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Which paint correction and correction is the best one for paint correction?

Auto Boss Vaughan suggests Fine Cut F6, Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H9 and MicroCut M3. You can use a single high-end correction product from the market. Menzerna, Sonax, Meguiars, CarPro, Sonax, 3D, Gyeon and more. Koch Chemie is much superior to others.

Koch Chemie

It consists of ceramic abrasives and high-end aluminum. It can hold heat well, translates it into low dust, is easy to wipe off, and has a long working time.

Koch Chemie has been developing car washing and detailing chemicals and products. They have paint correction lines with no fillers, making them perfect for preparing vehicles for ceramic coatings.

Koch Chemie H9 HeavyCut

The Koch Chemie H9 HeavyCut is quite an aggressive polish nowadays. It is compatible with DA polishers and rotary, using fibers pads and foam both. You can grab a medium polish pad for a lot of time to get scratches and defects out and get the finest finishes with minimal hazing. It makes this polish versatile that doesn’t leave marring. It means it is time-saving to remove holograms and haze.


3D is a diminishing compound, which means you may have to work more. The abrasive particles in the polish break down. It means these compounds or polishes are used depending on the pads you use. If you require two steps for the vehicle, both polish and compound, this is one solution for both problems.

Its life span is longer, but results are faster if you let it sit until you get desired results. Hence you can use one product on different surfaces and situations. Some examples are

3D one and a Lake County Orange HDO pad with a medium working time can remove light or medium swirls from a new car.

3D One and Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Pad or Lake Country Blue Cutting foam Pad that requires a long time of working. It is used for removing deep swirls/RIDS and heavy scratches from old cars.

3D One and SDO Pad or Lake County Orange HDO pad has a long working time. 

The best compounding pads and polishing solutions

The product line of Lake County HDO and SDO combined with the Buff and Shine UroFiber pad. They are high-standard and low-cost products for paint correction. It can be used for many other works. The Lake County Orange HDO pads are used in the total detailing process. Its structure can withstand heavy pressure and work well in long working cycles.

The Meguirs Microfiber Cutting Discs are effective in removing car paint defects.

Examples of Lake County Pad usage

Lake County Orange SDO, used for light polishing, is used as a one-step polish.

Buff and Shine UroFIber is used to get rid of deep defects.

Detailers use Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Discs use to fix heavy defects

What is special about Buff and Shine UroFiber Pads

The white and black fiber mixture is aesthetically pleasing. The colors show that polishing and cutting fibers are used on one pad, providing great cutting power and outstanding finishing ability.

The fibers have a 25% low pile height as compared to the market standard, which enhances both finishing and cutting results. It is made up of dual-action machines. The detailers use all types like short throws, long throws or gear-driven machines. The pads come in different sizes that range from one-inch to six-inch diameter.


Different paint correction products come with unique qualities. Although you can get the car wash by yourself. However, giving a chance to the experts can help you in getting rid of headaches. Just select the one with vast experience and let everything be done.


Do detailers do paint correction?

Paint correction based on paint types, surface imperfections and customer requests. The detailers polish your car to remove imperfections, including scratches and swirls removal.

What paint correction means for detailers?

Auto paint correction is the procedure of auto detailing that removes minor scratches, hazing, swirl marks, marring and other blemishes on the car surface. 

Can detailing fix paint problems?

Car detailers may improve the faded paint appearance. The ability to restore completely depends on the cause and severity of the problem.