interior detailing

When you buy a new car, you must maintain it to keep it in good condition. As your car or vehicle is exposed to environmental contaminants, road debris and its interior get polluted with water or drink spills. If you don’t take proper care of your car, the pollutants can destroy your interior in the long run. The question here is why car detailing is important. And after how many days do you need it to be done? Let’s know the details.

Interior detailing 

Interior detailing means cleaning the car’s interior surfaces and vacuuming the car. Detailers use air compressors to loosen dust and others caught in tight spots and corners. They use cleaners and brushes to clean scuff marks on the vinyl surface and doors. Leather and Upholstery are also conditioned and cleaned. They spray protectants on the whole surface to create shine. Also, dry the surface to protect it from fading and cracking. Detailers shampoo carpets along with vacuuming. Some experts, like Auto Boss Vaughan, use engine cleaning and other services that make interior maintenance easier. When they clean the car engine, they observe leaks, and even you can keep minor engine problems after car detailing.

Interior detailing is important

Detailing can keep the car at its best and support its maintenance to keep it running properly. It protects the interior and exterior finishes of the vehicle. Internal detailing removes odors and removes stains that you may be able to remove by yourself. It also helps in increasing and retaining resale value. If you get car detailing before sales, you can get a better price.

When to get your car detailed

Every car owner has multiple questions in their mind. The major question is when to get the vehicle detailed completely. Auto Boss Vaughan experts recommend getting detailing at least twice or thrice a year or every four or six months. Auto detailing is a thorough and long process that may take up to five houses and is a bit expensive. If you take good care of your car and keep it tidy and clean, you apply wax regularly, and auto detailing twice a year will be enough.

Suppose you like to maintain your car. Consider getting training for its maintenance. As you know, car detailing involves more services than a regular car wash. Car detailing experts clean every inch of your vehicle, and only expert cleaning professionals have the tools to perform proper detailing. 

Auto boss Vaughan provides comprehensive packages

We offer multiple car detailing packages that are not only comprehensive but cost-saving as well. You can select the service you want or choose the whole box with everything in it. Consider the service you have not taken recently to save money and keep your car in better condition.

Our packages include:

  • Interior booting and vacuum dusting 
  • External and internal window cleaning 
  • Carpet or seat cover shampooing
  • Cleaning of the interior roof lining
  • Console, compartments, an interior surface, and mat detailing

Interior booting and vacuum dusting 

Interior booting draws dust from seats, carpet and crevices of the vehicle. In Canada, strong winds force fine dust onto your car, even if you don’t know about it. Thorough dusting and vacuuming can improve your car’s air quality and the air conditioning system’s performance.

External and internal window cleaning 

Thorough cleaning of external and internal car window surfaces removes dirt and can increase visibility levels. Regular car washing services need proper tools to restore transparency and clarity of your car windows.

Carpet and seat shampooing 

Professional interior detailers like Auto Boss Vaughan use high-quality shampoos to clean your seats and carpets. Regular or high-pH soaps can not break down odors and oils that have seeped inside the car upholstery. Food particles, spilled drinks, and accumulated sweat from carpets and seats create stains and unpleasant odors.

Shampooing carpet and seats restores the color of your car interior. Unlike air fresheners that fade away with time, you can get rid of sources of smell with high-quality shampoos. It also smells like a new car.

Cleaning of the interior roof lining 

The interior roof lining is the surface neglected by the regular car washes. Professional car detailers never leave this part of your car interior and provide it the deserving attention. They also use stain removers to remove dirt layers that are present on the roof lining.

Console, compartments, an interior surface, and mat detailing

The car interior with visible and dirtiest car parts. Your children, friends and pets touch consoles, dashboards, and glossy car surfaces. Deep cleaning eliminates grime layers because these surfaces are safe for touch. If you neglect these surfaces, it can foster bacteria growth and pest nesting in your car.

Regular car interior detailing keeps your vehicle in the best condition, and it also maintains resale value. At Auto Boss Vaughan, we offer professional detailing services that may save you from the hassle of visiting us; we will come to you. Contact us today to get the most affordable and perfect detailing services.


Interior car detailing services include comprehensive cleaning of every inch of your car, from the carpet and seats to the internal lining. It can help you in getting rid of bacteria that create bad odors. You can give your car interior a new look.


Is detailing needed?

Detailing is a significant part of your car care. It makes your car appear and smells like new. It also preserves and restores Upholstery, carpets and interior surfaces. 

Why is interior detailing so expensive?

Car detailing is expensive because it involves hard manual labor. Detailing includes the cleanliness of every part of the car. 

How often may you get details?

Auto detailing and waxing are a good solution to maintain your car’s interior and exterior.