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Experts recommend commercial tint windows and doors to add value to your business. It helps in creating a safe and energy-effective workplace. When you decide to get a commercial dye window, the question about the cost of tinting commercial windows will arise in your mind. The answer to this question is the factors on which the tinting cost depends on factors like window tinting color, size and place where it is to be installed.

The commercial window tinting cost depends on multiple factors. In this article, the factors affecting tinting costs are discussed. So, you can calculate the cost of commercial tinting windows.

Film types to commercial dye window

The first factor in determining the window tinting cost depends on the films you want to use. Every window tinting is different and may require different forms of window tinting films. Some films offer greater security and privacy, while others are decorative. The former costs less, especially if you get the customized one. If you decide to get a tint on your glass, it is significant to determine your needs first. The questions to answer while deciding about the film type are

  • Which window requires tinting?
  • Do you need less glare and heat?
  • Is it helpful in securing windows?
  • Can it minimize energy and heat loss?

You may require films that fulfill your requirement. If you want window tints for decoration, it may cause an increase in overall cost.

The other factor is the types of window films with performance and aesthetic properties. The common properties of commercial tints include:

  • Colored window tints (available in grey, black, green, blue, metallic, color-shifting, etc.)
  • Reflective window film
  • Privacy tinting film
  • Low-emissivity film
  • Glare-blocking/UV film

Films like standard dark tinting film cost much less than energy-effective and high-performance films. The best form of commercial window dye depends on the goals and requirements. For example, if someone wants to provide an old glass building with a modern look, you can opt for stylish reflective, sleek, or color-shifting window tint.

You can use multiple types of films or a combination of different tints. For example, you can use mirrored or dark privacy window film on the ground floor to provide privacy to the building tenants. You can opt for lighter colors at higher levels. You may want less habitation in these areas, but they require glare and UV protection.

Every installer, manufacturer, or dealer offers standard solar films. So, these films’ prices are the same and may vary from $5 to $7 per square foot. Veteran installers offer higher costs due to their work quality. Their work quality is far better than others.

While selecting film types, you may require to indicate the film quality. Film quality varies from high-quality, medium quality, and low quality. You must not choose low-quality films, especially for exterior glass tinting. You can choose medium-quality films for both interior and exterior glass tinting.

Interior films may carry more warranty whereas the warranty for exterior films is quite short.

Size of the building

The glass tinting cost increases with the increase in the area to be tinted. The glass on commercial dye windows is usually more than on residential ones. So, you have to pay more for larger glass areas. You can install these films by yourself if the installation area is larger. The labor installation costs range from $5 to $7 per square foot. But when you buy a film, it costs you $3 per square foot maximum. 

Window location and other factors.

The installation difficulty is a part of the window tinting job. The more the complexity of the job increases, it can increase the installation cost. For example, only tinting in small buildings with ground-floor windows will be less expensive. At the same time, a tall building with multiple glass windows will cost more.

Besides different types of films, there are different uses. One of the factors of window tinting cost is the location for installation. Some of the common places for window tints are

  • Glass doors
  • Storefront windows
  • Garage windows
  • Warehouse windows
  • Office windows
  • Hallway windows
  • Conference room windows
  • Glass-fronted electric appliances like refrigerators
  • Dividers and cubicles
  • Kitchens
  • Classrooms
  • Interior windows and doors
  • Exterior windows

Every window requires a different form and quantity of window tint. So, the cost of the tint.

The next factor affecting the cost of tint is the actual installation area. If the windows of your building are tall and require

  • ladder for workers to install,
  • Preparation work or excessive glass cleaning or
  • Other labor that is not included in ordinary charges

You have to add more charges. The labor cost depends on this extra work as well. Many installation firms charge a flat rate for small buildings.

Choosing the accurate window tint installers

Although the cost is high, you may require the right company for window tinting. Commercial and residential customers have unique requirements. Business owners and home residents require a window tint installation partner with wide experience and a range of catalog films. We can offer various tint films and experienced labor for perfect finishing.

How much does the window film installation cost?

Commercial tint window installation costs around $5 to $12 per square foot. It will increase if you choose high-performance or decorative window tints.

What is the ratio of energy wastage in standard commercial windows?

In cold weather, around 30% of energy for heating the building may escape through low-performance, poorly insulated windows.

In hot weather, solar heat gain can increase heating costs by up to 30%. You may insulate windows to block solar heat gain and reduce monthly bills by up to 20%. For larger buildings, the savings can reach up to thousand dollars.

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Commercial dye window cost calculator

You may add film costs, labor, fuel, and insurance to calculate window tint costs. All of these prices increase over time. The formula for flat glass window film is

Width (inches) x height (inches)/divided by 144 = your square feet of glass to be tinted. Then multiply the answer by the price per square foot.

Once the price per unit is calculated, one can easily price the whole project. Add 15% to cover wasted tint films available in cuts. 

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Software for calculating glass window tint

Although you can calculate tinting cost, it can be calculated in the Tint Wiz app. You can calculate window tint cost by adding width, height, window quality, and square footage. You can add film options to get customized details.

App for window tint cost calculations

Tint Wiz is an app for window dye. It is a platform for businesses related to window tint. You can keep track of tint-related products and day-to-day operations. It helps businesses in providing exceptional services and maximum efficiency.


By summarizing the above discussion, we can conclude that commercial window dye costing depends on multiple factors, including the number of windows, size, nature of the used film, installation process complexity, and location. The window tinting cost may range from $5 to $15.  

For example, a commercial building with 1000 square feet of windows may cost up to $5000 to $15000 for window tinting. But remember to include the film cost. We recommend you contact the best, most competent, and cost-effective commercial window tinting company like