ceramic tint

Ceramic tint is the latest technology that is similar to regular tint. It is made from laminate or polyester material and is available in many shades. The science behind these window tints is that ceramic particles are added to the tinting film to enable visible light, glare, UV rays, and heat to enter the space. 

Clear ceramic window tint offers UV, fading, and discoloration protection and heat rejection more than regular tint. It is highly durable and maintains quality for a long time. 

Ceramic window tint shades
Ceramic window tint shades

Window tinting color is a method to show off your aesthetic. Ceramic window tints are available in various colors that give your vehicle a professional appearance. All you have to do is remain under the law.

Are you confused about which ceramic window shades are the best? Some of the ceramic tint colors are: 

Classic gray or charcoal

It is not very sharp and shiny window tint but protects you from glare and excess brightness and provides you with privacy along with preventing break-ins. Classic charcoal can also reduce heat from your car or building by limiting the sunlight entering it.


Golden is not a standard color like basic gray; however, it is quite common when it comes to tinting. It is not very difficult to find this color in the market. However, A reflective gold window tint is difficult to buy. Check with the state laws whether this color is allowed in your region. 

Remember! Reflective gold is far different than simple gold as it gives a metallic shine.


Blue ceramic tint is one of the common tints; you may find this color tint on the 6-inch top windshields. It helps you protect your eyes from sunlight. Remember! In some regions, it is not within the legal framework to apply window tint on the windshield. 

Blue-colored window shades are banned in some of the states.

Bold colors 

Besides classic window tint shades, if you search for ceramic car window tint near me, some of the bold colors are also available in market.


Although the color red is banned in some states, The red color is commonly banned in window tint shades. It is a common myth that red car window tint gives a feeling of emergency or it may hinder your ability to see through. For example, you may not be able to see significant things such as traffic lights or brake lights.

Amber or yellow 

It is also one of the banned ceramic window tint shades. Yellow and amber are also banned in a few states and regions. We suggest you follow state laws while having window tints. If you want to know about the window tinting laws, search for the term ceramic window tint near me; here, you will get information about the companies offering installation services. Top-notch window tinting companies like Auto Boss provide you with complete information about window tinting laws. 


Black color is nearly similar to charcoal or gray when it comes to ceramic tint. However, it is also banned in some regions due to its quality of prohibiting natural light from entering your space. The major reason for banning this color is the light transmission laws of the start. Black is more blurry than gray or charcoal. Talk to Auto Boss Vaughan experts to know about the legal limits of window tinting.

Reflective ceramic tint
Reflective ceramic tint

We suggest checking the state’s laws before selecting these tints. In certain areas, reflective window tints are banned on the side car windows but not the windshield. However, residential and commercial window tinting laws are different in different regions.

Light to dark-colored ceramic window tint 

Ceramic tint comes in various shades, from classic to bold and light to dark. The color you choose depends on your personal choices along with the regional or state laws regarding the darkness level.

Select your favorite window tinting shades with Auto Boss. 

Window tinting laws are different in every region. While talking about auto tinting, the laws in Canada are tricky and strict. However, you can get window tinting while abiding by the country’s laws by applying the right window tint on your car or home. Have a detailed discussion with Auto Boss experts to figure out the local laws. Professionals from Auto Boss will help you get the desired upgrade of your windows without violating laws.


Ceramic window tint is the highest-performing window tinting film that offers a wide range of advantages over other tint types. Ceramic tint protects against infrared and UV radiation and, when installed by experts, makes your window glass cleaner. Ceramic car tint offers heat rejection, which makes it a cost-saving option as it reduces heat gain. Reduced heat gain also reduces utility bills by reducing the need for AC or heating systems in both the summer and winter seasons. Ceramic tints are better than regular tints. However, they are a bit more expensive.

Although there are a lot of window tint shades available in the market, it is better to select classic colors instead of bold ones. Most of the window tinting colors are banned in different regions, so we suggest you talk to an expert before selecting the tint. 

Auto Boss experts will guide you about the shades to consider, quality, film, and installation cost. By choosing ceramic tint, you can enhance appearance and comfort while providing protection from different elements. 


Is the ceramic window tint blurry?

You can notice blurriness when watching a window tint from a steep angle.

Is the clear ceramic window tint shiny?

Ceramic tint is the most famous form of protection that makes your window look new and shiny.

Is ceramic car tint foggy?

When the sun rays hit your window from a low angle, it appears foggy.