber cloth consists of polyamide, polyester and GMS. Our experts will help your car dry so that the dirt and debris will not accumulate. 

It is vital because the water will not stay on the car’s surface. If it stays on the car, especially when your car is parked in the sunshine, it may cause water spots. Although ceramic coating retains fewer water spots, it is not spot-proof. It is significant to dry your car, especially in regions with an environment with high mineral content in the water. When water combines with hot sun, it develops water spots immediately that are harder to remove on ceramic-coated surfaces.

Post cleaning maintenance

Apply a maintenance spray

Some ceramic coating products may benefit from the maintenance spray application. These products are also known as Boost spray, DIY maintenance sprays and SiO2 ceramic spray. The major problems with maintenance sprays are inconsistent formulas between them. 

Some of these sprays are made up of silicon dioxide, polymer or Teflon. Regardless of the formulation, there are general rules.

Use it directly after washing the car

We suggest you use a hybrid or SiO2 boost spray, especially the recommended one. It is crucial to use these sprays once the car is washed.

Don’t use sprays in sunlight

Ceramic enhancer has concentrated ingredients and polymers that can streak while applied directly in the sunshine. It may damage car paint and require polish or paint correction to fix. Apply boosting spray in the early morning or late afternoon.

Use an applicator pad

Booster sprays can be sprayed easily, while others are concentrated, which makes them easy to remove.

Annual inspections 

Professional ceramic coatings come with warranties ranging from two to five years. The best method to maintain the warranty ensures the optimal condition of the ceramic coating.


Dirt and debris contaminate over time, and it may affect the ceramic coating. The contamination also decreases hydrophobic properties, or a slight roughness may appear on the car’s surface. We aim to clean the car surface. The goal of this step is also washing, cleaning, and sealing the coat. Experts from Auto Boss Vaughan add chemical decontamination to clean the coating. The chemical cleaner is safer and helps remove embedded contaminants, debris or iron deposits. We prepare a resistant coating to bond with the surface.

Auto Boss Vaughan professionals say

Auto Boss Vaughan owns a team of professionals with vast knowledge and expertise in car detailing, tinting, and coating. We suggest the correct and most suitable options to you. We aim to provide complete detailing services.

Our experts say, “Keep your car surface new and shiny with the proper maintenance.”


Ceramic coating is a paint protective layer on a car’s surface. It is a long-lasting solution for the car’s appearance. You can prolong his life by keeping your car maintained


Does ceramic coating require maintenance?

Ceramic coating is a car paint protection solution. You must not assume that it does not require maintenance. We suggest washing your car after a couple of weeks.

How to maintain car paint after coating?

You don’t need to do anything for paint after ceramic coating

What must you do to avoid the coating?

You must avoid sunlight while applying the ceramic coating. Applying coating under direct sunlight makes coating difficult to adhere to.

How long may ceramic coating last?

The coating may last up to ten years. The lifespan of the coating depends on quality and application techniques.