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If you want to give your car a new touch and privacy to your vehicle, car window tinting is one of the best options. Automotive window tinting provides a good appearance. It protects your car from UV rays, reducing glare caused by sunlight. 

Tips to find the best window tinting specialist
Tips to find the best window tinting specialist

Although there are a lot of window tinting service providers, the question arises: how do I find car window tint near me? Here are the essential tips that will help you find the best car window tinting

Try finding different companies.

The first step in deciding on the best tint shop near me is research. Try finding different companies in the region, ask your acquaintances who already have car-tinted windows, and look for online reviews. Multiple researches give you an idea of the companies offering quality services. When you have limited options, start comparing services and prices.

Ask from your acquaintances

Check for the people around you who have tinted windows in their cars. Ask them about the quality of the services and experience with the particular company. You can also request them to let you check their window tint near me. It will help you in judging the quality of their car window tinting. 

Talk to multiple persons, make a list of their recommendations, and select which is better.

Online review 

Everyone is busy nowadays; people find it easier to search online rather than meet with others. Reputed companies also maintain their websites and social media presence. They also ask their customers to give their reviews about the services and material on their respective websites. It is a good idea to check customer reviews online before going out or spending time on discussions. 

Remember, when you type tint shop near me on Google, it will provide you with a list of tint installers available in your area. Check the reviews about every company. It will take around thirty minutes to one hour, but it will help you save more energy and time. You can scrutinize the companies with more positive reviews. It would be best to ignore reading negative reviews before the company replies. The way window tint installers treat their customers shows the quality of their customer service.

Quality materials 

Quality is an essential factor, especially regarding car window tinting. Besides their staff’s technology and technical skills or expertise, the material quality also impacts the final results.

Ensure choosing high-quality window tinting films that won’t bubble or fade over time. You must check whether you can use scratch-resistant coatings on car window tinting films. High-quality window tints allow coatings on them, keeping your window appearance looking like new. 

Professional installation 

Ensure the company you choose offers professional services is the best in town. Car window tinting is a tricky process that requires delicate work. Professional window tinting installers have the expertise to ensure proper tinting and great looks. 

Finding the best auto tinting near you can be easy when you have these factors in mind. You can find an experienced and reputable company offering quality material and installation services at affordable prices. Give yourself proper time to search for multiple companies while comparing prices.


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Visit the nearest window tinting companies 

After online research and getting recommendations from your acquaintances, it is time to visit the facilities of your area. Take a couple of hours and visit the nearest tint shops in person.  

Observing staff during their work is also a good idea to judge their behavior and whether they are professional. How do they treat the vehicles of the clients? Visiting three to four tint shops near you can give you a better idea to select the best among others.

Auto window tinting near me
Auto window tinting near me

Do you live in Vaughan? And search for window tint near me on Google. You will find Auto Boss at the top of the research. Auto Boss offers multiple car window tinting installations for infrared and UV protection, reducing glare and increasing privacy with the best legal tints. If you want the best and most convenient car tinting services, talk to Auto Boss. Suppose you want advice or ideas about which window tint is better and how much is the lifespan of the specific window tint. In that case, our experts will guide you and give you the best idea because our experience is over a decade. Our experience enables us to provide window tinting installation services for vehicles in commercial or residential buildings. 


Window tinting has become popular these days because of its benefits. Window tints protect against UV rays, eye-irritating glare, and other weather effects. Auto window tint is not a DIY option. It is vital to have the finest installation to get the benefits of your window tinting.

Auto Boss experts provide affordable and fastest window tinting for car, residential, and commercial tint installers. We provide comprehensive services, including a thorough interior and exterior of your vehicle, preparing the car surface, and installing the window tinting perfectly. We also give free quotes and advice that enable you to make informed decisions. Get the best installation services along with material under one roof.


How do you find the tint percentage?

The formula for calculating tint percentage is (Divide tint percentage /100) x (original glass tint/100) x 100

Which percentage is best for car window tinting?

35% to 50% of automotive window tinting is effective against temperature control and UV rays.

Which tinting brand is the best?

3M and LLumar are the best brands for car window tinting