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If you live in Canada and want windows tinted, you must know about Canadian law. The question raised here is whether window tint is legal in Ontario. What is the window tint legal limit in Ontario? According to Canadian police, maximum road accidents occur because of distracted driving. A car window tinting may add an appearance by tinting windows.

 Generally, window tinting is legal in Canada. However, we will conclude this scenario by talking about Ontario window tinting laws. The article helps you stay in the legal bracket while customizing your vehicle.

The window tinting laws in Ontario are different from the other provinces. Yes! Window tint is allowed in Ontario, but you have to look after these laws before selecting the window tinting color.

Is window tint allowed in Ontario?

Yes! Window tint is allowed in Ontario. The laws regarding window color were changed in 2017. Till 1st January 2017, window color was not allowed on windshields. Window tinting may cause distraction in driving as it limits pedestrians and cyclists. If the window is darker, the pedestrian or cyclist will have the least indication that the driver has observed them. 

You must fulfill Ontario’s standard vehicle requirement when you have a registered vehicle in Ontario province. Vehicle drivers with tinted windows that are beyond the legal tint percentage. 

The car’s side and front windows’ Visible light transmission rate must be above 70%. It means the tint percentage should be 30% or less.

  • Back window tint is allowed in Ontario.
  • Any tint percentage is allowed for the car’s rear view mirrors. 

Window tinting laws in Ontario

There are separate laws for the different car windows like:


Windshield laws are clearer than the regulations for front windows. Tinting on windshields is specifically not allowed according to Canadian laws. You must avoid adding window tinting to the windshield. You may get fine.

Front side windows 

The Ontario law regarding front window tinting needs to be clearer. According to the Ontario Highway Safety acts, “Any window to direct left or right of driver’s seat. Substantially obscure the motor vehicle’s interior when viewed from outside the motor vehicle.

According to this law, you must not get front window tinting; if you do, it means you breach the country’s law. You must avoid getting your front window tinting.

Rear side windows 

There are no specific laws regarding rear window tinting. You can get rear window tinting. It would be helpful if you cared for the rearview mirrors in order to improve the visibility of the vehicle behind you.

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What are the major advantages of car window tinting?

Car owners consider window tinting advantages for some major reasons:

UV Protection 

Car tints are available in multiple thin layers. These layers are reflective; they help block harmful sun rays. Harmful rays include UV and infrared rays both.

Controlling temperature

The summer heat affects the car interior when your car is parked outside in the sunshine. These window tints keep your car interior cool. 

Ensuring privacy

Car owners usually leave valuables in their vehicles. Tinting your car windows black keeps the valuables hidden on the back sides. It makes it difficult for thieves to spot valuables. Hence, it can save you from theft. At the same time, car window tinting offers privacy when you camp in the car.

Improving appearance 

Car owners consider car window tinting to improve the car’s appearance. Car tinting makes the car appearance sportier. It increases the overall car’s reselling value.

Ensures no scattering if the glass is broken.

In accidents or break-ins, window tinting saves the scattering of window glass everywhere. It also saves you from injuries.

It also helps in saving theft as it makes breaking the car window difficult.

Insurance and car window tinting.

Like other changes in car appearance, car window tinting affects insurance. Different insurance companies have different clauses in their insurance policy. You must contact the insurance company before you install window tints. 



Window tinting comes with a variety of benefits. Window tint is legal in Ontario, but you must contact the company offering legal car tints. Auto Boss provides you with the best window tinting.

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Which percentage of tint is legal in Ontario?

The Visible Light Transmission or VLT rate of the car’s side and front window must be 70% or more. It means that more than 30% of tint darkness is not allowed in Ontario.

What is the darkest legal matter in Ontario? Or what is the darkest window tint legal in Ontario?

There are legal limitations in Canadian law regarding window tint percentage. A maximum of 30% darkness in window tints is allowable on the right and front left. Besides being legal, window tinting conditions apply. For example, legally, you can install window tinting on your rear window. You can install window tinting installed to the front windows. However, it is illegal to install tints on windshields.

New cars already have permissible window color installed. However, while purchasing a used car, you may have aftermarket window tint, which is legal.

What is legal window tint in Ontario?

30% is the legal window tint in Ontario. There is no restriction on the backside or rear window tinting.

Is 5% tint legal in Canada?

Technically there is no aftermarket tint darkness percentage. Think of minimizing the traffic challan risks.  

What is the darkest tint you may have in Canada?

You must know about the laws regarding tinting throughout Canada

Windshield: No tinting allowed

Front Side: 70% VLT

How much is the fine for illegal window tinting in Ontario?

In Ontario, penalties for illegal window tinting may range from $85-$500. .

Why are there car window tinting laws?

Car window colors ensure safety for the drivers and car. The percentage of darkness in windows makes it difficult to see your surroundings. You may face accidents. It makes it difficult for the police officers to perform their duty well. For example, window tinting makes it difficult for police officers to check whether the driver or passengers are using seat belts or whether the driver is over the phone.

Furthermore! A car with tinted windows may cover criminals while trying to conduct a malicious activity or law breaches.