tint front windows

Do you want to modify your car’s appearance and want a cooling effect in your car? Auto tinting allows your car temperature to remain normal by protecting UV rays from entering your car. Tinted windows also provide a sleek and beautiful appearance to your car. However, there are some rules and regulations. These laws are made for the security of pedestrians as well as drivers. Overlooking window tinting laws can lead to penalties.

Here we will go through the complete details of window tinting laws in Ontario.

Auto Tinting Laws in Ontario

Every country and state has different laws. In Canada, car window tinting laws are different in different provinces. Window tinting is not illegal here in Ontario. There are some legal conditions in Ontario. For example, you can install window tinting on rear windows according to your choice. However, only 30% of front window tinting is allowed.

Importance of window tinting laws

Window tinting laws ensure the safety of drivers and other people on the road. I will explain here why window tinting laws were designed especially for the front side windows.

It is much more difficult to see through the darker windows. You will be unaware of your surroundings. It may lead to accidents or mismanagement.

The Laws for tinted windows allow police officers to perform right.

  • They will not know about your safety if they cannot look into your car. For example, window tinting can hinder a police officer’s performance. He may not confirm whether the people in the car are wearing seat belts or the driver is using a mobile phone.
  • Anyone who reports and complains about driving requires testifying and identity confirmation of the driver.
  • Tinted window cars also provide cover to criminals and are helpful in nefarious activities.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians need clear eye contact with vehicle drivers to move on. If the window tints are darker, it is easier for them to make proper eye contact.

Overview of window tinting law in Ontario

There are different laws for different car windows in Ontario. These laws are specifically developed to improve the privacy and security of drivers and other people on the road.


The auto tinting law for windshields is clearer than the laws regarding other windows. The tinted window law for windshields clearly says, “No aftermarket tinting”. It would be best if you avoided tinting windshields. Otherwise, a fine or penalty will be imposed when driving in Ontario.

Front side windows

The law regarding front-side windows is complex and complex. According to Ontario’s Highway safety act: “Any window to the direct left or right of the driver’s seat {…} substantially obscures the interior of the motor vehicle, when viewed from outside of the motor vehicle (Car tinting Laws Ontario: https://www.tinting-laws.com/canada/ontario/)”

The law suggests that you must refrain from installing tinting films on your front windows, which is considered difficult. We suggest avoiding front window tinting to remain within the law’s framework.

Rear Side windows

Bingo! There is no law for the rear side windows. You can install window tinting of your choice on them. However, you may need right and left external rear-view mirrors to improve visibility.

Car window tinting affects insurance

Insurance policy is not affected by window tinting in Ontario. If your window tints meet the vehicle inspection regulations and your windshield and front window tints are at most 30%. However, you must check the tinting laws of other provinces as well. The window tinting regulations of other provinces can affect your insurance.

Check whether your window tinting percentage is legal by yourself

It is important to check the window tinting percentage by yourself. Follow these guidelines.

  • Move your car some distance. Downloading the app helps you in checking the status of the window tints or use a tint meter.
  • Place the meter on the window while sliding down.
  • Observe the digital display. It will provide you with a good rating and exact percentage.
  • If you notice that your window tints are above the legal limits, we suggest you remove them or change them.

Top-notch window tinting services

If you plan on getting your car windows tinted and want to remain within the jurisdiction of road safety laws, Auto Boss Vaughan will help you. We are a specialized team with complete knowledge of the country’s laws. We not only install car window tinting but ensure the tints are not violating laws.

The Auto Boss Vaughan team will help you select the right window tinting high-quality and cost-saving films. You can search a little by yourself. We will install the tints perfectly to improve your car’s appearance. You can enjoy the window tinting benefits without violating the country’s laws.


Car window tinting has a lot of benefits, like improvement in car aesthetics, limiting light penetration in the car, skin and interior safety, and security improvement. However, it will affect you if you don’t abide by the laws. You only need a window tinting installation company with vast expertise and knowledge. It might be costly, but it is money-saving in the long run. Because a professional tinting company can offer expensive services, but they will save you from future fines and penalties.


Are tinted windows legal in Canada?

Yes, auto tinting is legal in Canada. You can install window tinting on windshields up to 7.5 cm and any darkness level on the back side and rear windows. However, Front window tinting is not allowed.

What is the darkest legal window tinting in Ontario?

30% is the darkest legal window tinting percentage in Ontario. However, there is no restriction on rear and backside window tinting.

What are the laws of front window tinting in Canada?

Front windshield tinting is allowed up to 30%. It means 70% of visible light transmission is allowed.

How much is the penalty for window tinting in Ontario?

Illegal car window tinting may result in penalties from $85 to $500. You can face more surcharges and fees.