Ceramic Coating

Car lovers get their car paints to improve aesthetics and protect them from wear and tear. Car wheels are prone to contamination more than any other part of the vehicle. Car wheels also face the damages that come with brake dust. The metal and hot debris damaged the painted wheels, which faded and chipped. Ceramic coating helps in protecting your car wheels.

Ceramic coating for car wheels

Wheel coating is the latest technology for protecting your wheels. Compared to paint protection films or waxes, ceramic coating is a permanent protection solution for your car wheels. It creates a chemical bonding with the wheels to make a protective layer.

It is damage resistant and provides chemical resistance that is better than other protection methods. Installing ceramic coating on your car wheels creates a layer on them that prevents contaminations from touching the wheel surface. It is also heating resistant, which helps protect your wheels from damage caused by brake dust.

The process

The nano-coating is a semi-permanent or permanent protective layer. You must hire a professional detailer to get errorless finishes.

  • Clean the surface: A thorough cleaning is the first step in applying any solution to your car’s surface. You must remove contaminants completely to apply this permanent coat properly. A professional car detailer can provide you with complete cleaning services. Grease or dust particles can affect the chemical bonding process. Rub the surface with a clay bar and remove the remains of the contaminations.If you observe paint damage, you may require polishing for paint correction.
  • Apply coating to the wheel surfaces. Use a suede applicator or soft cloth to apply the coat.
  • Let it cure: let the coat completely cure. After curing, it will create a bond with the wheel surface.
  • Washing the wheels: Wait to wash your car wheels until the coat is completely cured.

The reasons why to get a ceramic coating on wheels

The major reasons for getting the ceramic coating on wheels include:

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Challenging to clean
  3. Style


Your car’s wheels are the lower and most important part of your vehicle. They are vulnerable to damage from road dust and debris. The wheel spokes are away from the brakes. The brake dust can bond with your wheels. It makes the wheels a vulnerable part of your car and requires proper protection.

Challenge to clean

Brake dust, debris and other contaminants are not easy to remove. In some cases, even some washing techniques can’t remove the brake dust particles from your wheels. Moreover, wheels have unique curves and shapes; it creates an area difficult to brush or wash.

It makes cleaning wheels a frustrating and time-consuming project. Therefore, a solution that prevents contaminations from bonding with wheels is ceramic coating. It is the best solution to make wheel cleaning easy. Hence, coating on wheels is money and time-saving in the long run.


Wheels are a significant part of your car. The car wheels play a vital role in the style and look of the car. It means when your car wheels are not in proper condition, it negatively affects your overall look. You can’t overlook this part of your car. Protect them with nano-coating.

A significant thing you must consider is getting better finishes without any swirl marks. A professional detailer can help you in getting a comprehensive, flawless finish.

The benefits

The major question while talking about the car coating on wheels is why? And what are the benefits of Ceramic coating? The answer to this question is

  • Its glossy appearance.
  • Its hydrophobic properties make cleaning easy and prevent water marks on the car wheels.
  • If you have spoked wheels, washing them will be challenging. The coating helps you in washing these wheels.
  • The coating doesn’t mean leaving your car wheels unattended or not washing them properly. However, washing and cleaning improve coating life.
  • The coating helps prevent dust particles from sticking to the car’s surface.
  • Getting the dirt on your car wheels is unavoidable. However, the coating makes your car surface smooth and easy to clean.

The lifespan of ceramic coating

The nano-coating can last for more than three years. It is a sacrificing layer lasting more than five years if you care for your vehicle. Proper maintenance can improve the lifespan of the coating. Our job is to provide comprehensive detailing and installation services, whether it is coating or paint protection film or washing your car thoroughly while removing debris and other contaminants from your car.


The nano-coating, a liquid polymer, can be applied to the car exterior by hand. It creates a chemical bind with the car surface layer that protects it. Drying gives your car wheel a shiny appearance and protection against debris, UV damage, chemical etching and more. Its hydrophobic quality is helpful in an easy car wash.

Auto Boss Vaughan provides the perfect finishes and a shiny and clean look to your car, but we provide complete information about it.


Is ceramic coating ideal for wheels?

Yes! The ceramic coating protects your car’s wheels from harmful road contaminations such as dirt, water and salt. These elements can damage car wheels.

Does it work on tires?

Yes! It can also work on tires and is better than water-based solutions.

How much ceramic coating lasts?

If you get ceramic coating from a professional installer, it lasts over three years. The ceramic coating’s lifespan depends on the maintenance you provide to them.