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Tinting your vehicle will prove itself fruitful if you are living in Toronto as sometimes your vehicle can give you a home-like feeling while summer camping or running on the road and wedged in a jam packed traffic. So along with the installments and indemnity of your car, you need to plan the other luxury expenditures for your car smartly. If you were searching about the cost of window tinting, you are on the right page, as this article will cover everything that a reader wants to know before deciding to spend on your car tinting. 

Car tinting is the process of applying a thin-colored layer to the screens and windows of your vehicle. 

Is Car Tinting Cost a Good Investment?

It is a fact that tinting your car is an extra expenditure, but it is not a wasteful burden on your pocket. It can offer many benefits that prove to tint a worthwhile venture. Scroll down for more information. 

It Blocks harmful rays of the Sun: tinting your vehicle will help you to block harmful sun rays like ultraviolet and infrared. Moreover, it can safeguard the interior of your car.

Helps Maintain Temperature: A fine quality window tint can obstruct excessive heat and maintain a cool and comfortable temperature inside the car. Auto tinting can also help you to control the germs collection within your car.

Works as An Anti-Glare: auto tinting proved a worthwhile investment as it works like a screen against surfeit glare on the road, giving you a safe and happy drive.

They Add Style to Your Car: do you want to enjoy your vehicle’s luxurious and royal touch? Auto tinting is the best option as it gives a royal look to your car and increases its value.

What Are the Factors that Determine the Car Tinting Prices?

Auto tinting is usually charged per window, ranging between $25 to $200 for one window. Yet a few more factors can affect the cost of your car tinting. 

Type of Tint

Usually, dye tints are the cheapest from the lot. Most car owners use 3M tints for good lighting and radiation block. It costs around $500 to $600 for the whole car. The cost of tints varies because of the material and expertise used in the tint film.

Let’s examine the three main types of tints and their exclusive benefits.

Ceramic window tint.

The finest quality film a tinted can offer is ceramic window tint, as it does not contain any metallic or dye component, instead than some non-conductive and non-metallic ceramic particles. The best benefit of ceramic window tint is it does not block any signal that a phone, radio, or G.P.S. needs to work. And its drawback is its price ranges between $350 to $900 because ceramic window tint film needs the most advanced technology to be created.

Another type of tint film, known as Rayno phantom, has been introduced, which contains both nanocarbon and ceramic. The prominent features of this tint are permanence, visibility, heat rejection and color stability.

Dyed Window Tint.

The most reasonably priced tint available for your car windows is dyed window tint. In the development process, a dye can be added to the layer, second to the adhesive. It is the cheapest window tint, as no specifically advanced technology is involved in developing or improving its quality. The flaw of this dye is it can fade out swiftly due to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. With time, the windows o your vehicle look purple or brown. Sometimes it completely turns transparent. In addition, the dyed window tints need to be replaced frequently compared to ceramic tints because of their malfunctioning and durability, plus a common problem of bubbling. The cost of dye window tint varies between $99 to $350.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tint successfully blocks Sun’s infrared rays efficiently as it contains carbon particles, which helps decrease the vehicle’s interior temperature. Carbon window tint film has no metallic component, so there is no signal problem with this type of window tint. This window tint film will not fade out as quickly as dye window tints. Yet carbon can create haze and glare, making it complex to see the road while driving your car. The cost of carbon window tint is lower than ceramic window tint and higher than dyed tint film. The price ranges between $150 to $450.

Type of Car

The type of your vehicle is also a sound variable that settles the cost of window tint. If you own a full-fledged S.U.V. or an R.V., the window tinting cost will be higher than the normal hatchback or sedan. 

Number of Windows to Be Tinted

In Toronto tinting cost depends upon the number of windows you want to be tinted. It is a good idea to get two front windows to be tinted. It will cut short your bill for window tinting.

Saving Options

Tinting Companies throw packages for window tinting from time to time. You can avail of the offer and save your money. Ask the company for the best deal. 

Sometimes the cost of tinting increases because tinting laws in town make auto tinting more hectic and tricky. That is why professional tinting is suggested. Feel free to contact (company name) for royal-level professional tinting at reasonable rates.

Can You Save Money By Doing It Yourself (D.I.Y.)?

Another affordable option is to purchase a tint installation kit and tint your car’s windows. But some things must be considered.

Specific tools and master-level skill is required to install a D.I.Y. window tint. Even if you are a master in auto detailing, you may not apply a professional-level tint.

The chance of bubbling may increase and make you restart the tinting process.

You must modify with D.I.Y. kits to tint a car according to town laws.

Unskilled hands can overlook the laws and may not maintain neatness that can mess up the kit, add in the cost of repurchasing the tint kit or going to a nearby tint shop. 


How Much to pay?

The cost of window tint depends upon the type of tint selected, the type of car, and the number of windows to be tinted. Usually, it would help if you had a budget range from $100 to $900. If you want to spend a hundred dollars on window tinting, please don’t. It is better to save more money and go for good quality. Cheap tints mean low quality, which beats the purpose.

Is the Tint High-Quality?

Quality counts, it shows. High quality may cost you more, but it will fulfil the purpose of tinting, giving your car a long-lasting, luxurious look. It is suggested to spend a little more but maintain quality.

Does the Tint Come with a Warranty?

If you purchase your car tint without a warranty, it may start to crack and peel with the first bird dropping. Always ask for a warranty for a car tint, even if it costs extra dollars. No warranty, less cost means quality failure. Remember, only those companies with full confidence and trust in their product will offer a warranty.

What Brand Options Do I Have?

Brand matters a lot. Popular brands always strive for the quality and performance of their product. The suggestion for those who will time their car for the first time is to do some research online and have a market survey before finalizing the decision on auto tinting.