car detailing price

Do you want to know the car detailing prices in Canada? Average car detailing prices are different because multiple factors affect the costs. For example, your city, location, size of the car, type of car and the number of services that you need specifically in your car detailing affect the prices of your car detailing. So, average car detailing prices are around 170$-400$. But these prices depend on car type and size. Most importantly, add-on services can change the charges of auto detailing services. This range encompasses most car types and services.

So, in this article, we will also discuss car services and add-on packages.

However, regular car detailing services are suitable to sustain the reselling prices of your vehicles. So, find the best car detailing price packages and enjoy your driving. Auto Boss Vaughan is top search result of your query car detailing near me. You can also visit our website to get more details regarding our services.

Here we talk about some essential features that can affect car detailing prices.

  • What factors can change the average price of car detailing?
  • What are the services that are part of Included in Car Detailing?
  • Benefits of Car Detailing

What Are The Factors That Can Affect Your Average Car Detailing Price?

Here are the essential factors:

  • Size of car/ vehicle
  • Condition of Car
  • Car detailing packages
  • Add-on detailing

Size Of Car/ Vehicle 

The first factor that substantially impacts your car detailing prices is the size of your vehicle. However, when you search for car detailing near me, you must consider the size of your vehicle to get the best price packages for detailing. Here are different packages according to size, for example.

Small Car

For your small car detailing, the average price is 30$-300$

Small SUV

For your Small SUV detailing, the average price is 70$-400$


For your Large SUV/VAN detailing, the average price is 40$-500$

Condition Of Car

The size of your car is vital to decide the prices of car detailing, but another important thing is the condition of your vehicle. However, if you have a car that needs minimum detailing, it will cost less. Although, if your car has excessive dust, dirt and inside or outside wear, it requires more cost for detailing. So, you could purchase a premium package for a neat and clean car.

Moreover, car washing is entirely different from car detailing. For example, suppose your car is caked-in mud. In that case, you can get a basic quick car wash, but car detailing is the cleaning of the interior, and exterior, oil checking, car brake checking, engine checking, car tires working condition and a lot more included.

If you have a habit of routine car cleaning, you may face low detailing costs, but if your car is with the minimum car, you need to pay more to get it ready for your next drive.

Car Detailing Packages

We have essential premium car detailing packages according to the condition of your vehicle. However, it depends on your requirements also. However, getting the best services in a single go is recommended to avoid the experience of the next appointment soon.

Search Full Service Car Wash Near Me For Add-On Car Detailing

So if you are finding a full-service car wash near me, we are here. Premium packages of Auto Boss Vaughan include hand and foam wash, bug removal, tire & rim cleaning and shining interior vacuum, window and door cleaning, exterior cleaning, all exterior plastic trim, and much more. But here are some extra things that you can include in your car detailing. However, car detailing prices will increase. For example, Extra charges will apply for pet hair, extreme dirt, vomit, urine, etc., so, Professional car detailers can fix stubborn smells, bacterial infections and severe bugs.

Is Auto Detailing Worth The Price?

Is it worth paying for auto detailing or car detailing? How can you save your investment? Absolutely, Auto detailing has an essential impact on your daily vehicle driving routine. Although, it helps to detect minor car problems before facing any unexpected issues. While car detailing prices are low, save your vehicle’s reselling value.

Do You Know How Car Detailing Is Beneficial? 

Car detailing has several benefits like

  • Increasing the resale value of your car
  • Comfortable car driving
  • Detect the problems at the early stage
  • Protection from uv sun rays

These are some essential benefits of getting car detailing. So, if you are finding car detailers near me, visit Auto Boss Vaughan to get all mentioned benefits for your car. We are serving to save you road trips. So, get the best car detailing prices and enjoy your journey.