Window Tinting Laws

Are tinted windows legal in Vaughan? Window tinting comes with several benefits like UV damage protection, heat resistance and security. Tinting prevents glass shattering in case of an accident. It also adds value to the car and gives your car a cool appearance. But, you don’t want to have penalties for this. You have to check for the legal bindings regarding tinting laws while driving in Vaughan.

Why are there certain tinting laws?

Car window tinting provides privacy and protection to both driver and passengers. However, there are certain road rashes, road accidents and criminal dealings happen because of the tints. Car window tinting is also known as a hindrance to night vision that can harm driver’s safety and others. If the car windows are clear they allow police to track the behavior of criminals and drivers.

Window tinting can also become a threat to pedestrians. People walking on the road make eye contact with drivers before road crossing.

Car window tinting laws

The common question about car window tinting arises in the mind is: is it legal in Vaughan, Ontario. The answer to this question is: it is not entirely legal.

Every state and province have separate laws. In Vaughan city of the province Ontario there are separate laws for back side, front side and windshield window tinting.

History of window tinting laws in Vaughan, Ontario.

In the past window tinting was allowed on the windshield. However, Window Tint Laws were changed in 2017. You can not have tinted windshields since January 1st, 2017. Window tinting laws regarding windshield are section 73(3) Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Windshield tinting laws

Getting windshield tinting above 30% tinting on windshield is illegal in Vaughan, Ontario. The Vaughan police use a photometer to check the percentage of window tinting. The photometer is designed to measure the light amount that enters through car windows. You can also use a photometer to prevent police problems that are about to come in future,

Front side windows tinting laws

The visible Light Transmission rate should be 70% and more for side and front window. It means tint darkness may not be above 30%.

Back side window tinting laws

The window tinting for the back windows is allowed in Vaughan.

Rear screen window tinting

Any percentage of window tinting is allowed on rear view mirrors.

Benefits of car window

Car owners consider window tinting car tinting for many reasons.

UV protection

Car window tints have thin reflective layers, they can block the harmful rays from sun. it includes infrared rays as well.

Temperature control

During the peak summer season, the car interior heats up especially if it is parked outside in open air. The window tinting blocks sun that keeps the car interior relatively cool.

Ensures privacy

It is quite common that car owners leave valuables in their vehicle. Back window tinting keeps your valuables hidden inside the back seat that makes it difficult for street criminals to spot these valuables. Car window tinting helps to improve privacy especially if you are planning for car camping.

Improvement in looks

Car owners consider window tinting to improve the car appearance. Window tinting makes the car appear sportier. It can improve the appearance of the car.

Ensures no scattering in case of accident

In case of car accident, or break in, the car window tinting adhesive ensures no scattering of glass. Hence, reducing the chances of injuries. Tinting makes it difficult to break in the car.

Insurance and tinting

Just like other car modifications, tinted windows can also affect insurance. The insurance clauses are different from different insurance providers. Some modifications in insurance premiums can void the insurance policy, check with your insurance provider before getting your car windows tinted.

It is significant that car tinting has many benefits if it is done under the legal framework. If you want to get your car window tinting, visit an experienced company that has knowledge of present tinting laws in Vaughan, Ontario.

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Window tinting has many benefits like blocking ultra-violet and infrared rays from entering car interiors, improving car appearance, protecting the driver and passengers from damages in case of an accident. However, if you don’t know about the tinting laws and get window tint percentage that is beyond car tinting laws. The police may impose penalties on you.

You must have significant knowledge about the car tinting laws before getting your car windows tinted. You may have to remove window tinting If you get more than the legal percentage. Consulting Auto Boss Vaughan can save your time and help you in getting your car windows tinted without risking the law.


What is the darkest legal in Vaughan?

Tinting Laws limit the percentage of right and left windows to 30% maximum. However, it is legal to tint back side or rear windows.

Is 30% considered legal in Vaughan?

Yes! 30% tinted windows are legal in Vaughan. However, you are not allowed to install tint on your windshield but 30% front window tinting is ok.

Is 30% a darker tint?

Although 30% tints can give your car windows a dark appearance but you can see through these windows. It is a medium and most popular shade.

How much is the penalty for tinting in Vaughan?

Penalties for illegal window tinting in Vaughan are $85 to $500. There can be additional fees or surcharges as well.